Monday, April 8, 2019

2 months

Dawson turned 2 months on March 29th and we went to his appointment on April 2nd. 

At 2 months Dawson:
  • weighs 12 pounds 3 ounces (44th percentile) and is 23.75 inches long (80th percentile). He had to get 5 immunizations - 1 oral and then 2 shots in each leg. Poor baby, but he did so well.
  • is consistently giving me a 6 hour stretch of sleep at night. Yay!!

  • is interacting with us more and more. He has started to smile and coo and we are absolutely loving it :)
  • had his first blowout at home..haha.

He wasn't thrilled about it.

  • rode around in the Baby Bjorn for the first time. Took me longer to try it out with him than the others.

  • got to meet so much family this last month! Here he is with his great grandma Mahaffey (Trent's grandma). (More pictures with my family below).

More pictures.

Snoozing with Grandma Christensen...

...and Mommy.

Aunt Jenn and cousin Elle came to town to meet Dawson. 

Headed to the park together.

Crumbl Cookies one night.

Can't really even see Dawson, whoops.

I was eating lunch in Dawson's room and somehow managed to spill all over him, and this was right after I had gotten him dressed, ugh. Haha.

My little buddies while I watched Ellen.

Then Beckett came to join. Full bed!

He grabbed onto my pocket :)

My first outing with all 4 kids during Spring Break. We went to the library and it went surprisingly well!

Beckett ran ahead here.

This picture right here is the epitome of Beckett - a blur. He is always running!

I had all 4 kids come to my 6 week follow-up appointment (thank heavens my mom came along too). I just had to get a picture of them all with Dr. Huish since he delivered all 4 of them. He has such a special place in my heart. I asked him how many babies he's delivered and he said he's honestly lost count, but it's close to 10,000. Like 470 in the last year! Also I love Dawson's little yawn here :) And I think Beckett was upset because we were in a doctor's office. I think he thought he had to get shots :/

I just adore my snuggle buddy.

I bring him into the bathroom with me while I shower and get ready. He is getting more and more alert.

A few days after Jenn and Elle left, the Shurtz's came down for Dawson's baby blessing (see earlier blog post). Kyler loves Baby Dawson.

Look at all of those boys!

Jill came down as well and this is right after AP surprised her with his proposal :)

So thrilled for them and happy that we could all be a part of it :)

Dinner at Joe's afterward to celebrate :)

One more hug from Kyler :)

That darling, sleepy face.

He just goes where I go ;)

Trent thinks he looks like a girl, but I wanted to get a little more use out of these heart jammies since the only other time he wore them was Valentine's.

I left him for like 2 minutes and he fell asleep..haha.

Savoring these sweet moments.

Trent cut my head off..ha.

He's still awfully sleepy ;)