Friday, December 12, 2014

7 months

Our little love turned 7 months while we were in Utah.  2 weeks ago today actually.  I'm a bit behind..ha.  No check-up this month so I'll get right to it!
  • Biggest news is that Miss Janie is finally crawling!  I don't say this because I was anxious for it or anything, but she had been trying for so long.  It actually just happened in the last few days, so technically I should be putting it in her 8 month post, but oh well!  Somehow I completely forgot to mention in her 6 month post that she was wanting to crawl, but all she could do was scoot backwards.  She'd even back herself under things and get stuck..ha.  And she'd plank all the time!  It was/is so stinking cute!

Stuck under her bed.

She backed herself between the two chairs and got stuck..ha.

Plank.  Love her.

And here's video of Miss Jane on the go!  No more backward scooting for her!  Like I said, she only just started over the last few days, so she's still trying to get the rhythm ;)

  • I mentioned last month that she got her two front bottom teeth, so one night I decided I was going to get a pic.  It took several tries.
Here are some of the outtakes ;)

You can actually see them in this one, but I wanted to try for a few more.

Haha. I turned off the flash for this one.

Didn't get my finger out of the way enough.

If you click on this pic to see it bigger, you can see her teeth :)

  • She's doing better with eating, not that I was worried about it or anything, but now (in the last week or two) she'll actually open her mouth.  So she likes sweet potatoes after all!  Yay! We're still taking it pretty slow though.  Some nights we don't even bother with solids, but now that she's actually showing an interest we'll try to make it a daily thing. 
  • She's starting to play at the park along with Aiden ;)  She swung for the first time and loved it!  We stopped at the park on a whim as we were driving by one day, so I only had my old phone to take pictures, but I still had to document Miss Janie's first time swinging :)

Then I helped her down the slide.  She is pure joy!

I let her sit in the sand/dirt afterward and she was totally intrigued..ha.

We went again about a week later, so I got some clearer pictures. She loves it!

Here's a little video :)

  • We are now bathing Miss Jane Jane in the big bath.  Aiden was not happy about this at first (he thought it was HIS bath), but now I can't keep him out when I go to bathe Janie..haha.
So I decided to give Janie her very first bath on a Sunday morning before Aiden had woken up.

He woke up during said bath and was not happy Janie was in his bathtub.

Love her sidewards glance in this photo ;)  She was getting used to the feeling of having her ears under the water :)

Miss Janie is such a happy girl and makes any person feel like a million bucks when she gives them her humongous smile!  We just adore her.

Here are some more pictures from her 6th month.

I love how tiny Janie looks when Trent's holding her :)

Matching in orange.

I realized I haven't ever posted Janie's nursery here, but I'm not completely satisfied with it yet. And I don't think we'll even end up finishing it before we move again..haha.  Life's busy with 2 kids!  I don't know how anyone keeps up with more than 2!  Anyway, I do love how her dresser/changing table turned out with the fabulous sign I scored from Jaxn Blvd.  If you can't tell, it says "little bitty pretty one."  Perfect description of our Janie ;)

Love this picture of the kiddos :)

Janie and I were opposites one day at the beginning of November.

Playing with Dad :)

I can't take it.  She's just so pretty.

Our little love sleeping.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Tree, Shopping, and Provo

Friday, the 28th, we all slept in a bit and had a slow morning, which was fine by our little family.  Once we finally headed out, we tagged along with Amy and Richard to pick out their first Christmas tree :)

Photobomb by Aiden ;)

Don't know why this one ended up a tad blurry.

Aunt Amber :)

We had Miss Janie stand by the baby Christmas trees :)

She was distracted by something.

The whole family!  Only person missing was Dad, and no, he's not the one taking the picture..haha.  He was actually off visiting cousins and had a great time as always :)

Then the boys and girls split up!  Trent and Richard went off with Aiden to see Big Hero 6 and us girls went off to do a little Black Friday shopping.  Cute, huh?!  I love that I have a boy and a girl!

I love Janie in this picture with us :)

We got a little Christmas shopping done and headed back.  Aiden and Trent ended up taking a nap...

...and Janie took complete advantage of Aiden's toys while he was asleep ;)

We all hung around while Amy and Richard got their tree set up.

Putting up the star - it blends right in in this pic.

We went outside real quick to get a family photo since we were *unintentionally* matching :)  Aiden is such a crack-up.  He looks so happy in this photo..haha.  And Janie watches his every move ;)

He just wouldn't put his arms down!

Christmas decorating continues.

Aiden helped ;)

We hung out for a while and headed out that night to check out Jen's place since we hadn't seen it before.  Her roommates were gone, so it was fun to have her cute town home to just us :)

Then we had a quick Target run.  Had to snag this photo.  Aiden was just hanging out with Aunt Amy and Uncle Richard while the rest of us were checking out.  He's such a little goof :)

Final photo from that day.  Miss Janie before she fell asleep.  Love her.

Saturday, the 29th, was our final day.  We went down to Provo for the day.  We started at Riverwoods because we had an exchange to make at the adorable Soel Boutique.

Then we had lunch at Malawi's Pizza.  Trent and I hadn't tried it before, but I will never turn down pizza :)

Then we were off to BYU Campus.  Man, we miss that place!  We stopped at the Bookstore first.

At checkout Miss Janie literally leaned out and was trying to grab the Chapstick ;)

Then we walked around campus for old times sake.  Aiden was loving the leaves..ha.

Family photo :)

The Y on the mountain.

It is always so crazy to drive around Provo and see the changes.  We drove by the Provo City Center temple (what used to be the Provo Tabernacle, most of which was destroyed by fire) to see the progress there.  I can't wait to see it when it's done and I would love to come up again and go through it!

We headed back that evening and took it easy and had dinner.  Aiden discovered the boxing gloves.

Grandma and Janie.  Don't know why it's blurry again.

Loving the dogs again.

Before we came up to Utah I had pinned a website with fun things to do in Utah this winter (you can find it on my Travel board) and we decided we wanted to get out and see some lights.  The list mentioned a place called Christensen & Hymas in Draper with over 40,000 lights you could view from your car, but when we went to their website we discovered it was a law firm, and there was no indication they had lights or anything.  We browsed the web for some other ideas, but wanted somewhere where we could just stay in the we decided to at least drive by, especially since it was only a few minutes from Amy and Richard's.  And we're so glad we did!!  It was one of those neat displays where you turn to a specific radio station and they have the lights synced to the music. It was so fun to watch and we stayed through a few songs.  It was hard to get a good picture, so Jill got a pic on her phone of us in the back seat during it ;)

We got back to A & R's and Richard made us homemade hot chocolate and we turned on Here Comes the Boom.  Kind of random, I know, but I found it at Target the previous night for like $4 and it's one Trent and I watched a while back and enjoyed.  It's definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it.  It seems like hardly any one's even heard of it, but it's just a cute, funny, clean movie if you need any movie-watching ideas :)

And Sunday we packed up our cars and headed back.  We were so sad to leave.  We had the most wonderful time in Utah with the fam. We loved being all snug in Amy and Richard's home.  I definitely got a little teary-eyed as we said our goodbyes and started our long journey home.  A big thank you to Amy and Richard for letting us stay in their home and hosting a great Thanksgiving! See you all in just a few!