Wednesday, April 26, 2017

3 months

Beckett turned 3 months on Easter actually (the 16th)! He doesn't have his next appointment until he's 4 months so I'll post his stats then :)

He is at such a fun age! In the last month Beckett:
  • has started laughing! At first it was usually just when we tickled him. We discovered that his sides are ticklish and his inner thighs :) In the last few days though, he has started laughing on his own which is so stinking cute. The other day Janie was jumping in his crib and he just kept laughing. Such a cutie!
  • he also rolled from his tummy to his back for the first time on the 17th! Now he rolls pretty much every time we have him do tummy time. It still kind of happens in slow motion which is so funny to watch :)
I was able to get this picture from the very first time he did it. He was stuck like this for a good 20 seconds before he made it over..haha.

  • he loves to hold onto our thumbs and stand in our laps :)
  • we've started sticking him in the Bumbo and I think he loves being upright and seeing everything that's going on :)
This was the first time. It was probably a little early since he still didn't quite have control of his head yet, but he was happy nonetheless :)

  • he babbles like crazy and when he's not babbling he's sucking on his hands, which is so cute, but also drives me nuts because they're so slobbery all the time..haha.
  • I think I can officially say he is sleeping through the night!! He sleeps 8-9 hours at night and it is the best! It will be interesting to see if he goes through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression coming up. I don't feel like my others had it too bad, maybe for a few nights, but maybe I've just forgotten..ha.
Now for, what I like to call, the photo dump! Sooo many pictures!

I almost got rid of this bouncer before Beckett came b/c it's not really my style anymore ;) (it was Aiden's), but I'm so glad I didn't. Beckett hangs out in it while I get ready in the morning :)

I dieee.

Caught him mid-sneeze..haha.

In Aiden's old T-rex onesie from Aunt Jill.

Kick, kick, kickin' ;)

Aunt Jill came down during her Spring Break :)

I had Janie and I match, but then I realized Beckett was matching too!

First time in the swing ;)

Teaching Beckett the way of the selfie. My littlest tagalong ;)

The next several pictures are from Conference weekend. It was hard for any of us to concentrate with adorable Baby Beckett around ;)

He was trying to focus though ;)

Aiden thought he could use a big, fluffy blanket :)

That hair though! It literally sticks straight up in the back!

Sweet, sleepy, cuddle monkey.

Drifting off in Daddy's lap.

That little foot peeking out.

When it's the weekend and Mommy and Daddy don't want to get out of bed so early.

Snail diaper.

Aiden's holding a little snail..ha.

Aiden really loves Beckett :)

He especially loves to try to make him laugh by throwing his arms in the air ;)

Janie loves him deep down too ;) She really does seem to be doing better with each passing week. She still glares at him occasionally (and growls..funny story), but what are siblings for?! Haha.

It literally kills me sometimes how cute he is. I'm obsessed.

Watching "Avengers" with Aiden :)

Getting ready to swaddle the sleepy boy.

A week after Aunt Jill left, Aunt Jenn came down on her Spring Break! We loved all of the company!

Aiden thought Beckett would like to play with Brownie :)

Those huge eyes, staring up at the light/fan!

Perfect little spot for him ;)

The happiest baby ever! And the only one of my kids that's actually smiling..ha.

Playing with Aunt Jenn :)

Aiden got to have Benny Bear (from preschool) for the weekend.

He was unusually fussy one evening, so I put him the Bjorn while I made dinner.

All of the kids joined us in bed Easter morning ;)

These two and their bedhead.

We tried so hard to get a good picture in our Easter outfits, but to no avail. I love Beckett staring at the camera here :)

SO many failed attempts..haha.

Sassy Janie ;)

An old lady at Church saw Beckett in his car seat and said, "SHE looks just like your others"..haha. And so it begins. It happened several times when Aiden was a baby too! My pretty baby boys ;)

He often sleeps with his arms up.

It always cracks me up how short babies' little arms are ;)

He's starting to look big in his Rock 'n Play.

I cannot stress enough what a good baby Beckett is. He is an angel baby. My family is always asking, "Does he ever cry??" Basically, the answer is no. He is such a happy baby. We are so incredibly grateful for his sweet little spirit.