Thursday, March 2, 2017

Beckett's Baby Blessing

I can't believe it's already been about 2 weeks since we had Beckett's baby blessing on Saturday, the 18th. We typically wait until our babies are 2 months to do it, but we wanted my sisters to be able to make it and thought President's Day weekend would be nice since Jenn had a long weekend.

Trent gave Beckett a beautiful blessing in our home, as we did with Aiden and Janie. As always, I am reminded that I am so grateful for Trent and that he is a worthy priesthood holder and could do this for Beckett. 

Here are pictures from our day. Sadly my seasonal allergies had really kicked in and I was feeling pretty crummy. I'm afraid you can kind of tell from the pictures that I was not only sleep deprived, but also puffy and congested :/

Hurrying to get Beckett ready. It's crazy getting 3 littles ready, especially since we couldn't find Aiden's white shirt anywhere..ha.

Beckett wore Aiden's same outfit, but he was kind of drowning in it since Aiden was 2 months when we blessed him. It's a short sleeve outfit, but almost looks long-sleeved on Beckett..ha.

Janie wanted to wear her sunnies..ha.

Before the blessing.

The priesthood holders - Chris Brooks (from our bishopric), Trent, his dad, and my dad.

Wish the brothers-in-law could've made it down!

The whole group.

Trent's grandparents were able to join us and we were thrilled Jenn, Amy, and Quinn could fly down from Utah for the occasion. We were bummed Jill couldn't make it, but she will be down for her Spring Break later this month. And of course Amber is serving her mission, but we can't wait for her to meet Beckett when she comes home in September :)

Oh and I would have insisted on getting all of these pictures outside in the natural light, but it was a rare rainy day here in AZ. It rained all day!

Our sweet sleepy boy.

Our growing family :)

Changing it up.

With Tanis and Kent.

I prefer this photo, but there's that weird shadow :/

Gary and Joan joined in.

Again with the shadow :( Pretty sure it's from the camera strap Amy.

My family. Janie didn't want to take off her sunnies..ha.

Aunt Jenn.

Daddy and Baby Beckett.

One more before we changed him into his regular clothes. Streeetch :)

I didn't get any other photos, but Tanis was so sweet to provide lunch for all of us afterward (Rudy's Mexican - so tasty!). Thank you so much Tanis! 

We sure are grateful for all of our family and their love and support. You are so loved Beckett Baby!

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