Thursday, March 30, 2017

2 months

Beckett turned 2 months Thursday, the 16th, and we went to his appointment on Tuesday, the 23rd.

At 2 months Beckett:
  • weighs 11 pounds 3 ounces (19th percentile) and is 23 inches long (44th percentile). He had to get 5 immunizations - 1 oral and then 2 in each leg. Poor baby. He was such a trooper and calmed right down after about a minute or so.
4 Thor bandaids.

And that crazy hair..ha.

  • has been interacting with us so much and actually laughed for the first time right after his appointment! And I got him to laugh a few times after that! It's not consistent yet, but I think it will be pretty soon here :)
  • has discovered his hands and munches on them all the time :)
  • is officially wearing all 0-3 month clothes. Some are still a little big on him ;)
  • still loves bath time and has discovered the mirror. He'll often watch me in the mirror or just stare at himself..ha.
  • doesn't mind tummy time, but often just lays there..haha. In the last week though he's really started to lift his head.
  • is sleeping 6-7 hours at night. I can't really remember if that's considered sleeping through the night. He actually falls asleep around 9, but then I feed him around 12 before I go to bed. Maybe sleeping through the night is when I can drop that last feeding ? Nonetheless, I'm grateful for the sleep he is giving me.
So many pictures! Sorry..ha.

Aunt Jenn and Amy came down for Beckett's baby blessing. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures with Amy.

Jenn got a picture of his little feet. Notice him looking at the fan..haha.

He still watches the fan! Those eyes :)

Big eyes and dino feet.

I love this picture of him. He's always so alert in his car seat :)

His perfect lips :)

Daddy had Aiden hold Beckett while he went off to make him his lunch..ha.

Sent this picture to my family after he gave me a 5.5 hour stretch of sleep for the first time :)

First Costco run with all three.

Munching on his hand :)

Little guy.

It was so funny when he used to grab onto my shirt like this. Holding on for the ride!

That little face :)

Had to get some pictures of him in his shirt that matches his crib sheet :)

When big sister won't take no for an answer (forcing him to take his paci..ha).

Cute, cute boy fits so perfectly in my lap after I feed him at night :)

It's so funny when he looks like he's punching the air!

He looks especially small when Daddy's holding him ;)

When Amy was serving her mission she sent these pajamas for Aiden. It's kind of fun to dress Beckett in Aiden's old clothes. They're still pretty big on Beckett.

We're all pretty enamored.

Those squinty eyes!

Cuddle monkey :)

Haha..I squeezed him into this newborn outfit of Aiden's a few weeks ago.

 Fell asleep during "The Bachelor" finale :)

That little smirk :)

Looks like he's winking in this one..haha.

Failed attempts at St. Patty's Day pics..ha.

Aiden loves getting Beckett to smile :)

He looks so small next to them :)

Such a happy boy!

He fell over. Still happy..haha.

He'll sleep anywhere ;)

I just always think he looks so cozy in the Rock 'n Play :)