Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Triathlon, Pie, and Nighttime Dives!

Thursday, July 25th

Trent did not take one minute for granted at the lake house and was on the boat any time there was room for him.  He got up with the "hard core" group every morning around 6 to catch the smooth water.  I was impressed!

Aiden woke up early this morning too (I think he heard Trent), but I made him lay in bed with me b/c I wasn't ready to get up..ha.  We wandered upstairs around 8 and the only other people rousing were the Fiet's (Rachel, Kevin, and kids) preparing to drive home to Louisville.  I realized I hadn't gotten a good picture with the kids so I snapped a few while they were eating breakfast :)  Aiden loved their company!

Liam, Bennett, Aiden, and Tess.

Bennett was so cooperative for me :)

Cute little stinkers ;)

We were sad to see them go, but look forward to seeing them next year!  So nice that Aiden will always have some playmates :)

Aiden walking up the dock with GG (Great Grandma).  Notice how smooth the water was!

Jumping on the trampoline for a minute.

Looking back on these pictures, the clouds were so fun this day.  I noticed our boat out there.

Ian was out wake surfing.

Lady Canandaigua passing by.

Amy and Bryn headed out to the boat.

Dane wake surfing in the distance.

Aiden and I headed out on the jet ski with Jordan to see what Trent was up to on the boat.  He skied a little bit.

Aiden sitting with Melissa.


Bryn and Aiden walked around while we were stopped to get gas.

Aiden and Daddy once we came back in.

Uncle Scott had quite the audience jumping on the trampoline with Tessa!  I love that Aiden's sitting on Bryn's shoulders - he had so many buddies :)

Aiden took a little swim in the hot tub ;)

The boat went out again in the afternoon (it's out a lot!).  I think Tabitha was wake surfing out there.  They were awfully close to that sail boat.  Luckily you only go about 10 mph when you're wake surfing so it probably didn't disturb them too much.

Aiden proving his strength to us ;)

Amy's not actually holding on to him, so he'd hold on until he couldn't anymore, but Amy was there to catch him when he dropped ;)

In the afternoon a few of the cousins did the mini triathlon that we did the last time we were here 2 years ago (read about it HERE) to see if they could beat their time.

Here's Dane diving in.

He actually wasn't here for the first triathlon, but he wanted to see how he did.

During all of this there was some kind of sailing race going on.

Camryn diving in.

I thought this was a neat shot.  You see Camryn swimming with all of the sailboats in the background, plus our boat was headed in.

In the meantime Aiden was hanging out in the "clubhouse" with Amy and Kyle.

He loved being up there, but freaked out when they had to come down and kept running away from the trap door.  I think he was scared.

I love this shot of him :)

Camryn after she finished the biking and running, heading back down to the finish line (the dock) to get her time.

Hard to tell, but Dane's down on the dock preparing to redo his swim since the stopwatch never started the first time :/  Oh and there's Trent and Aiden standing there in the foreground - the reason I actually took this picture ;)

Dane biking.

Down the road twice.

And then running down the road once.

Inside Aiden and Tessa were playing cars.

Here Courtney (green swimsuit) had just finished swimming.

Camryn was her cheerleader ;)  So cute!

Sawyer insisted she had to compete ;)  She is so spunky!  We secretly made an easier route for her.  Her "dive" - adorable!

Doing her running.  Love that her little bum cheeks are out a little ;)

Headed to the finish ;)

Tessa and Aiden sitting at the "adult table" later that evening at dinner.

Grandma feeding Aiden.

Each family is assigned a night to prepare dinner.  This night was the Whitmore's (Scott and Krystal) and they got Monica's pies for dessert. So delish!

John jumped in ;)

Chocolate cream, blueberry, strawberry rhubarb, apple crumble, and grape (what Monica/upstate New York are famous for).

Those are all of my pictures from the day.  That evening we played the Name Game (also played the night before), which was a ton of fun and got super loud and competitive.  After that, some of the sneaky cousins insisted that we all go out on the boat (it was like 9 at night at this point) way down to this fancy house that had a boat house with a diving board on top, that they'd seen, and jump off of it. I had no desire to do this, but I definitely wanted to be there to witness it!  Strict instructions were given to those jumping (there were 12 or 13) that there could be no yelling/talking/anything when they jumped, so as not to get caught.  They also decided on how much time to space their jumps.  It was absolutely hilarious for those of us on the boat because it was hard to see them (we turned off the boat and were just waiting like a hundred feet away in the dark), but every 5 seconds or so we'd hear another splash!  Definitely a memory forever, especially for those who did it ;)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Skiing, Candy, Books, and Roller Coasters

Tuesday, July 23rd

A group went out on the boat to ski but Jill, Meg, and I stayed behind to bring the jet ski a little later.  I still sent along my camera though and I'm glad I did!

The Lund's (ones on the boat) all skied together :)  Uncle John, Jordan, Melissa, and Amanda

I love that Jordan's laughing b/c John's spraying her :)

John and Melissa holding hands - adorable daddy/daughter shot :)

Babes, if I do say so myself ;)

Took us a while to find the boat, but we knew where to find them - there's a cove that typically has really smooth water.

We got there right as the Lund's were finishing up and then Amy jumped in to ski with the Lund girls.

Getting ready.

Mom got this shot of us in the background with Amy and Jordan. Melissa and Amanda got cut out :/

One of Meliss.


Next up Jen, Meg, and I took a shot at it.

I had never tried skiing with anyone else.  Myself, Meg, and Jen right after we yelled "Hit it!" I'm bummed that this is the best shot we got with the 3 of us..haha.

Myself and Meg (almost) up...

...realizing we lost Jen.

Letting go to go back for her.

Bryn just sunning on the back of the boat :)

Apparently something was funny..haha.

Someone got this cute shot of Jill and her freckles :)

I just had to put this one up b/c it cracks me up!  Amy and Meg's bum..haha.  That is so Amy!

The younger kids all went out inner tubing after dinner.  Got this shot of the boat and the sun set :)

Aiden climbing the ladder to the club house :)

Our boat headed in for the night.

We played a few games of Super Knockout during the week.

Love that Uncle Rick played with us ;)

Afterward some played a game of 5 on 5.

And even later, after Aiden had gone to sleep, us girls did our traditional Wegman's candy run/scary movie night!

  Holding my little cinnamon bear up ;)

Wednesday, I literally took 2 pictures, so I thought I'd just put them on this post as well.

We all had a slow morning and Trent flew in around 11:30 - YAY!!

We had all noticed the forecast and that it was going to be a chilly day to be in the water (I think it only got to about 70), so we had a different kind of day.  My grandma gave all of us the option of going to get a book from the bookstore and Abbot's (custard) after OR Six Flags Darien Lake.  Most of my family (immediate) chose the former.  I will never pass up getting a new book :)

Before my grandpa passed, he would take us all to get a new book at every reunion and it was such a treat!  I think he really instilled a love of reading in each of his grandchildren.

The bookstore group (thankfully Jill got this pic)!

I got P.S. I Love You (surprisingly I had never read it before!), Trent got To Kill a Mockingbird (which I'm excited about b/c that's probably my favorite book), and Aiden got The Very Busy Spider (and he loves it!).  Thank you Grandma!

Going to the book store was actually really fitting because that day was my Grandpa's birthday (July 24th)!!  After we got our books my grandma took us all to his grave so we could reminisce, sing "Happy Birthday" and drop some flowers by.  We miss him!

Amber was the only one of us girls that went to Six Flags.

Closer shot of us.

Meg flew out after this and the rest of us got Abbott's.

That evening we went on a night boat ride.  It was SO COLD, but so fun to get all bundled up and cozy in comforters and blankets :)

Love these girls so much!

So glad Jordan got this shot!