Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Flying Aiden

I got these shots of Trent throwing Aiden in the air back on the family reunion after we got off the dinner cruise (post HERE) and thought it would be fun to post them.  Aiden just adores Trent :)


...and down!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

4 months

Janie turned 4 months this last Thursday and we also had her check-up.  She is weighing in at 14 pounds 2 ounces (49th percentile) and is 25 inches long (74th percentile).  We weren't too surprised by her length because just in the last week we've been saying how big she looks to us.  She's not our little baby anymore :(  She's had quite the little growth spurt.  Still average for weight, but measuring tall!

She also had to get 5 immunizations.  The same five as last time - 1 oral and 4 shots, 2 in each thigh.

At least she got sparkly band-aids ;)

Here is what Miss Janie has been up to in the last month:
  • She is rolling from her tummy to her back.  I seem to miss getting it on camera every time though.  Well really she just won't do it when I pull the camera out..haha.  The best video I got, she finally started to roll to her back after a minute of recording, but then she just lay on her side and started watching Monsters, Inc. with Aiden.  I stopped the video b/c it hit 2 minutes.  Then she finally finished rolling..haha.
  • We officially moved Janie into her own room.  She had been sleeping in the co-sleeper in our room at night, but now she just always sleeps in her crib.
  • She is facing outward now in the Baby Bjorn and loves it! We don't use it too often, but she seems to really like it when we do :)
  • Similarly, we've been putting her in the Bumbo a lot more.  I think babies look so cute in these because their legs/feet just stick straight out :)
Watching me do laundry.

And wash dishes.

Sitting with us at dinner.

  • As I said in her 3 month post, she is just as happy as can be, but a laugh is hard to come by.  I feel like she totally stifles them..haha.  She must have a weird sense of humor like her mommy ;)  She'll smile and smile, but even when we tickle her she seems to try to hold the laugh in!  Trent can really get a laugh out of her though!  I think she has a little crush on him..haha ;)
Here's a little video I got of her.  The best laugh is at the 10-12 second mark.  Oh the funny noises we'll make to get our children to laugh ;)

  • For the last few weeks she has been putting her little hands over her eyes when she's trying to fall asleep.  She likes a dark room.  That's something else she got from mommy.  I do that as I'm falling asleep as well, but then I remember I have an eye mask I can put on ;)

  • Janie has started to scootch around with her bum and legs.  I'll lay her down on her back and come back over and she's made a 180!
  • She is just a talkative little thing!  And she's been blowing bubbles and buzzing her lips like crazy.  Sometimes she'll get really talkative when we're talking to one another, like she wants to be in the conversation too ;)
Here's just a little video I got back on the 12th.

  • She's starting to really notice and grab onto toys and the things around her.

This little toy has a mirror that she was looking into.

  • She's been putting everything in her mouth lately, particularly her hands and blankies.
  • Everyone mentions how alert she is.  She notices everything going on around her and tracks Aiden's every movement ;)
Here are some more pictures of our Janie:

Post bath-time pictures.

Janie in Aiden's old monkey towel

We have a picture of Aiden just like this ^

Tummy time pics.

Just hanging with big brother.

I left the room for a minute and Aiden came running after me.  When I came back I discovered Aiden had kind of dragged our throw blanket over Janie (accidentally) and the fringe was on top of her head..haha.

Trent sat Janie next to me..haha.

Remember how I said Janie has started to scootch around?  It's a good thing she has more space in her crib now ;)

Janie looks like such a little diva here..haha.  

This is her newest headband.  I ordered it online so I didn't really know how big the flower was.  I tend to always lean toward smaller and more dainty as opposed to "the bigger the better", but I'm finding I don't mind how big the flower is!  I guess it's fun to have variety :)

I love this picture of Janie!  She was sitting on our bed watching me vacuum :)

Sometimes we eat dinner outside and bring Janie out in her swing ;)

Waiting so patiently for us to get going.

My pretty girl.

Only 2 sleeping ones this time ;)

Here's just a video of Trent making Janie dance ;)  We often laugh about how Janie is still at the age where she's forced to do whatever we make her do..haha.  It cracks me up that she doesn't have any expression whatsoever!