Thursday, June 5, 2014

1 month

Janie girl is a month old!  Well really she's 5 weeks now, she was a month a week ago on the 28th.

This last month has definitely had its ups and downs, good days and bad days.  Miss Janie definitely cries more than Aiden did, so that was definitely stressful in the beginning.  I keep wondering if it's just because she's a girl..haha.  I've heard girls are a little more uptight and high strung, but who knows, maybe we'll see when we have our third (not anytime soon..haha).  She is a total cuddler and would probably be happy if we just held her all the time.  This is endearing some of the time and difficult other times when I need to be helping out Aiden, or making dinner.  She loves to fall asleep in our arms and usually her eyes shoot open when we try to put her in her crib. We're working on that..haha..and the last few days have actually been really successful! She also spits up quite a bit more than Aiden did. We have to really make sure she gets some good burps during and after each feeding.

Here's what else she's been up to in the last month:
  • We went to her 1 month checkup last Thursday and she weighed exactly 9 pounds and is 21 1/4 inches long.  She's in the 50th percentile for both so the doctor says she's perfectly proportionate :)
  • She had to get her 2nd Hepatitis B shot.  Notice her sparkly band-aid on her little thigh.
  • For the first week or two Janie would sleep with her face right up against the side of the co-sleeper (don't worry, the sides are mesh so her breathing wasn't a concern).

We were cracking up when we saw her this day.  She had reached up and grabbed onto the side of the co-sleeper :)

  • Now she often sleeps with her arms up by her head :) Can you tell I think sleeping pictures are just the cutest??

  • She loves the Baby Bjorn.  I am grateful for it because sometimes I really need to get some things done and she won't let me put her down!!  We also recently got a Moby Wrap (thanks Jody!!), so we'll be trying that one out as well.
I tried to get a photo of us..haha.

It kind of makes me laugh that she's still so small that you can't even see her little head.

  • She also loves the bouncer (there's a vibration setting we can turn on).
  • She is really starting to hold her head up well and we try to get some tummy time in every day.

I love this shot of her :)

Sometimes tummy time is just too hard ;)

  • She is loving bath time lately.  The first week or so she would cry all the way through it, but she has since realized it's very relaxing, or I just got the temperature right..haha.  Now she cries when we take her out ;)
Look at that adorable little face in the mirror :)

  • She is incredibly strong for such a little girl.  Sometimes she'll use her legs to propel herself, so we have to be careful where we leave her.
Can you see here how she's up on her toes??  I don't know where she thought she was going..haha.

  • She has decided she likes her car seat, to my relief.  I actually think she really likes that it makes her feel secure because she often falls right to sleep :)

  • I think Aiden officially understands that Janie is here to stay :) In the first week or two there were times that I could definitely see in his eyes that he was feeling a little sad that I couldn't give him my full attention anymore and it broke my heart. But he has really taken everything so incredibly well. And all of her crying in the beginning totally didn't phase him.  He is so awesome!  All the time he'll come over and pat Janie and say "Hi baby sister" followed immediately by "HE loves me!" We're still working on the fact that Janie is a SHE..haha.

Aiden asked me to take a picture with him in it ;) We don't know what that reflection is on Trent's face.

  • She is really starting to interact with us and we are so excited about it :)
And here are a whole bunch more pictures!

Our little burrito.

Every time I see this picture I can't help but start singing "Stop! In the name of love"..haha.

Remember how much I love newborn yawns?!

After a bath :)

I should've done a little Mother's Day post a few weeks ago. I got out of the shower that morning and checked on Janie in her co-sleeper (in our room) and found this little card Trent had made "from Janie." Totally made me cry. Aiden made one for me with Daddy as well :)

Before heading to Church.  

Janie wasn't quite 2 weeks yet.  I would've never taken Aiden to Church that early.  I think he was a month before we went.  It's amazing how different things are with the second!

This one makes me laugh!  I have 2 kids!!

Snuggling with Daddy.

Sometimes I take pictures of Janie girl from the back.  Everything about her is cute ;)

Ruffle bum.  Love her little head ;)

This one cracks me up!  Trent accidentally got this shot as she was going cross-eyed!

This was before I got the bumpers back in Janie's crib (we were waiting on her crib skirt).  She didn't seem to mind her arm through the slats.

Belly shot ;)

We're still trying to decide if Janie likes her arms in or out when we swaddle her :)

Getting sleepy on her hippo mat.

We just love our little Janie girl.  And we are so excited that she's really starting to get the hang of things!  She is not crying nearly as much as she was in the beginning (we think her tummy hurt a lot at first - dang gas!) and she'll actually let us put her down and just hang out on her own.  Yay Janie!!  I am having lots of fun dressing her and she totally makes me laugh because she is such a girl.  Trent is always saying how girly she is :)  Sometimes she's such a little diva ;)  And I am starting to really get the hang of having 2 kids and trying to meet both of their needs.  Making dinner isn't nearly as stressful as it was a few weeks ago ;)  Life is good!!