Friday, December 1, 2017

10 months

Beckett turned 10 months on November 16th, which is actually the same day that Jenn had her baby girl, Elle, which is pretty fun! The other day I was telling her that she should really apply for Elle's birth certificate now b/c Beckett is 10 months and I still haven't done it :/ Whoops!

His next doctor's appointment will be at a year.

I don't have a whole lot to report on from 9-10 months. As I said in my last post, it's really just more of the same. Here are a few things I can think of:
  • His teeth are coming in so fast! Now he has 4 teeth up top (the two came in beside his front teeth) and another on the bottom. So he has at least 7! Teething has been hard on him, but I keep telling people that maybe it's b/c he's always been so good-natured that it makes him seem extra fussy
  • He has started waving and it's so cute. Sometimes he seems so bashful about it..haha.
  • He is starting to push things around and walk with them if that makes sense. That's pretty adorable too b/c he's pretty out of control so he'll just go until he crashes into something..haha.
  • He's still little and is in 6-9 month clothes.
Some pictures:

Cutest brothers!!

His puffs got left on the ground so he helped himself to some :)

Jill and Amber got to come down for their Fall Breaks in October so we celebrated their birthdays a little early :) Somehow I don't have a picture with Amber :/

This one cracks me up ;)

Beckett has discovered the little pebbles in our artificial tree and has gotten some of them loose :/ We have to keep an eye on him!

He now climbs up into the fridge instead of just standing down on the ground..ha.

I had to get some shots of Beckett in his puppy dog costume. This was the first of three times that he got to wear it. We had the Spooktacular Festival at Aiden's school, but I didn't actually get any pictures while we were there. Beckett got a lot of attention :)

I got these next few the next day before we headed to our ward party and Trunk or Treat. And again I didn't get any other photos..ha. Who has time for that?! ;)

The next day, Sunday, I subbed in Nursery and Beckett had the time of his life :) We are officially in the hall through most of Church, since Beckett just wants to be on the move, so I don't even mind subbing there..haha.

I wanted to put Beckett in Aiden's old skeleton jammies, but they were like two sizes too big...

...and by morning he had wiggled his arm out somehow..haha.

I'm pretty sure he was trying to eat it..haha.

Halloween and Beckett wanted nothing to do with pictures. He always wants to go straight for the rocks in the backyard.

So we moved to the front yard..ha.

Trent took all 3 kids around and brought Beckett back when it was time to eat. He just wanted to play by the dishwasher though.

I was getting ready for our trip to Utah and found Aiden's old hand-me-down Patagonia jacket and it fits Beckett perfectly :)

I'm only posting these next pictures because I think they're so funny! We (I) spent weeks fretting over our family picture outfits and I thought maybe this chambray (I guess it's really denim) one piece may work for Beckett. That is, until I tried it on him!! I was totally cracking up and told my family he looks like an auto mechanic in one of their jumpsuits..haha. Needless to say, we ended up returning it!

The progression of these next 3 pictures cracks me up as well. He had been fussing.

All 3 playing out back without any pants on..haha. Aiden and Janie were playing some game together where they were "moving boulders". And this was before Trent planted our winter grass.

Climbed right into that cabinet and was having the best time :)

That Cheerio on his nose :)

These next 3 pictures are from the day after we got back from our trip to Utah.

Beckett loves to sit with me while I do my makeup. He was being so funny this morning :)

Love him. That mirror is perpetually dirty and you'll notice my unpacked suitcase in the background..ha.

That afternoon Beckett fell asleep on the floor, which he never does. Our trip wore him out!

And speaking of falling asleep, here are some more sleeping pictures..haha.

That crossed leg ;)

He always sleeps through his final bottle in the evening.

Haha, his paci over his face ;)