Friday, February 6, 2015

9 months

Miss Janie turned 9 months last Wednesday, the 28th, but we didn't make it in for her check-up until yesterday.  She is weighing in at 18 pounds 5 ounces (50th percentile) and is 28.5 inches long (77th percentile).  She had to have her finger pricked and get two shots in her thigh.  I posted this first picture on Instagram.  I got a picture of her before her shots (our doctor had given her popsicle sticks to distract her) and after.  She's just as cute when she's crying.  Love her!

Showing off her sparkly bandaids at home :)

Here's what Jane Jane's been up to in the last month:
  • Oh my goodness, she is into everything!!!  She keeps us on our toes ;)
Taking all of the silverware out of the dishwasher.

I have since moved that bowl..haha.

  • She is also climbing ON everything.

Including Aiden..haha.

Look at her all proud on the dishwasher..ha.

I was surprised this day when I found her on the chair.

And another day on the hallway table.

  • Her top front teeth are really coming through and I can feel more coming on the bottom.
You can see those goofy top teeth if you click on this pic ;)

  • I've finally started putting Janie in the shopping cart instead of always hoisting her around in her car seat.  I don't know why I waited so long!

Her first time was in Costco.  She was very serious the entire time..haha.

Thank goodness big brother was right beside her :)

Then I tried out putting her in the car cart with Aiden at the grocery store.  I had to put up this pic because Aiden "roared" at the camera right as I was taking the pic..hahaha.

  • Janie will pretty much eat anything and everything.  In fact, it seems like she's always on the hunt for food..haha.

Sometimes she gets so messy and it drives me nuts!  This night she kept grabbing onto the spoon when I'd bring it to her mouth..grrr!

Haha, I totally caught Janie with one of Aiden's chicken nuggets in her mouth and another in her hand!!  She found his plate on the bench.

And another day she found his crackers up on the coffee table!  I guess she's telling me she's ready for more solids..haha.

Here are some more pictures:

This was actually supposed to go in last month's post, but sometimes Janie will go missing for a little bit and we'll find her in Aiden's room..haha.  She knows where to find the toys ;)

This is just a little video of the kids.  I was washing our bedding and they were loving the bed in the meantime.  I love Janie's little cackle laugh at about 13 seconds.  You'd almost miss it. 

Love these stinkers.  Too bad Aiden blinked..haha.

Just her eyes peeking over :)

She's such a beauty :)

We were watching a movie.  Seriously, how cute is she??

She's always checking on Aiden during his bath ;)

I love that you can see Aiden's shark diving in this one..haha.

This cracked me up.  Janie didn't even mind because she could still see out of her one eye..haha.

She has really been cheesin' lately :)

These next two pictures make me laugh.  First this one.  I love that she was clenching her fists.

Then this.  It's all about her eyes..haha.


Just one sleeping one.  Love that little hand.