Thursday, March 25, 2010

3 Years Ago

3 years ago Trent and I had our first date on St. Patrick's Day seeing Guitars Unplugged. After that night (the best date of my is confirmed in my journal three years ago!) we saw each other everyday that week. About a week later, 3 years ago today, we became exclusive. Our 2 year wedding anniversary is coming up here in May. Anyway, I came home today to tulips and chocolate. Trent remembered! I didn't even remember! I always just remember our first date ( was St. Patrick's Day), but he remembered the day we became "official"! It was a pleasant surprise!

So I always listen to music when I make dinner and tonight as I was making sweet 'n sour chicken "Best Years of Our Lives" came on. In the words of the Baha Men "Ohhh...Makes me wanna dance Ohhh...It's a new romance Ohhh...I look into your eyes Ohhh...Best years of our lives." I can't help but sing and dance when this song comes on :) Anyway, the last 3 years have really been the "best years of our lives" and we are so excited for the many, many more to come!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Notes Left Behind

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep because I could not turn my brain off. I was thinking about a book I recently finished reading called Notes Left Behind. It is the true story of a six-year-old girl named Elena and her struggle with brain cancer. It is actually a journal her parents kept as a remembrance for Elena's younger sister Gracie. In her last months of life, Elena hid many notes around the house professing her love for her family. It is so amazing to me that a girl that young thought to do that.

Anyway, I started to think about how devastating it would be to lose a child and how devastated I will be if anything happens to my unborn children. And that led me to think about how much I already love them (I am taking you through my train of thoughts and no I am not pregnant..haha). Kind of a weird thought, but for any of you who don't have children yet, don't you already feel so much love and joy for them? I was asking Trent about it this morning and he told me he had never thought of that before, but I think he understood :) Anyway, this book taught me again the importance of living each day to its fullest and "finding joy in the journey." Also the importance of expressing love for one another often. And with that - to all of my family and those I hold dear, as well as my future children, I love you!

To find out more about Notes Left Behind you can check out their website

Friday, March 19, 2010

Devil's Food Cake Cookies

So I found this recipe on a cooking blog and have made them twice now. I am so impressed with how easy and delicious they are! All you have to do is mix 1 box of Devil's Food cake mix with 2 eggs and 1/2 cup of oil (I use vegetable oil). I then like to add half a bag of white chocolate chips. Then you just bake them at 350 degrees for 9 minutes. If you want to, you can then sprinkle them with powdered sugar. That's it! EASY!

Both times I have made these people have asked me, "Oh are these those cake cookies?" I guess it's a pretty well-known recipe. Apparently you can use any cake mix, so it may be fun to experiment! Have fun! Oh and let me know if you've tried them with a different cake mix and how they turned out :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So Trent and I are going to Cancun at the beginning of June with my family. Because I am now married I have to get a new passport because of my name change (everything girls have to go through to change our names..blah!) This has been on my to-do list since Christmas. I picked up an application several weeks ago and found out I have to mail in my marriage certificate to prove my name change. Well, Trent and I looked for our marriage certificate for about a week and it is nowhere to be seen. It honestly must be in the house somewhere and the last time I remember having it was when I went to the Social Security Office to change my name there. Anyway, I'm a nervous person and wanted to get my passport application sent in as soon as possible. After stopping by several offices in Provo, I found out I could send in our marriage license instead, which I had no idea how to get a hold of. I was able to track down our marriage license in Montgomery County, Maryland (we were married in the D.C. temple which is actually in Maryland). I had to send in a letter of request and a check for $5.50 (not bad, eh?). I sent it off last Monday, the 8th and our marriage license arrived this last Saturday, the 13th. We were so impressed with how quickly my letter of request made it across the country to Maryland and then our marriage license made it back to us in Utah. It was less than a week! So today I officially sent off everything to get a new passport and I think I will have plenty of time to spare. I'm excited to get my new passport because it will make our trip to Cancun much more my new picture is like 200% better than my one from freshman year of high school :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

So I got my hair cut...

and it's way shorter than I thought it would be. I get my hair cut at the David Douglas salon at the Riverwoods and I always go to the same girl. I really trust her so today I went in and told her I wanted a change and asked her if people ever go in and just tell her to do what she thinks. She told me people do that all the time. I mentioned an A-line and she told me she wanted to try an A-line bob on me and showed me how short. Well it was pretty short and I was too nervous so I asked her if we could do the same style, but shoulder-length. She said, "How about collar bone length?" and I agreed. Well she definitely didn't do it collar bone length. It's shorter than that and I'm a little in shock about it. I can't even really put it in a's like this little nub..haha. I don't really know what to think. I'm afraid it's kind of a mommy haircut (no offense mommies..I'm just not a mommy yet). Anyway, I'm trying to have a good attitude and I'm hoping it will prove to be a fun change :) Here's a picture. Tell me what you think..and don't lie to me!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If I could have only one beauty item it would be...

MY EYELASH CURLER!!! And it broke this morning while I was using it :( So I am at work right now about to purchase a new one. A few years ago I read that celebrities swear by the shu uemura (I have no idea how to pronounce it) eyelash curler so I got one for myself (despite the cost of $19) and I'm hooked.

I want my eyes to look pretty! After all, eyes are my favorite feature on people. Anyway, sorry for the random post. I'm just hoping that my curler will come SOON! Until then, I'm back to my old Revlon one.