Sunday, August 5, 2018

11 months

So first off, it's August 5th, 2018. I haven't blogged since December b/c my pictures weren't loading to my old PC. Last night we got me a new Mac Air and I'm back at it. Unfortunately I really don't remember the new things Beckett was doing way back in November/December :/ so I'll do the best I can. We'll just pretend that I'm writing this in present day December..ha.

Beckett turned 11 months on the 16th and coincidentally we were at the doctor's on the 17th for his second dose of flu.

Such a cute boy.

He loves to play with my makeup.

Trying to keep up with the big kids.

Beckett loves to get behind our paper blinds (we still haven't ordered some proper ones) to see what's going in the backyard.

Playing at G&G Knuckles' on Thanksgiving.

Sometimes he toots in the bath and laughs about it..haha.

I got this pic one night after I fed Beckett his final bottle for the evening. Unfortunately he started coughing so hard that he threw up and then he pooped so I had to change him. So it was past midnight and he was wide awake..ha.

A minute later he flipped over. I think he realized he was tired...

...and soon after I was able to transfer him back to his bed.

Trent took the kids to Home Depot with him and sent me this pic and I'm dying. They all look so goofy!

Beckett has discovered how easily accessible all of Trent's shoes are :/

Beckett thought they could use his help building a racecar.

He found a bag to check out.

It's Beckett's first Christmas and he was pretty enthralled when we put up the tree. We can switch the lights and the kids LOVE the colored ones. Unfortunately Trent and I much prefer the white ones.

One evening he was just crying and crying. He stopped while I was making him a bottle and was staring at the tree, but then he started again when I came back. Teething has really been a beast for him compared to the other two :/

He loves to hide behind my clothes in the closet.

After his nap at Grandma Knuckles'.

Playing in a big ol' box together.

We went over to Trent's grandparents' to celebrate his grandma's birthday. Beckett was having fun with his great grandpa.

He just loves to get back in the cabinets.

We went to a Breakfast with Santa.

Stretching at Church.

Beckett's like a little puppy dog, under the tree there.

We can always find him by the tree.

I walked into the bathroom just before Beckett dropped his paci into the toilet that Janie had just pooped in :/ This was his punishment. I kid, I kid! I just love to put him upside down. He's clapping his hands..haha.

It's hard to tell from these pictures, but he was frustrated being wedged between the filing cabinet and the wall. I guess he was trying to get behind there.

I love this picture. Those blue eyes!

Janie was trying to keep him from crawling away..ha.

As you can tell, he loves to get to the crockpot.

Playing at the Riparian.

And some sleeping ones, as always ;)

Whoops, he fell asleep sitting up during nap time.

Napping at Church.