Thursday, March 2, 2017

Beckett's Baby Blessing

I can't believe it's already been about 2 weeks since we had Beckett's baby blessing on Saturday, the 18th. We typically wait until our babies are 2 months to do it, but we wanted my sisters to be able to make it and thought President's Day weekend would be nice since Jenn had a long weekend.

Trent gave Beckett a beautiful blessing in our home, as we did with Aiden and Janie. As always, I am reminded that I am so grateful for Trent and that he is a worthy priesthood holder and could do this for Beckett. 

Here are pictures from our day. Sadly my seasonal allergies had really kicked in and I was feeling pretty crummy. I'm afraid you can kind of tell from the pictures that I was not only sleep deprived, but also puffy and congested :/

Hurrying to get Beckett ready. It's crazy getting 3 littles ready, especially since we couldn't find Aiden's white shirt anywhere..ha.

Beckett wore Aiden's same outfit, but he was kind of drowning in it since Aiden was 2 months when we blessed him. It's a short sleeve outfit, but almost looks long-sleeved on Beckett..ha.

Janie wanted to wear her sunnies..ha.

Before the blessing.

The priesthood holders - Chris Brooks (from our bishopric), Trent, his dad, and my dad.

Wish the brothers-in-law could've made it down!

The whole group.

Trent's grandparents were able to join us and we were thrilled Jenn, Amy, and Quinn could fly down from Utah for the occasion. We were bummed Jill couldn't make it, but she will be down for her Spring Break later this month. And of course Amber is serving her mission, but we can't wait for her to meet Beckett when she comes home in September :)

Oh and I would have insisted on getting all of these pictures outside in the natural light, but it was a rare rainy day here in AZ. It rained all day!

Our sweet sleepy boy.

Our growing family :)

Changing it up.

With Tanis and Kent.

I prefer this photo, but there's that weird shadow :/

Gary and Joan joined in.

Again with the shadow :( Pretty sure it's from the camera strap Amy.

My family. Janie didn't want to take off her sunnies..ha.

Aunt Jenn.

Daddy and Baby Beckett.

One more before we changed him into his regular clothes. Streeetch :)

I didn't get any other photos, but Tanis was so sweet to provide lunch for all of us afterward (Rudy's Mexican - so tasty!). Thank you so much Tanis! 

We sure are grateful for all of our family and their love and support. You are so loved Beckett Baby!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

1 month

Our little Beckett is a month old! This has quite possibly been the fastest month of my life. And I guess he's really like a month and a half now because he was 6 weeks on Monday. He turned a month on the 16th.

Here is what he has been up to during his first month:
  • We went to his 1 month well-check right on the 16th and he weighed in at 8 lb. 8 oz. which put him in the 13th percentile. I'm not used to having such a little guy! The other two have always been around the 50th percentile! I'm sure he'll chub up soon enough though! And he measured 21.25 inches long (34th percentile).
  • He had to get his 2nd Hepatitis B vaccine. Notice his Clifford bandaid :)

  • He has the same funny "old man hair" like the others had - really thin and short at the front and longer and thicker on the sides and back..haha. It was kind of nice that we could kind of hide it on Janie with headbands, but that's okay, Beckett's rocking it ;)
  • In the last week or two he has started to interact with us more, which is always so fun! He has started to coo some and smiles. We like to think he's smiling at us, but I'm not totally sure yet. He saves his very best smiles for the fan..haha. It cracks us up! He just stares and stares at the fan ;)
  • He pretty much gets the hiccups after every single feeding and they make him crazy!!
  • He loves bath time and is so chill and cute during it. He just looks so happy and relaxed :)
Okay, so this was after his very first bath at home and he was cold..ha. Since then he has loved bath time ;) And we used the same monkey towel Aiden used after his first bath :)

He calmed right down a minute later :) Look at his hand propped like that..ha.

When we were still just doing sponge baths at the beginning.

  • He really seems to love his car seat. His eyes light up when we put him in :) I think he loves how nice and secure he feels in it.
  • He scrunches his forehead lots, especially when he's trying to look up at us. I think it's so cute!

  • He does really well with his paci and keeps it in really well. I felt like the others took a while to get the hang of it and I was constantly helping them get it back in. I love when he holds onto it like this :)
  • He has spent some time in the Baby Bjorn when I need to get chores done and he wants to be held, or when we've walked down to the park. He always just falls right to sleep :)
The very first time I put him in. He was trying to figure out what was going on..ha.

Tiny little guy :)

  • He has literally only had one blowout and it happened this last Thursday at 5.5 weeks. Just the day before I had been thinking how impressive it was that he hadn't had one yet..ha.. and he actually hasn't had one since! I can't believe it! I feel like my other 2 had already had several by now.
  • He is still fitting into his newborn clothes, but they are getting a little snug now :/
  • The last 3 nights he has given me a good 5.5 hour stretch of sleep and I'm feeling pretty excited about it! Yay Beckett, keep it up!!
More pictures!
  • It is so fun to see Aiden and Janie interact with Beckett. For the most part they stay busy playing with one another, but at least once a day they really get at his eye level and talk to him and see what he's up to. He still sleeps a lot, but I imagine that as he starts to interact more, Aiden and Janie will begin to give him more attention :)

Bringing his paci over like a puppy dog..ha.

Checking him out after a diaper change.

Janie doesn't care to try to hold Beckett much, but Aiden will ask to every once in a while :) So cute.

I had heard really good things about the Rock 'n Play so when Corinne from Mint Arrow (blogger who finds great deals) mentioned it was on sale at its lowest price back in September, I snatched one up. We keep it in the living room and it's been so nice to be able to put Beckett down in it while we're all out there.

One of the first days I put him in it, Janie came and put some stuff in with him. She thought he could use some entertainment..ha.

This was after our first outing, just to the doctor, when he was 4 days old.

My mom had flowers for us when we got home from the hospital and this itty bitty balloon was in the arrangement. I couldn't resist getting a picture of him holding his balloon..haha. It's his perfect size ;)

Meeting his great grandparents (Trent's maternal grandparents).

This was after Beckett and I had to go get his second heel prick done when he was a week old.

Beckett hasn't spent too much time in his actual crib yet because we always use the cosleeper in our room for the first few months, but occasionally I'll have him nap in it.

My mom got this shot of him while I was running errands one day :)

In those first weeks he would just cuddle into a little ball like he was in my tummy. It's funny to imagine him in there, if I had just moved him down a bit and he were upside down ;)

Dino feet :)

He loves to be swaddled, but typically likes to have his hands out. Thanks Mom for the swaddle (KB Cute Designs).

Just having fun dressing him up..ha. This is Janie's hat from Halloween when she was a dalmation when she was 6 months. We may pull it out again later this year for Beckett ;)

I just got this one shot on my phone when I had Beckett's newborns done to send a sneak peek to my family :)

Daddy and his 3 kids. The kids are always climbing all over him. Notice Janie on his back in the next 2 photos..ha.

Lazy Saturday mornings.

I love when he covers his eyes with his little hands. Sometimes it's just too bright for him ;)

Tried to get some shots of all 3 of them on Valentine's Day.

This one was actually my favorite :)

He's just so precious ;)

It's been a wonderful month. I am completely obsessed with Beckett. He is such a good baby and just fit into our family seamlessly. Trent and I both feel that the transition from 2 to 3 has been the easiest yet. I don't know if it's because Beckett is so good or just because we are more experienced parents. I imagine it's a combination of the two. We sure are grateful for the smooth transition and I am just loving every minute with our sweet boy.