Monday, September 30, 2013

Phoenix Children's Museum

Earlier this month (I know it's the last day of the September!) Tanis invited Aiden and I on a "field trip" to the Phoenix Children's Museum.

The CD Wall when we first walked in.

This is the Whoosh! - it's an air-powered contraption of connected tubes.  Kids can feed scarves into the tubes that then shoot through them and come floating out of different openings.

Aiden was intrigued ;)

Right behind that is the Climber, which is basically a big, crazy jungle gym.

We took Aiden up.

He was noticing just how high we were ;)

After a little bit we headed upstairs to Pedal Power w/ the tricycle "car wash."

At first Aiden didn't really understand what the car wash was and just walked through it..haha.

He found himself a trike just his size :)

This picture cracks me up!  The look on his face and his cheeks look so chunky!

We headed next door to the room where he could build forts, but Aiden was not at all interested.  He walked in and walked back out.

He went and grabbed his trike again, and would've liked it if he could've brought it in.

We let him hang out some more at Pedal Power.

We headed down the hall to the Art Studio where Aiden got to help paint the rocketship.

But he had no idea what he was doing and just kind of wandered around holding onto his paintbrush ;)

He was looking so DANG CUTE in that smock though!

Afterward we headed up to the 3rd floor.

We spent a while in the play area for children 3 and under.

There was a little kitchen in there.

Aiden waited so patiently for his chance to play with this push toy.

Play microwave.

I thought Aiden would really like the Market, that's like a little pretend grocery store, that even has push conveyer belts, but he just purely wanted to push the cart.  He even pushed it out of the exhibit and would've liked to take it with us ;)

Aiden loved Ian's Corner all about transportation.  He kept running between the pencil car...

...and the school bus.

He's been loving "The Wheels on the Bus" lately, so it was fun for him to see this, and that the windows "go up and down", the door goes "open and shut", the horn goes "beep beep beep", etc.

Back to the pencil car.  Notice there's also a toothpaste car and a pickle car.

A crazy racecar, maybe?

On that same floor was a reading loft area.

He tripped really hard and was mad for a little bit :(

We came back around to the Noodle Forest.  We were surprised that Aiden didn't even seem to notice it earlier!

Tanis and Aiden would hide and find each other :)

Taking a little break for a minute.

Not for long!

After about 2ish hours at the museum I could tell Aiden was starting to fade.  We made our way back downstairs.

And Grandma took Aiden through the whole Climber again.  That's a good grandma ;)

We finished up back at the Whoosh! and Aiden actually tried it out :)

It was tricky to push the scarf in - the air pressure was really strong!

Aiden spotted his scarf floating down :)

And then we called it a day.  Aiden was pooped and fell asleep on the way home :)

Thank you Tanis for such a fun day!  We'll have to do it again!