Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lake House 2017 Part 2

This post is quite a bit shorter than the last. Hallelujah!

So from Sunday, July 23rd, to Wednesday, July 26th was our little Christensen reunion, which was really nice since the majority of us had been over at the hotel. It's a pretty different experience when you get to actually wake up and be in the lake house, but it was also nice to get away from the chaos during the Whitmore reunion when everyone was there, and especially to have our own bathroom ;) ;) Pros and cons for sure! My dad and Michael didn't make it this year.

Sunday we went to Sacrament Meeting at the Canandaigua ward. We had to get some photos in our Sunday best as always ;) Amy didn't make it to Church b/c she woke up with a fever :(

Janie and Quinn playing in the grass.

Jill and Janie were matching :)

The Lund's didn't make it to Church since they were getting all packed up and ready to drive back to Virginia. They didn't leave on Saturday b/c Melissa didn't need to fly back to Utah until Sunday. We were happy to have them stay. Saturday was a fun day!

All of the babies hanging out. Ettley is 1 and is Jordan's daughter :)

The Clark's went off on a family boat ride and Trent and Aiden actually went along with them :)

I think Gram was talking about her leg injury here, hence the faces from Jenn and Jill..ha. I love that Janie was sitting with us :)

Gram took some pictures for us on the dock :)

It was a cloudy, breezy day.

The ducks showed up while the boys were away so Janie got to feed them all on her own! Lucky duck!

We finally got a picture with Thane and the babies. We have hit so many milestones together and it is so fun that we're all raising families of our own now :) Super excited for Jenn's baby girl to arrive in November!

The babies are usually so smiley, but neither of them would take a nap..ha.

The rest of our Sunday was nice and easygoing.

Laughs with Gigi :)

Quinn is good at hugs, Janie is not ;)

Bathtime in Gigi's tub. Beckett was up next :)

We had breakfast for dinner with the Clark's and then played games with them - the name game and Maffia. It was hilarious!

Monday was a rainy day.

We literally tried to take the boat out 3 different times and every time it was clear until we got out and then it would start pouring on us..haha.

Beckett and Quinn just having a little quiet time together :)

Finally Trent, Richard, Aiden, and Janie gave up and went to see Spiderman and my mom went to run errands, but while they were all away the sun came out and it turned into the most perfect day! I was out reading my book by the water (and trying to get Beckett to fall asleep in his car seat) and everyone was napping inside.

I finally got everyone rounded up and we successfully took the boat out!

Sister shot :)

Jill had been pushing for all 4 of us to ski together so this was our day...

...but it never ended up happening..ha. Let's just say something may have happened with Jill's rope and the boat ;) Oh well, we tried..haha.

We had some time to kill before Trent came out to rescue us, so I just took pictures of/with Janie :)

Trent and Quinn to the rescue!

We made it home and Aiden found a big snail. He loves snails!

And Quinn found the Cheez-its..haha.

Janie was blowing bubbles in the hot tub. I had to get a video and send it to her swim teacher b/c she always refused to do it for her..ha.

These boys crack me up!

I love Kyler's hand on Beckett :)

I think Kyler thinks Beckett is too happy all the time..ha.

Love my baby.

I loved Kyler's hand coming out of his swaddle wrap.

Tuesday was another rainy day. I know it probably seems like a bummer that our little reunion pretty much got rained out, but I honestly didn't mind. As cheesy as it sounds, it was just fun to have us all in one house. Plus we rarely get rain in AZ so I really enjoyed it!

Beckett didn't seem to be feeling well and wouldn't nap on his own, so I napped with him :) I didn't know Jenn had taken this photo..ha.

Later in the day we celebrated Quinn's 2nd birthday. The Clark's and Gram joined us :)

Such a little stud.

We had pizza and played a few games. Amy literally told us to just gift Quinn one of our old toys. We were totally okay with that since our kids have waaaay too many toys, 95% of which are not from us. They are so spoiled. 

It was a fun time. And then Beckett and I took another nap together on the couch. Poor buddy.

I got a picture of Beckett before I went to bed, but he must've been sleeping lightly b/c the flash bothered him :/

Wednesday was our final day. The Utah crew had an early flight around 11 (early compared to us) and the AZ crew, i.e. us and my mom (ha), had the whole day! Our flight wasn't scheduled until like 5.

We took advantage and Trent and the kids played on the water some. They wanted to go check out the island.

First they went out in the kayak...

...but that didn't last long. It was their first time and I don't think they liked the sensation of being so close to the water and feeling every wave. It didn't help that it was windy :/

Next, Trent and Aiden went off on the jet ski. Aiden had to warm up to it and later they went to the island.

My grandma was paying Tori to deep clean the lake house that day so they showed up and we tried to stay out of the way. Before Jenn left that morning she was convinced we had mixed up and taken her pink Wetbrush (unfortunately Jenn, Amy, and I all have a pink one..ha). I had to post this because we later found it for her on the boat..ha.

Gigi got some final snuggles in with Beckett (at least we thought, more on that later).

Mesmerized by the fan ;)

We went to Wendy's for lunch and still had some time to kill before heading to the airport so we came back to the lake house for some final pictures.

It is a seriously beautiful home.

Beckett and Grandma on the dock.

We finally headed to the airport around 3, but on our way we got a text message that our flight was delayed. This was bad news for us b/c our layover in Atlanta was only going to be an hour. We knew it would never work. And we honestly weren't terribly surprised. The Rochester airport always seems to have problems with delays and cancellations. We returned our rental car and my mom got us on a flight in the morning.

He really is just such a happy baby!

My Aunt Mimi picked us up and dropped us at my grandma's regular house in Pittsford for the night. It definitely wasn't ideal, but it was fun to be at her regular house for a change. It had been a while for me. Gram was so nice and took me to Wegman's to pick up dinner and treats for all of us. We visited for a little bit while we ate our dinner and she taught the kids how to use her Echo (which had me laughing so hard!). It was already pretty late and we had a super early flight in the morning so we called it a night pretty early.

And then we had a flight out at like 6 in the morning on Thursday. The kids did so well traveling back home. They are great travelers.

While we had a wonderful trip, it's always so good to be home!!

As always, a huge thank you to my grandma for making the reunion happen and putting up with all of the chaos. I know it can't be easy letting every one take over her beautiful home. And with each year more babies and spouses are added to the family and it feels a little different, but this year I was able to just go with the flow more. It helped that I kept my expectations pretty low. That's not to say we didn't have a great time! It's just different with kids, and that's okay! It's one of my favorite places and I'm so glad my kids have been able to experience it a few different times now :)