Tuesday, October 31, 2017

9 months

Beckett Baby turned 9 months on the 16th and we went to his check-up the next day on the 17th (Trent's birthday actually).

He is still our little guy, weighing in at 16 pounds 8.5 ounces (6th percentile) and measuring  28.25 inches long (46th). He had to have his finger pricked (Hemoglobin) and get 3 shots - Hepatitis B, Polio, and Flu. As always, he cried for maybe 30 seconds and then calmed right down. You can kind of see his bandaids in this shot.

Here is what Beckett has been up to in the last month:
  • I guess the biggest news is that his top 2 teeth have cut through. I'm always a little bummed when the top teeth come in. I just love those gummy smiles! They aren't visible yet in pictures though, maybe next month.
  • He has stood on his own for a few seconds at a time when he hasn't realized that we've let go of him..haha.
  • He has definitely been babbling/talking more. The other day we could've sworn he said "yay" while he was clapping his hands at my parent's house. He also says the typical "baba", "mama", and "dada" sounds, but I'm not sure if he's associating yet that I'm Mama and Trent's Dada. Soon I'm sure :)
  • Otherwise he's been up to more of the same. Crawling faster, walking along the furniture, crawling on/over/through everything. He's an active little guy!
Here are my pictures from the last month:

First time wearing Aiden's old moose jammies from Alaska.

This one's blurry, but I love his expression ;)

He is still loving bathtime.

My favorite thing is to turn on the water and wait to see how quickly he crawls in to find me :)

He loves to throw things over the side. It can get pretty wet.

After a bath at Grandma Christensen's :)

My littlest goof. Those eyes!

Trying to rip off his monkey hood ;)

We have to keep an eye on this guy when we're outside. He always goes straight for the rocks and they go right into his mouth.

Trying out some samples at Costco :)

So I wanted to try this puppy dog hat on Beckett, but his back was to me when I did it and I didn't realize it was completely covering his eyes..haha.

He loves to eat whatever we're eating. Pizza is a favorite around here. We've probably purchased more frozen pizzas since Beckett was born than we have in our whole marriage :/

Wearing a hand-me-down onesie of Aiden's that my best friend from elementary school sent us from New Zealand. All-Blacks jersey.

Just picking out a story to read :)

Janie likes to eat peanut butter straight and she left it out and Beckett got into it :/ I had to pin him down to get him cleaned up.

Putting our ghosts out for Halloween earlier this month.

Beckett has been very interested in trying out a sippy cup like Janie. He's still getting the hang of it.

All ready to watch General Conference ;)

We may have been a little distracted during GC..ha.

I remember taking this picture b/c there's that perfect little teardrop under his eye, but I can't remember why he had been crying. He always smiles for the camera though, even if he's been crying..haha.

Beckett has discovered doors and likes to swing them open and shut. But not all the way shut, of course ;)

All of the kids playing together :)

He always tries to get into the fridge when we open it..ha.

Those blue, blue eyes!

We had put Beckett up in the front of the cart with the seat belt on and he was still getting all turned around and we were worried he may take a nose dive, so we resorted to sticking him in the basket part.

Silly boy, not wanting to go to sleep yet.

A few minutes later and he was out!

We went to see "Leap" with my mom during Fall Break.

When Beckett is the only one of my kids that's ready for the picture :)

He was just so excited!

Hanging out by the dishwasher, one of his favorite places ;)

Had to try out this little crown I spotted for him in a few months.

He was getting ready to rip it off ;)

It's so funny to watch him being independent.

Found the toy he wanted!

We loved that he was just playing quietly by himself :)

We are so grateful that it's finally cooling down, especially in the evenings. These pictures are from one night at the park.

Love his shadow. And we obviously didn't bother to put pants on him ;)

Cute, cute boy.

We surprised Daddy at work with a balloon on the 16th since we couldn't make it on his actual birthday (the 17th) since we had Beckett's check-up.

Beckett was trying so hard to get the balloon..haha.

It made for a pretty stinking adorable picture ;)

Janie left the bag of pretzels out...

Hanging out under the kitchen table.

He pulled Janie's artwork right off the table..haha.

Sleepy little guy.