Tuesday, August 11, 2015

15 months

Janie Lynn turned 15 months on Tuesday, the 28th, and we went in for her doctor's appt. that Friday, the 1st. She weighed in at 21 pounds 2 ounces (49th percentile) and is measuring 32 inches long (91st percentile). She had to get 3 shots and was so sad, but stopped crying immediately when they gave her a sucker. So nice that they gave one to Aiden too.

One shot in her arm and one in each thigh :/

So the last time I did a "Janie post" was at 12 months. I was so much better about blogging with Aiden :/ So this post is kind of a photo dump. LOTS of pictures!

Here are some things Janie's been up to since her 12 month post:

  • We are really trying to limit Janie's paci use to nap time and bedtime, so I try to just keep them in her crib. She's very attached. I still always bring one with us when we go out, just in case. She's been extra fussy the last week (I think she's teething), so she's had them a little more often. 

  • This is really old news, but I discovered that Janie's hair is long enough for a little pony (or pom pom as my sisters and I sometimes call them). I pretty much put her hair like this everyday now to keep her hair out of her face.

Sometimes I can get it in when she's completely distracted and she never seems to notice it. Lots of times she pulls it out though :/ The other day I found she had ripped it out and had a handful of hair in her hand :/ Ouch!

  • She is starting to notice and play with girl toys., yay! Obviously we have a lot more boy toys than girls toys (for now), so it's fun to see this little shift. She's still totally happy to play with Aiden's toys too ;)

  • Similarly, she has discovered my jewelry and helps herself to it all day, every day ;) It's fun for me to randomly notice her wearing my bracelets throughout the day :)

I keep some of my jewelry, mostly bracelets, under the sink. I have a jewelry box somewhere (still in a box :/) that I should probably pull out of hiding. This is the scene sometimes when I'm trying to get ready..ha.

  • She loves to read. She'll bring us a book and then climb into our laps and insist we read it (even if we're in the middle of something else..haha).

  • She is a lot harder than Aiden was and it actually cracks me up, most of the time..haha. I tell people (especially Trent) all the time that "she is trouble!"..haha. She insists on climbing on everything. We find her on the kitchen table multiple times a day and now she's started on the t.v. stand (we think that was Aiden's fault - he loves to jump off onto the couch and she watches his every move). She is fearless. Also when we go out front, she really will run out in the street if we're not watching. It's terrifying!!

Here she is on top of the table. I love her little dance at the end ;) She was loving that yogurt ;)

She has started to immediately climb up to the computer at my parents' just like Aiden did at her age. They love that ;)

  • She can also be so sassy!! I was trying to get her to say "thank you" in this video (she's started to), but there were some red beads on the bed and, as you can see, she just thought it was funny to put them in her mouth. The look she gives me..haha.

  • She's not talking too much yet, but she has started to say "Aiden" or "Ayen" which is stinking adorable! I'm trying to get it on video! She says "boo" and has started to say "thank you" like I said. And of course, she says the standard "Mama" and "Dada." I'm sure I'm forgetting some. She can also always point out her nose and now we're working on tongue and the rest of her body parts :) It's a fun age!
  • She is trying to learn how to jump and it's so funny to watch! She's not getting any air yet ;)

Now for the photo dump!

Pushing around Aiden's lawn mower :)

Miss Janie is getting more picky :/ She used to eat anything!

This day she would NOT let me feed her her yogurt. It pained me to hand the spoon over to her. She got so messy!!

She kept sticking her hand in and then it would get stuck..ha.

Sometimes she'll get a hold of something from the pantry and then just dump it all. over. the. floor. This happens more times than I'd like to admit. She's very messy.

I turned around while we were grocery shopping and found that Janie had helped herself to the strawberries :)

Another old photo, but the kiddos with Amber when she graduated in May.

Such long legs.

She's just so cute upside down ;) Her mouth is always wide open..haha.

Snuggling with Daddy before bedtime.

It always makes me laugh when I find her lounging somewhere.

She made herself cozy watching a movie with Aiden.

I also love when I find her kneeling like this ;)

She loves "horsey rides."

Sometimes I just roll the stroller inside after we've been to the park and leave it open and we'll randomly find Janie sitting in it ;)

We've been to the pool several times this summer.

I even braved taking the kids a few times while my mom was out of town (she's gone a lot ;))

One day there was a lifeguard drill so we had to hang out under the pavilion.

National Donut Day. They even let Janie have one :)

I forgot to post this cute video on my Cabo post with my grandma and Janie :) Janie grew to love GG in Cabo :)

We did the Summer Movie Fun (it's ended now) where we got to go to a movie every Tuesday for like 8 weeks. We took Janie along for like the first 3 or 4 and then decided it was useless..haha. By the second or third movie she got the hang of it and would sit in my lap for maybe 10 minutes and then want to get down and run around and disturb everyone around us (often grabbing the back of their seat and shaking it like crazy :/)..haha. From then on we tried to get one of the grandmas to take Miss Jane ;)

It seemed like the kids were more interested in the arcade games.

Handsome boy :)

Shopping for pillows at Bed, Bath, & Beyond :)

Trent took Janie down the big slide w/ him at Vertuccio Farms.

Photo with my Dad on Father's Day :)

She can keep up with the boys ;)

My girl :)

Got Janie her first nightgown :) It has a mermaid on it :)

Sometimes Aiden buries Janie in pillows ;)

We've been brushing Janie's teeth at night (I think she has 5 teeth now and 4 molars and more coming), but she usually just sucks the toothpaste off..haha.

We ate at Chick-fil-a recently and Janie went up in the play place with Aiden for the first time!

She couldn't figure out how to get down so Trent had to go up and point her in the direction of the slide..ha.

I just thought she was so cute up there on Trent's shoulders (her little hand). I took this pic real quick before we headed out and honestly didn't even notice VS was behind them..ha.

We've made it to the park a few times when we're willing to brave the triple digits. The sun made Janie look funny here.

Such a beauty!

Aiden helping her down the slide ;)

People have asked us a lot lately how Aiden is with Janie. I've been telling people they're like 50/50. Sometimes they are so sweet and cuddly, but they BOTH also know how to push each other's buttons!

This was one night at dinner and Janie kept screaming (sorry, it's a little grating to listen to) and Aiden was getting so mad at her. It was kind of hilarious ;)

Some sweet pictures of them together. It is so fun to just sit and watch them interact :)

Playing with the water table.

Sitting in one of the rides at the mall.

Sharing a slurpee :) (Janie put those bracelets on herself :))

Grocery shopping.

We always have to look at the toy aisle for a few minutes :)

And finally, you guys know the drill :)

She must've not been fully asleep yet b/c the flash really disturbed her :/

I think this was one morning when she was waiting for me to come get her. She piled everything up in her crib and laid on top of it..haha.

Bravo if you made it to the end ;)