Saturday, February 27, 2010

These movies seriously crack me up!

So as I mentioned in my earlier post, I love Ellen! I think she is hilarious and I watch her talk show whenever I possibly can. These are 2 videos (at different times) where she had Dennis Quaid wear an earpiece and told him exactly what to say in certain situations. I hope they make you smile :)

Trent and I can't help but quote these every once in a while:
"Dennis Quaid is here!"
"Dennis Quaid is hungry like a wolf" and we'll howl!
or last week while we were shopping Trent whispered in my ear
"Do you have ketchup?"

Too funny! We can't get enough of them!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's One Week Late!

So last weekend, Valentine's Day weekend, Trent and I were asked to give talks in church and I got sick and Trent had like the busiest week of his semester. It kind of ruined our plans for Valentine's Day (several weeks earlier we talked about getting out of Provo for a night or two and staying in a hotel or something..pretty common thing to do). Well a few days ago, Friday to be exact, Trent came home around 3:30 and said something to the extent of "I'm sending you on a scavenger hunt. Please just humor me." Haha. I was a bit reluctant (I was right in the middle of watching "Ellen"..I love her!), but I followed him upstairs to our bedroom and he had me sit down and count to 80 and then told me to come find him downstairs. I counted as fast as I could and ran downstairs and he was nowhere to be seen. In walks Amy (my sister) carrying a rose and a note. I read the note telling me that Amy was going to be my chauffeur and that I needed to go to the place we ate on our first date. So we head out to the car and Amy even makes me sit in the BACK SEAT..bahaha!

We get to Los Hermanos and Andrew (my cousin) is there with a rose and a note! I was a little embarrassed because every time I'd read a note I'd get all teary-eyed because Trent writes such sweet notes, so I was pretty quiet during this whole process. This 2nd note sent me to the Riviera where we had our first kiss. I knew this was over by Trent's old apartment, but Amy made me get out by my old apartment (she kind of messed up) and Bryn was there with a rose and a note! My next destination was supposed to be where Trent first told me he loved me which was at my old apartment, but because Amy mixed up we went over to his old apartment and Spenser (a friend) was there with a rose and a note! For the final note I wasn't given a clue, but was told that Amy was just supposed to take me to my final destination and that it was a bit of a drive. She made me put on my eye mask that I sometimes wear to bed. It was kind of annoying because I hate surprises and I was worried my makeup was getting all messed up b/c I had been teary-eyed. Amy ended up meeting up with Trent in a parking lot and I switched cars. I had a few guesses where we were going, but I'll get to that later.

When I switched into our car, Trent gave me a rose and I begged him to let me take off the eye mask because I knew the drive was quite a bit longer (I knew we were going to Salt Lake). He said I could as long as I closed my eyes when we got there. We got to Salt Lake and I closed my eyes and opened and we were at the Hyatt by The Gateway. Trent had booked a night for us there and had packed everything I would need (I had guessed we were going to a hotel because, like I said earlier, we had talked about doing this several weeks earlier)! Sadly, through all of this I didn't have my camera so we don't have any pictures. Anyway, that evening we went out to eat at Buca di Beppo (an Italian restaurant) and it was SO GOOD! It's a family-style restaurant so we shared chicken parmesan and both got raspberry Italian sodas. For dessert we shared a big slice of cheesecake with raspberry sauce..delish! We had talked about seeing "Valentine's Day" last weekend, so we went and saw that after dinner. We both thought it was alright, not fabulous or anything. By the time we got out it was around 11 so we headed back to the hotel for the night.

Saturday morning we got up and had our free continental breakfast and got checked out of the hotel by noon. We did a little bit of shopping at Gateway. Gap was having an awesome sale this weekend only and I got this fabulous zip-up hoody for $15 and it's normally $40! Once we finished at Gateway we headed to the Layers warehouse sale in Murray and I got a cute shirt for $10 there! Then we headed back home to Provo. We ate a late lunch at Cafe Rio (yum!) and had Coldstone for dessert (gotta love dessert!)

That was our late Valentine's adventure! It was such a blast! I am so grateful for Trent and all he does to make me happy! He knew that Valentine's meant a lot to me..I did tell him though that he doesn't need to feel like he always has to do something that big :) I love you sweetheart!