Monday, May 30, 2016

Janie's 2-year Stats

It's been a month now since we went to Janie's 2 year check-up. She weighed in at 25 pounds (50th percentile) and is 34.75 inches long (75th percentile). Those percentiles have consistently stayed the same. She had to get one shot (second does of Hepatitis A) in her leg. I was really shocked because I laid her on the table and thought she'd immediately start crying, but she was totally in good spirits. I said to her, "Just one shot okay?" and she said, "Otay!". Somehow she didn't realize what was happening. Not even 2 seconds later she was crying. Poor baby! So cute, even when she's sad and feels like I completely betrayed her :/

  • Since Janie turned 2 a month ago she has definitely started to talk more. We have been a little surprised that she wasn't talking more b/c Aiden was definitely talking more by this point. And we really thought she'd be talking lots since she has him around and hears him, but I think she has honestly realized that she can communicate with us perfectly fine without actually talking. Definitely shows that every kid is different. But as I said, in the last few weeks she has surprised us by how much she's starting to talk. My favorite is, "Daddy...where are you?" She says it so cute, it kills me! I really need to get it on video because her voice is so cute when she says it :)
I'm going to use a gazillion pictures now to report on what else she's been up to. Bear with me, it's been 6 months since I last did this so this is 6 months of pictures!! I need to start adding pictures more often so that it's not so ridiculous when I actually do, but I'm not keeping any promises. I just don't blog like I used to. I honestly just keep doing it because I set the bar with Aiden and I owe my other children the same!

So here we go!

Our superhero, cape-loving girl!

Just loading the dishwasher with Ritz ;)

One morning before I got out of bed, Aiden went in to Janie and let her have his RescueBots to play with until I came in to get her :)

Yeah, so this picture is from Aiden's Thanksgiving preschool program. It's been 6 months folks! This post will have pictures from several holidays..ha.

We went out to Zupa's one night and Janie needed a closer look at the salad toppings ;)

My mom took the kids to Costco a while back (okay, it was in October..ha) and sent this picture to me. How could she not get a photo with this giant teddy bear??

We went to get Aiden's hair cut and Janie sat in a car right next to him :)

We went to the Sand Sculpting Championship in Scottsdale in December. It was so neat!

I was getting ready one morning and Janie came in looking like she was all ready to go :)

Her messy hair cracks me up!

Janie found some of Aiden's old sunglasses and has been loving them. She always puts sunglasses on upside down :)

And she can often be found wearing my shoes around :)

I pulled out Aiden's hand-me-down rain boots and Janie got a kick out of them for a while.

She did this on her own!

Janie got a hole in her pajamas. I had to get a picture b/c we wore footie pajamas until we were like 6 (ha) and I remember how uncomfortable it was when you got a hole where the big toe goes..ha. She didn't seem to mind too much!

Pictures from Christmas since I never did a post.

The kids LOVED the advent calendar. It didn't take long for Janie to catch on ;)

Ran into Santa in downtown Mesa :)

Christmas Sunday.

Got Janie a baby doll and stroller for Christmas. We really needed to add to her "girl" toys, although she's always been perfectly happy to play with Aiden's toys :)

Love watching her be a little mommy :)

Blurry and on the move.

Love this shot of her over at my parent's :)

My sisters were all down for Christmas break and we went bowling one night. Janie was Aiden's little support system ;)

On New Year's Eve we went shopping in Scottsdale. I got this shot in the Nordstrom dressing room and not even a few minutes later she threw up all over the floor :/ It was a yucky mess and I was just so grateful I had my mom and sisters there to jump in and help out. I would've been a complete mess (no pun intended) if I had been alone. At the time I just thought it was a freak upset tummy. Nope, she was sick the next few days and then the rest of us caught it :/

Little sickie.

So funny that she thought to lay right there.

A few weeks later we tried out the Snow to Go that Aunt Amy gave us.

You have to zoom in on these to actually see it. Janie tried out throwing it in the air :)

Park days.

My view from the other side of the seesaw ;)

Windy day!

After we've been to the park, I'll just push the stroller right into the house. I had left it out and later that evening I found Janie just lounging there, sucking on her baby's bottle ;)

Just pushing Aiden around ;)

You'd think I'd learn. This has happened a number of times..ha.

That one time Janie decided to wear the Iron Man mask all through grocery shopping ;)

And still at dinner.

Up on the table destroying our flowers..ha.

Out at WaffleLuv. Sassy girl and her faces ;)

Got Janie started in swim lessons in February. The first month or so was rough and then she really warmed up, thank goodness. We switched days and teachers 3 weeks ago and it's like we're back to square one almost. Heaven help me! 

We had my dad over for dinner on his birthday back in February since my mom and Amber were out of town. He humored us and let us get a picture with the selfie stick even though he kind of hates pictures..ha. And Janie went through a phase where she always had her finger by her nose during pictures. It's like she knew she was being silly. You know that one friend who can't take a normal picture? Ha.

We got some pictures with Amber before she left on her mission. Again with Janie and her finger by her nose :/

Matching one Sunday - navy dresses and white cardis.

When we went to check out a nursery for ideas for our backyard.

The kids often talk me into letting them into the arcade area at Walmart before we leave. Luckily they are perfectly content just sitting there and pretending ;)

Lunch on the trampoline.

We went to the farmer's market and tried out some Bites donuts. Janie was ready to dive in!

Pictures from Valentine's Day. I got these after Church so I had to appease Janie with a lollipop. This sequence cracks me up!



I hope to get a pic of us in our heart sunnies every year.

Her little finger pointing!

On President's Day we went to check out Riverview Park in Tempe.

I love her going down the slide :)

Aiden's best little buddy, Lucas, came over to play and they got dressed up in old Halloween costumes, so I got a picture of them. Aiden didn't realize that Janie had slipped into the picture too and he wasn't happy about it when he saw..haha. Little sisters!

We went to Target and Janie absolutely insisted on climbing into this doll ice cream truck. Such a crackup!

Trent usually has early meetings before Church since he's the ward clerk, so I have to get the kids ready on my own. On this Sunday I was getting ready and came out to find Aiden had plastered Janie with a whole sheet of stickers..haha.

 Aviation Day back in March at the Mesa airport.

Just walking around in an empty diaper box..ha.

St. Patty's Day after Janie's swim lesson.

Amy and Quinn came to town in March (my grandma, aunt, and cousins, Tori and Bryn, came as well) and I didn't post any photos :/ One day we went to the library and then walked around the preserve.

Donuts that night.

Walking the dogs.

We went shopping at Scottsdale mall and they have a great kid's area. This isn't a great shot, but I took this picture and actually thought to myself that Janie looks like a younger me here! People often tell me that she looks like me, but I don't really see it, but when I took this I totally saw it..haha.

Fudgsicles at Grandma's. 

The kids have been kind of obsessed with their cars lately. It's funny, they can go months at a time without touching them, but lately they ride around on them everywhere!

Purchasing our plants for the backyard :)

Easter Sunday.

We didn't get to Easter baskets until Monday and Janie was so stinking excited when she saw this in hers! She had seen this Frozen sing-along mic at Target and carried it around everywhere, and was not happy when we made her put it back. It was a no-brainer to put it in her basket ;)

To grab a few groceries with the kids and Lucas. Janie's pouty face cracks me up!

Lately the kids don't care about hanging out in the library and are more anxious to get outside and play at the Riparian Preserve.

They love spotting the turtles. Aiden's binoculars..haha.

This was actually Earth Day.

Right before Aiden's very first soccer game we found Janie in his room, covered in blue marker. This girl, she keeps us on our toes!!

Out to eat with Grandma that evening.

This picture makes me laugh! We went to get Janie's first haircut, just to even it all out, and they styled it at the end. I thought she looked so funny, especially since she wouldn't crack a smile..haha.

The kids have had many sleepovers with Grandma Christensen lately. I love the pictures she sends my way :)

These two, they have a love/hate relationship!

It rained quite a bit at the beginning of April and one afternoon I was just reading my book out back and didn't realize how muddy it was in our unfinished side yard. The kids had an absolute blast! If I had known I probably wouldn't have let them play in it (I just hate them getting so messy) so I'm glad they discovered it before I did ;)

More mud! Let them be little I guess!

Aiden had soccer pictures super early one Saturday before his game so they were 'eating breakfast' here before his game started.

These pictures are totally blurry, but Janie loved putting on Aiden's soccer cleats. We may have to sign her up in a few years - we actually think she may be good! She's an aggressive little thing!

Her little tongue.

Aiden got underneath the cart, so then Janie had to try it out. She does everything he does!

A different day we went to Target while Aiden was at preschool and Janie wanted to see the doggie. This picture is not posed - Janie actually lost her balance right as I snapped the picture..haha.

Out to eat and coloring with Daddy.

Exciting news! Janie's hair is long enough for pigtails now and I can't get enough!! It think she's the cutest ever! And I'm glad that we can pull her hair off of her neck for the summer because it's starting to get HOT :/

And to end, as's a little ridiculous how many pictures I get of Jane Jane sleeping. You know how even if you've had the hardest day with the kids, you forget it all when they're sleeping so peacefully later on ;)

And yes, we still let Janie have her paci when she sleeps. I know it'll be a battle when we take it away (it wasn't so much with Aiden and we had taken it away by now) and I'm just really not ready for it yet :/

I thought it was so funny that her doggie fit perfectly over her face like that ;)

Her feet hanging out.

She fell asleep with the sunglasses on..haha.

So perfectly straight..ha.

So funny to see her hands out like that.

My mom got Janie that bracelet for her birthday and she wore it all night :)

Her piggies kill me!