Thursday, July 11, 2013

Leprechaun Museum & Grafton Street

Friday, the 28th
Back on the Luas.

First we headed down to the National Leprechaun Museum (thank you for all of your suggestions Shannon!!).

We had a little time before our tour began.  Loved this building with all of the flowers out front :)

A little leprechaun outfit.

Walking through the tunnel that shrunk us into leprechauns ;)

In a leprechaun-sized world!

Journeying to the end of the rainbow.

Aiden loved this and would have walked through it over and over if he could!

Crock of gold.


Now w/ Aiden (bottom right).

Amy and Aiden..ha.

Sometimes Aiden doesn't like being forced to do things.


Aiden was in heaven running around in the pebbles.

Then we were off to Grafton Street (the main shopping district) where we spent much of the rest of the day.

There were lots of street performers!  I would've gotten a better picture, but I didn't have any change to give them..ha.

Gorgeous fresh flowers.

Had lunch (fish and chips) at Bewley's.

Later we got some gelato from Gino's.

As much as I hate when Aiden has his paci in public (we just keep it in his crib at home), I was certainly glad we had it on this trip.  It's so comforting to him.

On our way back to the apartment later, this bachelorette party (in horse drawn wagon) passed by singing "Going to the Chapel" :)

When we got off the Luas, just outside the apartments, Amy and Trent went off to grab some groceries.  It was so nice that it was only about 2 blocks away.

Back to our apartment.

Aiden loved pressing the buttons to the elevator :)

He also loved this table in our apartment that opened up.  He'd always climb inside..haha.

Now for an influx of pictures of Aiden.  I'm a little obsessed.  He's just so cute in that high chair ;)

GG (Great Grandma) got Aiden a little Irish rugby ball this day.  He was having so much fun throwing it around :)

Aiden was definitely our entertainment at the apartment :)

And he went looking for Grandma in her and GG's room.  He felt right at home in their room all during the trip ;)

Hiding behind the curtains.

Who can resist a baby in just their diaper?!

The sun going down on Dublin.  It actually didn't go down until like 10 every night.