Sunday, March 8, 2015

10 months

Janie turned 10 months last Saturday, the 28th.

Here's what she's been up to in the last month :)

  • Probably the biggest thing is that she'll stand on her own for about 10 seconds at a time.  I meant to put this in her 9 month post because she actually started this last month.  We're afraid she'll be walking before we know it, but we are not really encouraging her at all, so maybe not..haha.  It's funny because she'll realize she's standing on her own after a bit and then slowly kneel down to the ground.  It's like she's nervous when she realizes.  I remember Aiden used to do that too. 
  • She's been a little more clingy in the last month.  She may be starting the whole stranger danger thing.  She'll come pull herself up on my legs, begging to be picked up..haha.  Pretty stinking adorable :)

  • She's gotten another tooth up top, so now she has 3 on top, 2 on bottom.  I'm surprised more haven't come in on bottom because I've been able to feel them under her gums for a while now.  Unfortunately, she's uses pretty much anything to teethe on - just gnawing away ;)

  • She's still into everything and pulls herself onto everything!!!
Every time we put the movies away, she almost immediately pulls them all back out..haha.

She always rushes to the fridge when we open it ;)

And when we were putting groceries away the other night, she actually stepped up into the fridge :)

Still always climbing onto the dishwasher ;)

  • This girl has discovered the toilet paper and has already unrolled it several times :/  Oh my, it's so annoying to try to get it wrapped again b/c it's not possible to get it the way it ever was!! I need to start closing the bathroom doors!

  • And little missy still LOVES to eat!!  She doesn't really want anything to do with baby food and just wants what Aiden's eating :)
I gave her avocado for the first time this last month and she made such a mess!  If you zoom into this picture you can see that her face is actually green from smooshing avocado all over..haha.  Not even sure how much made it into her mouth.

Here are some more pictures.

Aiden has started wrestling with Janie and she mostly just goes with it.  She puts up with a lot..haha.

Trent asked me to send a picture of Janie one day while we were out shopping (Aiden was playing with Grandma Knuckles).  Little poser :)

She was so funny sitting up in her seat for a little bit :)

We got Aiden a new puzzle and Janie crawled right onto the middle of it..haha.

I didn't get around to putting up a Valentine's post, so here are some pics.  I knew I wanted to find Janie some heart sunnies since I have some of my own ;)

I love hearts!

I posted this one on Instagram :)

Janie at Grandma and Grandpa Christensen's.

My mom got a little bike for Aiden at a garage sale, but he wasn't too interested, so we put Janie on ;)

My pretty girl when we went to the park.

This was a different day and little miss fell asleep on the walk home from the park :)

Trent left a little trail of Kix for Janie on the coffee table..haha.

It cracks me up that babies use their whole hand to get food into their mouth..haha.

Those eyes, you guys!

Grocery shopping buddies.

I turned the camera so she could see herself..haha.

So Janie has this sweatsuit and we think she's pretty stinking adorable in it ;)  I insist on putting her hood on because it makes it that much cuter!

Little cutie at Grandma and Grandpa Knuckles'.  She LOVES to go outside.

One night before I put Janie to bed.  She has such sleepy, puppy dog eyes :)

One day Janie fell asleep sitting up in her crib during her morning nap.  Aiden did this a few times too!  I pulled her legs out from under her after this pic ;)

Got lots of sleeping photos this month!  They're just so peaceful :)

Look at that little belly ;)

Her Valentine's jammies.