Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkins and Reptiles?

Last Saturday, the 18th, we all went to Mother Nature's Farm/Pumpkin Patch.  This is the same one we went to last year (HERE), but this year we went during the day.  We actually decided to go specifically on this day b/c we got an email saying they were going to have the Phoenix Herpetological Society there with a whole bunch of reptiles and we thought Aiden may really like it.

We made it to the farm and Aiden had to stop in this little house before heading to check out the reptiles.

Aiden loved this huge tortoise.

Jill volunteered to Baby Bjorn Miss Janie.

I don't remember what this was, some giant lizard of some sort.

We got to pet all of them, including this alligator!

There were a whole bunch of venomous snakes in glass cages.  I didn't even like being near them.

Back to the tortoise and lizard.

They gave the tortoise a whole hunk of pumpkin to eat.

Then we made our way around the rest of the farm.  Aiden and Daddy went through the little hay maze.

There were some see-saws there that I thought Aiden may really like to try, but all he wanted to do was run off to the little houses :/

This was a bigger one that Aunt Jill went in with Aiden.

Then we got to go on a hay ride.  This was before it started so we were still over by the parking lot..ha.

You can see the pumpkin patch in the background of this one.

Aunt Jill and Janie.

There were some farm animals, but Aiden, surprisingly, wasn't too interested in seeing them.  It was very warm.

Family picture by the tractor :)

Aiden got to pick out a little pumpkin of his own.  He definitely chose one of the smaller ones, so I picked out a bigger one for him since, why not?, he could choose any one with his $10 admission.

Before I chose a bigger one for him ;)

Aiden could. not. wait. to make his way over to the moon bounce. Definitely the highlight of his day ;)

I bounced Janie on the little ledge on the outside :)

Cutouts for our family.  Notice the driver ;)

One more family photo.  A must at the pumpkin patch ;)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Trent's 30th!!

My husband's 30!!  So crazy!

So yeah, Trent turned 30 on Friday and took the day off work!  It was a full day for him!  We got up that morning and I had to actually wash my hair and style it (I do that every other day) which takes a little more time, so he went off with Aiden to go see his parents while us girls stayed behind to get ready..ha.

The boys got back around 11 and then we headed to lunch at Zupa's. Jill came to town Thursday evening on her Fall Break, so she came along too, along with Amber, who had a half day, and my mom.

Then we were off to the Children's Museum of Phoenix.  I saw a LivingSocial deal several weeks back for half off the admission of 2 people.  I knew Jill would be in town sometime so I called up my mom and she bought a deal and I bought two.  Aiden and I had been before with Grandma Knuckles (HERE), and I didn't want Trent to miss out again, so I suggested he take off work for his birthday and that we go then.  So we made a day of it!  Aiden was in heaven having Daddy there :)

Definitely Aiden's favorite part is the "tree house."  You may want to zoom into some of these pictures.

Jill took the camera up and got some photos.

Trent got this of us down feeding Janie.

I would've been feeling claustrophobic in this part :/

Then he played with the scarves and air tunnels for a few minutes.

The Noodle Forest.

The Market.

Janie hitched a ride in his shopping cart ;)

Checking out.

Aiden made Jill and Janie a little pizza.

Janie and Grandma.

Aiden loved this school bus just as much as he did a year ago!

Ice cream stand.

The "car wash".

Aiden hopped on the backseat of Amber's trike..haha.

Back to the "tree house".  It's all made of recycled materials.  That's a bathtub..ha.

Aiden loved this boat.  You can see him up there.

Calling it a day.

Goodbye to the doggie outside.

Janie was feeling sleepy.

We headed home for a little bit afterward to just take it easy.  Trent opened a few gifts.

We got him Chasing Mavericks on Blu-Ray.  If you haven't seen it, it's a good one!  Trent doesn't look too thrilled in this picture, but he was happy, trust me ;)

Around 6 we dropped off the kids with my family and headed to Buca di Beppo (Trent's choice) for dinner.  It was so nice to be out, just the two of us, and I was certainly happy that Trent chose Italian ;)  We thought we may go see a movie afterward, but we were feeling pretty worn out, so we just picked up a Redbox on the way back to my family's.

We got back and finally sang to Trent.  He requested sugar cookies from Sweet Tooth Fairy, so that's what we did :)

Aiden was pointing out which one he wanted..haha.

Sweet Tooth Fairy had their Halloween cookies out.  The mummy was pretty cute :)

It was definitely a fun-filled day!  Can't believe my husband's 30!! We love you to pieces Trent!!