Monday, March 26, 2012

4 months

Aiden turned 4-months on St. Patty's Day and we went to his check-up on Friday. He is weighing in at about 15 lbs. 10 oz. (60th percentile) and is 25 3/4 in. long (75th percentile).  We have a tall boy on our hands!

In fact, he's getting too long for his little bath..haha.

He also had to get 5 vaccines (1 was oral) at his check-up. This time around he cried the entire time - it's like he knew what was coming :( You can kind of see the 4 band-aids on his yummy :) thighs.

Here are some things that Aiden's been up to in the last month:
  • I guess his biggest development is probably that he's now rolling from his stomach to his back.  We don't get a whole lot of tummy time going on anymore because he usually promptly rolls to his back :)  What little bit of tummy time we do get, we usually do in front of the mirror.  He just loves the mirror!

  • Another big event in the last month - Aiden is now sleeping in his own room!  We finally bought a monitor (Angelcare Movement and Sound monitor) and moved him from the co-sleeper in our room to his crib.  Yay!  I really think he loves his crib and how much more space he has :)
One of his last nights in the co-sleeper.  It was getting tight for sure.

A lot more space in his crib :)

  • I think most of you know that we got Aiden a Bumbo.  It is the best!  I was worried that his head was getting flat so I love that I can have him sit up while I'm doing things around the house instead of have him always laying on his back.
Aiden's first time trying the Bumbo.

He watches us while we cook.  Dad draped his blanket over him :)

  • I'm afraid Aiden is going through the whole 'stranger danger'/separation anxiety phase that babies go through.  Lately he cries when we leave him with our families.  It's not usually immediate, but happens randomly when he suddenly realizes that Mommy and Daddy aren't around.
  • A few weeks back we discovered that Aiden's starting to mirror some of our facial expressions.
Notice that both he and Dad have their tongue covering their upper lip :)

  • Aiden is now really grasping onto everything and playing with his toys.  He has also discovered his feet and is always grabbing them :)
I've found him several times playing with the mirror in his crib when he's supposed to be napping..ha.

  • Along the same lines, anything and everything that he can grab goes straight into his mouth.
  • Aiden loves, loves, loves to be outside.  We are really trying to take advantage before it gets ridiculously hot here.
Sporting his sunnies. We sat outside for a while today.

  • Aiden loves to hear his voice.  He talks (or should I say babbles) like crazy!  It cracks us up!

Until next time!

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Day Shakes

I found a recipe for St. Patty's Day shakes (here) which I've decided to make a tradition.  I love traditions!

They are so simple.  Just some mint chocolate chip ice cream (Blue Bell is the best!), milk, whipped cream, and green sprinkles.  So easy yet so yummy!  We made them at my parents' house to share with everyone :)

Love my sweet little family :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Aiden at the Pool

We (Grandma, Aunt Amber, and I) took Aiden to the pool for the first time on Thursday.  Dad was just finishing up taxes.  I invited him to come after, but he's not a big pool guy.

This picture of Aiden cracks me up - all decked out in his swimwear.  Don't want to sunburn his delicate skin.

Just getting ready to dip his feet in - not sure how he'd react.

And his feet are in.  And he didn't really react at all..haha. He just kept looking down at the water.  He seemed to really like it :)

He got sunglasses from Grandma Tanis!  So cute!

I have to help him keep them on :)

The sun makes it look like Aiden hardly has any hair.

And a pose for the camera..haha.  Love it!

We took his hat off for the first few minutes while taking pictures to see if we'd get any reactions from Aiden, but we soon put it back on.

With Aunt Amber.  Can't even see his little face under his floppy hat!

Aunt Jen joined us later after her workout.  She surprised all of us when she drove down from Salt Lake on Monday!  She's spent the whole week with us (since Trent and Amber have been on Spring Break) and is going to head back up tomorrow.

P.S. Aiden is 4 months today!  Post to come!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aiden Went to His First Birthday Party

This last Saturday we went with Aiden to his first birthday party.  It was for Naomi (Cody and Kristell's daughter - I wrote about them here) who turned a year old!  The party was at Cody's parents' home and it was so fun to be able to catch up with all of the Wray's :)  We had a great time.  I only got two pictures, but that's better than usual when we're with Cody and Kristell.

It's crazy that we all have kids!  Aiden was the youngest. Notice how none of the babies are looking at the camera..ha.

From l to r: Kristell and Naomi, Kristel (Kristell's sister-in-law, crazy that they have the same name, huh?!) and Cosette, me and Aiden, Kelly and Brielle, and Kaitie (another sister-in-law of Kristell) and Ryker.  We were wondering if Kaitie was even going to be at the party because she was having contractions.  She has since had her beautiful baby girl!

We got a picture with Naomi, Kristell, and Cody before we headed out.  Aiden had totally zonked!

Not a great picture because of the shadows on our faces.

Later in the afternoon we got down on the floor with Aiden for some tummy time.

He promptly rolled onto his back :)  Such a happy boy!

Then we went on a walk that ended up being more eventful then we thought it would be.

We were walking along and saw this mommy goose sitting on her nest.

Further ahead we saw this goose just standing around.

Well he wasn't  just standing around.  It turns out he was actually guarding the mommy goose and as we approached him he came running at us hissing.  I seriously thought he was going to bite me so I stopped pushing Aiden and ran..haha.  I was laughing so hard!  The goose was seriously standing right by Aiden and his stroller and Trent and I didn't know what to do..haha.  After a minute or two Trent got up the courage to grab the stroller and we got away from that goose as quickly as we could..haha.  It was hilarious! And Aiden slept through the whole thing :)  We should have known because Brinly and Kyle (friends in our complex and in the ward) warned us about this goose last year. Their living room window looks out on this "lake" and they watch and laugh at anyone who walks by and gets attacked by this goose..haha.

All in all it was a good Saturday!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BYU Rugby Date

We went on kind of a fun date this last Saturday.  The BYU Rugby team was down here to play against ASU, so we went out to support :)  My cousin Andrew played on the team until he graduated last year, so we went to several games while we lived in Provo.  We get BYU Alumni emails every so often, and when we saw the rugby team would be playing so close to us, we knew what our weekend date was going to be :)  We dropped off Aiden at Trent's parent's (they were begging us to go on a date ;) ) before heading to the game. Some of the players that were on the team while we were in Provo are still there!

Just some pictures from the game.

At the very end.  BYU won 54 - 13.

It was fun to be there with all of the other BYU fans.  There was a good turnout!  After the game we headed to Zupa's. There is a new Zupa's here in Phoenix!  Love the Nuts About Berries salad!  Trent mentioned how we happened to have a date like we would in Provo.  BYU Rugby game and then Zupa's..haha.

We picked up Aiden and had to get a picture in our rugby attire.  Even though Aiden didn't come with us, we dressed him in his All Blacks rugby onesie from my elementary school best friend, Emma, who is from New Zealand :)

Man, my boys are handsome! I on the hand was kind of having a bad hair day.  Hate those!

Here are pictures from a different day of Aiden in his onesie. So cute!