Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Joy in the Little Things

Having children has helped me to find joy in the little things again.  Let me explain.  The other week I got to have some "me time" (thanks Tanis!) and I was at our neighbors' pool (thank you Moons'!) just reading The Fault in our Stars and I realized I would stop reading every time I heard an airplane and I wouldn't go back to reading until I had found it in the sky :)  Aiden Monkey has totally rubbed off on us and I love it!  Any time we're out, he'll look out for airplanes, helicopters, trucks (any kind - trash, mail, semi, etc.), diggers, buses, etc. and excitedly point them out to us :)  They bring him so much joy!  He's a great example to me in finding joy in the little things.

Every Thursday as we're getting ready for Aiden's swim lesson, he'll hear the trash truck coming through the neighborhood and say, "What's that?!" (of course he knows!) and then he'll say, "Let's go see!" so I'll grab Janie and we'll hurry out the front door to watch it.  This last Thursday I wasn't quite dressed yet so I just waited at the door, but I snapped a few pictures :)

Aiden was still in his jammies, showing Elmo :)

Elmo waving goodbye to the trash truck :)

Another adorable thing Aiden does is grab props while he's watching t.v./movies (he's been watching waaay too much lately - I'm trying to start limiting it).  I posted this picture to Facebook the other week. Aiden watched The Sandlot several times after we watched it on the 4th and he started to hurry and grab Trent's baseball cap, his stuffed puppy dog, and his baseball and mitt.  So stinkin' cute!

And he does this with anything he watches!  If he's watching The Magic School Bus he'll grab his school bus, if he's watching Fireman Sam he'll grab his fire trucks, if he's watching Finding Nemo he'll grab his Nemo, etc.  It makes it hard for me to turn it off because at least he's being pretty interactive while he's watching ;)

I realized I actually have another picture.  Monday evening Aiden watched The Magic School Bus  in our room while I watched The Bachelorette ;) in the living room.  Notice he had his school bus with him :)

Here are 2 more pictures of Aiden from the last few days.  I just love him!

It had been so long since Aiden had done this, so I had to get a picture :)

We got Aiden a little fireman hat from the Target dollar section the other night.  He doesn't realize the long part actually goes in the back ;)  I guess he thinks you wear it like a baseball cap :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Trip Home and a WEDDING!!

So it's been almost a month and I am finally writing about our trip to VA for Amy (my sister) and Richard's wedding.  I only got a handful of pictures (who has time for pictures when you have 2 kids and each parent has 1 of them??), so I was trying to get the pictures off of my mom and sisters' phones.  I got Jen and Jill's, but my mom's never came through, and I won't be seeing her for another 2 weeks.  So I give up! I'm just putting up what I have..haha.

We flew to VA Wednesday, the 18th.  We got to the airport only to find out our flight was delayed and we'd miss our connection if we waited for it, so after a while of talking back and forth (Jill was with us), we got switched onto a U.S. Airways flight instead of United, flying into D.C. instead of Dulles.  

This was Janie's first flight and I was kind of freaking out about how she'd do.  You just never know with babies and Janie's always been fussier than Aiden was, so I was terrified she'd cry the whole flight! But to our absolute relief, she was an absolute angel!!  She only cried maybe the last 15 minutes as we were landing, but that's pretty normal for babies, with the air pressure changes.

She was laying in my lap :)

We had tons of luggage (it's tricky to travel with children!!), so we decided to get Aiden his own little suitcase to pull around himself. Before our flight in Phoenix, he didn't really comply (I think he was scared), but once we landed in D.C. he was happy to pull his :)

We didn't even get into Tyson's until almost 11, so we called it a day.

The next day, the 19th, we tagged along to help Amy with some final wedding preparations.

To Costco for luncheon and reception paper goods.

We also went to Walmart and Target.

That evening we met up with my dad's side of the family for a final hurrah at my grandparents' home.  My grandma passed in October '12 (my grandpa passed in '01) and since then some of my cousins have been living in their home.  But the home has officially been sold, so we all gathered to have a final get-together there and claim some of my grandparents' possessions.  We ate outside as we usually did when we got together growing up.  I wish I had gotten more pictures.

Aiden checking out the creek that we played in when we were younger.

The back of my grandparents' home and their amazingly huge backyard. They had horses most of the time they lived here.

I'm so bummed I didn't get a final picture of the front of the house (I have one somewhere).  We were running late to the dinner, so we hurried to the back to see everyone, and by the time I realized I hadn't gotten a picture of the front, it was dark out.

Once we all finished eating, the girls all headed inside and we got to take turns picking out pieces of my Grandma's jewelry to keep for ourselves.

As much as none of us like this picture, I still have to post it..haha.

It was definitely sad to have our final gathering there and we will miss it dearly.  My Aunt Karen said it well in an email she sent organizing this last get-together: "It's been a good house and yard and has been the setting for many get togethers, parties, wedding receptions, gardens, horses, buggy rides, water fights, volleyball, croquet, tetherball, soccer, out of town visitors, rope swings, playing in the creek, barn burning - wait there was only one of those, etc.....filled with so many memories. Thanks to [Grandma] and [Grandpa] for providing that for us."

Friday, the 20th, we all got manicures and pedicures together.

My mom, Jill, and I went on a hunt for rose petals (to be thrown at the end of the reception) while the rest of the girls were finishing up, but we ended up just buying a few dozen roses and peeling the petals off :)

That evening we headed back to the Harrison's for pizza.  We had to pass our first home on Center Street on the way.  All of us were born in this house.

And our beloved home (we grew up here!) across the street from the Harrison's.  We miss it SO much.

Aiden was loving the trampoline :)  This was actually our trampoline, but my parents gave it to the Harrison's when they moved across the country.

After we ate, we all headed to the church to help set up for the wedding luncheon the next day.

I know it's silly, but I had to get some pictures driving through the trees again.  Just miss it, ya know?

Sisters and cousins Katy and Laura and friend Jessica.

Once we finished setting up, my sisters and I all headed to the Ritz Carlton for Amy's final night as a single lady.  I actually didn't spend the night (gasp!) because there were only 2 beds, plus I needed to help out with the kiddos in the morning.  I didn't mind.

But I hung out with the girls for a little bit. And Amy presented us with bridesmaid gifts - her favorite things :)

And Saturday, the 21st, was the big day!!  It was quite a rush in the morning.  I headed back to the Ritz to get hair and makeup done with my sisters.  It took a little longer than expected so we had to make a mad dash to the temple.  

It was so special to witness Amy and Richard be sealed with so many family and friends present for it.  I definitely cried.

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Shurtz :)

It rained some during the pictures after.  And it was pretty chilly.

After pictures at the temple we all headed back to the Church for the luncheon, hosted by Cafe Rio.

My grandma has been wanting a 4 generation photo ever since I got pregnant with Aiden (if he'd been a girl..haha), so we finally got to with Janie!  My grandma has 8 great-grandchildren and Janie is the first where my grandma could get a "real" 4 generation picture -- great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, daughter.  She was excited :)

Getting set up.

And then we were off for more pictures and to set up for the reception at Old Town Hall.

This is my cousin Jordan and her baby boy, Adler, who is exactly 1 month older than Janie :)

The reception was a rush with visiting with lots of old friends.  We (my sisters and Trent and I) "surprised" Amy (apparently she knew) with a little flash mob dance.  Trent was definitely the hit, but we have yet to see video of it :(  And I am so sad I didn't get any pictures from the reception.  I literally held Janie like the entire night (she's a Mommy's girl), plus, as I said, I was always talking to an old friend. Man, I really needed my mom's pictures!

Anyway, a huge congratulations to Amy and Richard!!  I know it's been almost a month..haha.  My little family is thrilled to have an uncle and brother-in-law :)

Sunday, Amy and Richard were off to honeymoon in Greece! Fancy!

The rest of us took it easy that morning.  We were a little wiped out from the festivities.  That afternoon we went into D.C. to check out a few memorials and have lunch.  My dad pulled up to a stop light and we were rushing out of the car, only to find out several minutes later that my cell phone had dropped out of the diaper bag pocket in the rush. Someone who had picked it up called my aunt Karen, who then called my mom, saying they had it.  Poor Trent had to go on a wild goose hunt trying to track it down because the people weren't willing to just stand at the World War II memorial for a few minutes. Trent finally tracked them down at the Roosevelt Memorial.  Oh my dear husband.  My family was hoping it was just gone for good, so I'd finally get an iPhone, but alas, my trusty little slider phone was found..haha.

Also, in the rush to get out of the car, my camera did not make it out. The one day I was actually planning to get some pictures..grr..haha.

Jen got this family photo for us :)

That evening we got to meet up with some high school friends for dinner.  Amy was so kind to host it - thank you Amy!!  It was so good to visit for a little bit.  We wish Sarah and Maggie could've been there as well!

Shannon, Jen, Heather, and Amy.

And then Monday we headed back to AZ.  It was a quick and busy trip.  While it was good to be home, it's definitely hard to go back and see how things are changing.  It looks different every time we go back.  I just want it to be how I remember it growing up :/ Nonetheless, I will take any excuse to go back and visit :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2 months

Janie turned 2 months on Saturday, the 28th, and we went to her doctor's appt. last Monday, the 30th.

At 2 months Janie:

  • weighs 11 pounds 1 ounce (41st percentile) and is 22 1/2 inches long (48th percentile).  She had to get 5 immunizations - 1 oral and then 2 shots in each leg :(  I thought she'd be screaming for a good while, but she cried for maybe a minute and then she was fine.
Janie's "battle wounds."

  • The biggest thing in the last month is that Janie is cooing and smiling and we are loving it!

Here's a video of Janie "talking."  I got carried away and didn't even realize I had been recording for 2 and a half minutes!  Sorry!

  • likes to "stand" in our laps.
  • has started sucking on her hand/fist.
  • has the most kissable little cheeks, just like Aiden, that I kiss and munch on all. day. long.
  • went on her first plane ride at the end of June and really did quite well :)  Hopefully I'll get to that post next!
  • went swimming for the first time this last weekend and was absolutely adorable while at it :)
  • is still loving bath time :)
She was watching my every move  :)

You definitely know she has a brother ;)

That's honestly all I can think of.  With Aiden I used to post about every little thing, but with her I seem to be a bit more succinct.

Here are some photos.

Lots of cute sleeping ones :)

Playing with Dad.

This one makes me laugh!

Tummy time.

Aiden climbed in the co-sleeper with Janie.  Here one may mistake Janie for a boy, besides the purple pacifier.  She uses all of Aiden's blue stuff (swaddle wraps, towels, Boppy, etc.)..haha

Sleeping beauty before Church :)

Such a pretty girl :)

Aiden took this picture :)

Both kids in the bathroom while I was getting ready the other day, doing their own thing :) Aiden's in the bathtub.