Saturday, January 26, 2013

Target Run

We went on a Target run and I was able to get video of Aiden spying the big red balls out front, as promised :) I missed his original little shriek, but you can hear him saying "ba ba" over and over.  I feel like he has more of a reaction when I'm not videotaping - he clams up a little bit when I get the camera out.

Now all of my family wants to take Aiden on their own Target runs ;)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Roller Derby Fun

Last Saturday Trent and I went to a roller derby!  I got us a LivingSocial deal for it a while back.  It was so crazy to watch.  Those were some big girls (most of them) and they would just plow right through each other..haha.  It was definitely entertaining :)

The Pretty H8 Machines vs. The Joon Cleavers

In this picture (below) you can see the 2 girls (1 from each team) with the star on their helmet.  They are called the "jammer" and their goal is to get through/past the opposing team with the help of their own team and lap them to score a point.  Hope that makes sense!

Had to get at least one picture showing we were actually there :)

And here's a short video I got:

We ended up leaving during halftime because it was half an hour and it was late and we wanted to get back to Aiden.  We had fun though and would totally do it again, especially now that I actually know what's going on ;) Look out for one in your area!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Aiden Lately

I thought I'd do a little post on what Aiden's been up to lately.  I decided to stop doing the monthly posts (I did them every month until he turned a year), but I'm hoping to blog more frequently with what he's up to so I can keep the posts a little shorter.  I will definitely continue to do a post with his stats whenever he has a doctor's appt. though.
  • Aiden waves at everyone.  It is so adorable.  He pretty much waves at every person when we go grocery shopping and on errands.  It's funny to see how different people react.  Most people love it and wave back and often stop to talk.  There are a few though (usually men) that pretend they don't see him. Oh well!  He also knows to wave when we're saying "bye bye" to someone.
Seriously love that little wave of his :)

  • He has started saying ball "ba" and more "mo."  He gets so excited when we see the big red balls outside Target (I don't know if every Target has those) and just keeps saying "ba ba ba ba" over and over as we approach them.  I'm hoping to get a video next time we go.  He also says "ba" for balloon and notices every single one at the grocery store and points them out.  He is so fun to bring out on errands!
  • He learned how to climb up on our chair/couch and also how to get down.
  • We got this stuffed giraffe from my baby shower before Aiden was even born that has 4 buttons that play different rhythms that are supposed to be soothing.  Aiden has hardly paid any attention to it until just recently when he must have discovered the buttons. Now I go in his room almost every evening (and even at nap time sometimes) and the giraffe is playing.  I think he likes it :)
  • He pretty much always runs away from me when I'm trying to change his diaper or get him dressed so I have to chase him down. You can tell he thinks it's a game - little stinker!
  • He absolutely loves to be outside and has learned how to climb up the stairs.
This is from Wednesday.

  • From the previous video, you can see he also gets super excited when he sees ducks or birds, but especially puppies.  He runs over to the window and just starts yelling gibberish.  Again, I will try to get a video.
  • He has started to slam doors shut.
  • We had a pine candle that we lit during the Christmas season and Aiden was very fascinated by it and learned how to blow. Now we have a different candle out and he knows just where it is and will start making his little blowing noise and wants us to lift him up so he can see it.  I think he likes to see the flame flicker when he blows.
  • I put this on Facebook, but want to make sure I have it here too. Lately Aiden will bring us a book to read, but after about the first page he'll just wander off, so we'll stop reading.  But then he'll come running back over and give the book back and the cycle continues..haha.  So now we'll often be reading in the background and he'll just be doing his own thing.  Maybe it's comforting for him to hear our voices?!
  • I also put this on Facebook, but Aiden is starting to be my little helper.  I had him help me bring in the groceries Friday afternoon (I gave him the lightest bag..haha).
I can't believe how big he looks in this picture!  He also looks very proud to me..haha.

  • Lastly, I know this post is like video overload, but this is just a video of Aiden talking.  He is pretty much always talking and I wanted to make sure I had his cute voice on video.  It's all gibberish ;) I didn't mean for the video to go so long..haha.  And you can see how messy our house is.  It's not always like this - well really it is most of the time..sigh.  It's really hard to keep up with Aiden!

Quick birthday shout-out to Grandma Tanis!  We got to celebrate tonight with dinner at Carrabba's :)

Aiden was not being very cooperative..haha.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Aiden Meets the Horses

Last Sunday, December 30, Dad took us all to see the horses he works with.  We are so glad Dad was able to find this guy (they have become good friends) and all of his horses because working with horses brings him so much joy.  He has always told us, if he could have, he would have been a cowboy :)

This was Aiden's first time being so close to horses.

Dad in his element :)

The whole family (minus Dad taking the pic)!

It was fun to meet and hear about the horses Dad spends so much time with.  Next time he said he'll actually sattle one up and have Aiden ride it :)

And I just wanted to put up these pictures from later in the evening. Aiden was so happy to have his own seat at dinner (he actually stole Grandma's..haha)!

Trying out a fork ;)

We watched "The Best Two Years" that evening and it's so funny because Aiden just wanders around and does his own thing.

And lately he just plops himself down in the dog bed.  He loves it!  Kind of yucky :/

Thursday, January 3, 2013


New Year's Eve.  Well we were just about ready to head out the door (Grandma and Grandpa Knuckles were already over to babysit) when Aiden came running back to me.  I could tell something was up and it seemed like he was choking, when he started throwing up.  I had picked him up so conveniently had him in position to throw up in the sink (sorry to be graphic).  I thought he was done, but then he threw up again and it got all over my new shirt and boots.  Dang!  Trent hurried to clean that up and I got changed and we were off to meet up with my family to see Les Mis (I enjoyed it, but you'll have to ask the rest of my family what they thought ;)).

We didn't get home until almost 10, so of course Aiden was asleep.  We always have a little party at my parents' so we got Aiden packed up and headed over.  I thought for sure Aiden would fall back asleep as we drove over, but he didn't.  I guess it is just like a 3 minute drive.  He stayed awake the whole time we were over there!  He seemed pretty confused as to why it was so dark outside and he was awake!

Family pic!  Love that Aiden's in his jammies :)

My mom has a whole box of fun New Year's Eve paraphernalia.  Sisters sporting some masks..haha.  Amber was off at some party.

Mom and Aiden joined in.  Trent's usually stuck behind the camera :/

Midnight!  Jill and Amy's New Year's Eve kiss..ha.  Look at those squished cheeks!

Dr. Pepper cheers :)

Jill was saying she expects baby #2 in 2013 (they're always pestering us) so Trent had to chase her down..haha.

Poor baby was so tired.

Back to bed round 2 :)

Our little family seems to have caught the stomach flu because we've all been sick since Tuesday.  Not a very fun way to start the new year :( Thankfully I think we're just about over it, but now it sounds like some of the rest of my family is getting it :/

One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to be better about having Family Home Evening (learn more about FHE HERE).  We did okay this last year, but we were definitely far from perfect.  It is so important that we make good habits now as Aiden is getting older.

Hope you all have been able to start the year off right!  Here's to 2013!