Monday, May 30, 2011

Like Good, Old Times!

Friday I got to spend the whole afternoon with Sarah, one of my best friends from high school. I was so psyched when she told me she'd be visiting her sister in Tempe, which is only about half an hour from us! I hadn't seen Sarah since my wedding 3 years ago, and even then I hardly got to visit with her since I was a little preoccupied..haha.

We had an afternoon just like good, old times! I headed out to Sarah's sister's place to pick her up.

The beautiful Sarah and I.

After a few minutes Sarah totally shocked me with my very first baby gifts! I could not believe it! She got me 2 gender neutral outfits and 3 baby toys. What a sweetheart!! Sarah really is one of the most giving people I know, so I really shouldn't have been all that surprised! It made me so happy and way excited to start gathering everything for our little baby :)

Then we were off to the Scottsdale mall. Thank goodness Sarah had a GPS! We first had lunch at Marcella's Italian Kitchen and shared a Margherita pizza. It was quite tasty! Then we were ready to shop and it was just so fun! I mean how could we not have fun?! We were shopping! We shopped for a few hours and got lost several times (oh man, that mall is just too big and confusing!). We had some good laughs..haha.

And then I had to take Sarah back :(

We got one more picture when I dropped her off. I think it's funny how much our sunnies reflect everything!

Sarah, thanks for such a fun girl's day out! You need to move your little toosh out here with your sister so we can have them a lot more often :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My First Ultrasound

Well technically it wasn't my first because I had an ultrasound back in 1st grade when I had to have my appendix taken out (which was healthy by the way..ha), but you know what I mean!

It was so great to be able see our baby yesterday. Like probably any newly pregnant woman, over the last few weeks I kept kind of freaking myself out that I was going to miscarry. I just didn't, and still don't know the types of things I should be feeling with my body right now, so any time I had any kind of slight cramping or anything I'd freak out.

But things seem to be progressing just fine! Here are a few of our sonograms.

In these first two, baby seems to be sucking its thumb. Who really knows if it really was, but we like to think so! It's so dang cute! I have our printed sonograms on the fridge and can't seem to stop looking at them :)

I guess baby was moving around quite a bit in the beginning, but after a bit it was really still. The ultrasound tech thinks it fell asleep :) Baby's just lounging in there! What a life!

Oh! Kind of funny, but I had know idea that I was supposed to show up for my ultrasound with a full bladder. No one told me that! So I guess my bladder was pretty much empty because I had gone to the bathroom before we showed up. I guess a full bladder makes it easier to see the baby and take measurements. Because I didn't have a full bladder the tech was really jabbing me at first and it was quite uncomfortable, to say the least. Luckily once she found baby in there she let up a little bit. Now I know! Full bladder ladies!

I am about 14 weeks along and we found out baby weighs about 2 ounces. I had gained 3 pounds since my last appointment which was pretty crazy! I'm not used to gaining weight..haha. We set the date for the gender ultrasound. Last week of June! Woohoo!

Now I thought I'd quickly update you on how I've been doing since I posted that we were pregnant a few weeks ago.

Trent has been a little annoyed because all I ever crave is what we don't have..haha. I'll see a commercial on t.v. and I just have to have it! For instance, the other night we picked up the new frozen strawberry lemonade from McDonald's, which was so good by the way! I've also gone to the mall a few times just to pick up an original Wetzel's Pretzel with salt. SO GOOD! I've been really into salty things. Another day I just had to have a blueberry bagel with plain cream cheese from Einstein Bagels. It was to die for! I was talking about it with Trent for a few days after that..haha. We were able to pick up Lender's blueberry bagels from the grocery store and they come pretty close, so I guess I don't have to go out every time I want a bagel..ha.

Last week I had a mini meltdown when I was home alone..haha. It wasn't a huge deal or anything. I'm sure it was just pregnancy emotions. I was just feeling pretty frustrated because I am at a totally awkward stage where all of my clothes are starting to feel really uncomfortable (I avoid my jeans at all costs), but maternity clothes are HUGE! It is driving me crazy! Any tips??

Also, and I'm sorry if you totally don't want to hear this, but my boobs are getting even bigger. My boobs have always been too big for my body. I don't know where they came from! I've been hearing horror stories about women who were C's (which I am) and once they got pregnant and started nursing they went up to an H!!! Are you kidding me?? I will be so angry if that happens to me! I have told Trent, even before I got pregnant, that I may consider getting a breast reduction one day. I get headaches pretty frequently and my neck and shoulders just ache. I think it really could be my boobs! So anyway, I really need to go out and buy a bigger bra because my boobs are definitely getting bigger, to my dismay :/

So that's what my little meltdown consisted of..haha. When Trent got home I was a little grumpy and kept telling him, "Pregnancy is no fun."

The next day when I was quite a bit happier, I was feeling pretty guilty and a bit selfish about my feelings from the day before. I would have been so devastated if I had not been able to get pregnant. It was one of my biggest fears and I am so incredibly grateful that I am pregnant and healthy. I know thousands of women would trade places with me in a heartbeat. Although pregnancy is definitely not always fun, I am going to try to always be optimistic through the rest of this amazing and life-changing experience.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Must've Done Something Right

I was going to post this music video yesterday with my anniversary post, but I thought the post would end up being too long.

I love the song "Must Have Done Something Right" by Relient K! It's funny b/c back during the summer of 2007 while Trent and I were dating, my roommate showed us the music video and we watched it over and over. It's kind of an entertaining video! So this song brings back fun memories in our relationship :)

The other day though it popped up on my iTunes (remember, I pretty much only listen to my music on shuffle..haha) and I realized how perfectly this song describes the way I feel about Trent, as cheesy as that sounds! You have been warned that this is kind of a sappy post :)

I hope you enjoy the video, but try to listen to the lyrics!

Now I don't know if you guys actually listened to the lyrics while watching this cute video so here they are (ha):

[Verse 1]
We should get jerseys cause we make a good team
But yours would look better than mine, cause your outta my league
And I know that it's so cliche to tell you that everyday
I spend with you is the new best day of my life
Everyone watching us just turns away with disgust
It's jealousy, they can see that we've got it going on

And I'm racking my brain for a new improved way
To let you know you're more to me than what I know how to say
You're OK with the way this is going to be
This is going to be the best thing we've ever seen

If anyone could make me a better person you could
All I gotta say is I must've done something good
I came along one day and you rearranged my life
All I gotta say is I must've done something right
I must've done something right

[Verse 2]
Maybe I'm just lucky cause it's hard to believe
Believe that somebody like you'd end up with someone like me
And I know that it's so cliche to talk about you this way
But I'll push all my inhibitions aside
It's so very obvious to everyone watching us
That we've got something real good going on


[Chorus *3]

So like I said earlier, this whole song describes the way I feel about Trent. I really truly think we make a great team. I could not have chosen a better teammate. I think we both bring dynamics to our relationship that the other may be lacking a little bit. Trent deals with all of my faults and weaknesses and sometimes it's so hard for me to believe that he chose me and continues to stick with me. He is always there to listen and always tries to help me to see the best in everything, even when I'm being a little bit negative. He makes me a better person everyday, for which I am truly grateful.

In the end, all I have to say is I really "must've done something right" :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Celebrating 3 Years!

Today we have been married 3 years! 3 wonderful years! So much has happened since we first got married and I thought I'd share some of it with you!

<> A few months after we got married my parents moved from Virginia (where I was born and raised) to Arizona. The day after our wedding I was a crying mess because it was my last time in VA, at least while my family still lived there. It was so hard for me as Trent and I drove away from the house, the house that had so, so many memories associated with it. It still makes me so sad to think about that day.

<> On a happier note, we honeymooned in Jamaica and have since traveled quite a bit with my family

<> Trent and I both graduated from BYU and moved down to AZ

<> We bought a new car - new to us at least :)

<> If you can believe it, this is the fourth home we have lived in! I feel like we should be packing up and moving right now!

<> And now we're pregnant with our first little baby!!

I'll try not to get too sappy here, but I am so grateful that, of anyone, Trent has been along with me for the whole ride. He is one of the most patient and kind people you will ever meet. I am so lucky to have him! We are so very excited for this next year of our lives together :)

Love you so much sweet boy!

P.S. Click here to watch the picture slide show that my cousin Andrew put together for us. We had it playing at our wedding reception. I enjoyed watching it again a little earlier today :) It's not the best quality, but it's still fun to see I think! It's just on Facebook because I haven't been able to figure out how to save it to my computer.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Life is Peachy"

Yesterday we got to attend the Schnepf Farms Peach Festival. My mom came along with us and my dad met up with us later since he had been at his dental office. It was free admission and there was tons to do! The farm was really neat and had all kinds of crops. We got two pictures at the very beginning and then my camera died. LAME!

And this is the only one of the two that we liked..haha. I love sunflowers!

We first went to the Peach Sampling Tent where you could sample all kinds of peach foods and then purchase them if you liked them. There were items ranging from peach rings to peach salsa to peach cobbler.

Unfortunately, within 15 minutes I was feeling pretty faint and had to sit down. So Trent and my mom did the sampling. All I really wanted to try was the peach cobbler so I hopped in line once they got there. My mom had also grabbed a peach gum ball for me..haha. She ended up purchasing some peach salsa and also some peach topping that you can put on pancakes, ice cream, whatever!

We didn't make it to the festival until about 12:30 and it was already about 95 degrees when we got there. I have not been dealing with the heat very well and right now I'm only 12 weeks pregnant. I'm feeling worried about being a lot more pregnant for the rest of the summer :/ This must all sound like deja vu from my post last week at the Desert Botanical Garden..ha.

Anyway, after the peach sampling tent we headed over to the peach pancake breakfast. And yes, it was already 1:30 in the afternoon, but I can eat breakfast at any time of the day :) We got a huge pancake (the size of a plate) with fresh peaches on top, sausage, and icy orange juice for $5 and shared it. It was pretty good! Once I got some food in me I started to feel quite a bit better, so that was nice.

We walked around a bit afterwards. There was a country store there selling peach pies and lots of other non-peach foods, as well as a bunch of local vendors selling their crafts, which I always love to look at! Some antique furniture was being sold, and if we had some extra cash floating around I would have totally purchased some of it! I love the antique look and feel :) There was also a live band playing so it was definitely a fun atmosphere!

Trent and I decided to head home after this, but my parents stayed and picked some peaches for about $2/lb. If we had had some cold water and I hadn't been feeling so tired (I've been SO tired lately!) I would have loved to participate!

Nonetheless, it really was a fun experience! The Peach Festival continues this next weekend and we are almost considering going back :) Definitely check it out if you live in the area! It's supposed to be a few degrees cooler and we would head there earlier in the day if we do decide to go back.

Monday, May 9, 2011

15 Things You May Not Know About Me :)

Man I'm on a roll! This is my fourth day posting in a row!

I am writing tonight because my cute new cousin-in-law, Shelby, tagged me in a recent post she did. I was to come up with a list of 15 things you may or may not already know about me. A few years back I did the "25 Things About Me" that was circulating on Facebook. You can read that note here. I tried to come up with 15 different things about me for this list, so if you read both of them you'll know all about me in nutshell :)

Here it goes!

1. So I think you all know this, but I am pregnant!! I am now 11 weeks along and I am due November 25, the day after Thanksgiving! I get weekly emails from BabyCenter and I guess baby is now about the size of a fig!? Every week they tell the approximate size of baby compared to a piece of fruit :)

2. Jen, my twin, and I were born about 3 weeks premature. She was 4 pounds and I was 5 pounds. Can you tell I have babies on my mind?!

3. My favorite type of food is Italian. I love the tomato/basil combination. Trent really hates tomatoes so I don't often get to make these recipes at home. I take every opportunity I get to order something with tomato and basil when we go out to eat :)

4. I am one that holds my feelings inside. It drives my family and Trent a little crazy at times. I hate to argue and I am a non-confrontational kind of girl. Often I don't speak up when I really should. For this reason I sometimes feel like I get walked all over. It's something I am really trying to work on - sticking up for myself.

5. As a little girl I always said I wanted to go on a mission because my mom served a mission in Spain and I really looked up to her for that. She was the only one of her sisters to serve. The older I got, the more I realized how scary that would have been for me (plus I got married before I reached 21..haha). I am very shy and don't think I would have had the guts to approach total strangers and talk to them about the Church. I am so very impressed and excited for Amy to serve her mission starting in July. She is not shy and I really think she'll be great, a lot better than I would have been :)

6. I have never had my own room. I shared a room with Jen from the minute I was born up until I got married! This was good at times and bad at times..haha. There were countless nights when I screamed at her to "TURN OFF THE LIGHT!" But there were many wonderful times when we'd talk for hours and hours about boys and everything else in our lives :) I mean we hit every new milestone in our lives together! And then I got married, and I know Jen misses sharing a room :( Now I obviously share a room with Trent, and I'm not complaining about that!

7. There are only really 2 places I dream about visiting in the world. Those places are Ireland and New Zealand. I wrote about my desire to visit Ireland here. I dream of visiting New Zealand because my best friend lives there. I have had 3 best friends in my life. Jen, Emma Comber, now Harris (she got married!), and Trent (of course!). Obviously I have many, many other friends, but I consider these 3 my best. What's funny is I met Emma in 5th grade and she and her family ended up moving back to New Zealand after 6th grade (we were so young!). So I really didn't know her that long, but we have kept in contact ever since! We just really clicked and I miss her very much. We have definite plans to see each other again, maybe when I visit New Zealand ;)

8. I am kind of a night owl and Trent is not. However, I aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night (I am already feeling worried about this change once baby comes..haha) so if I have to get up at 6 in the morning I will try to go to bed by 10. So I guess I choose to be a night owl when I don't have to be up by a specific time the next morning..haha.

9. I have been really into nail polish lately. I think it's because we now live in Arizona and you can pretty much wear flip flops year round. And I want my toesies to look good! Right now I am sporting OPI's Panda-monium Pink and loving it :)

10. I do not see us staying in Arizona. The other day we were watching a movie and it was raining in one of the scenes. Trent and I turned to each other and couldn't remember the last time it rained here. I miss it! I want to live in a place with all 4 seasons. But then whenever I think about moving, it makes me very sad to think about moving away from both of our families, so who really knows what'll happen. Maybe we'll have to see where my sisters end up and move near one of them :)

11. I grew up with dogs my entire life. Right now my parents have 3! My dad is a dog genius and can pretty much tell you about any breed you throw at him. Trent and I plan on getting a family dog someday! I think Weimaraners are just gorgeous, especially the ones with blue eyes, but my dad has informed me that they are very active. I don't know if that would be the right pick for me. I am terrible about exercising..haha.

12. Every book I read, I read from cover to cover. And I mean every. single. word.! I'll even skim over the copyright page. Same thing with magazines. My mom would always pick up an UsWeekly, InTouch, or People magazine when we would travel and I think my sisters would avoid handing it over to me because I'd take so long to get through it..haha.

13. Every time I finish a bottle of shampoo/conditioner, I always get a totally different kind/brand as my next purchase. I like to see if it will have a different affect on my hair. I'm the same way about face wash.

14. I am really not a competitive person. I could care less if I win or lose a game. Except when it's just me against Trent. Sometimes I get really mad at him when he beats me, specifically at Nerts..haha. It makes me laugh when I think back on it!

15. I love freckles. I like the freckles on my right arm a lot better than the freckles on my left arm. And I am always searching for new freckles on my body. Both of my hands have pretty recent freckles on them :)

And that's all! Hope you enjoy this random list of facts about me. Sorry to be so lengthy and detailed..ha.

I won't tag anyone, but if this is appealing to you, consider yourself tagged! It's actually really fun to come up with a list like this once you get going :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom

So today was obviously Mother's Day, but it was also my mom's birthday!! Every few years this happens, which is kind of a bummer because they're both special days and I think it's fun to be able to celebrate them on 2 separate days.

Nonetheless we tried to make it a very special day for Mom. I guess Dad and Amber made her breakfast this morning, and then we all had church. Afterwards Trent and I came home and started some cooking and baking :)

We had the fam over for dinner a little later. We made enchiladas since Mexican is Mom's absolute favorite :) Trent actually made them all on his own while I worked on dessert. They were so good!!

We surprised Mom with a big gift this year from all of the girls (her daughters)!

A beautiful KitchenAid mixer!

I got a video of us presenting it to her for my sisters to see! It's at the bottom of this post b/c, again, I didn't know how to move it up here (let me know if you know how to do that).

We cleaned up a bit and then had dessert and sang to Mom. She had some Tres Leches at home so she brought that along to kind of go along with our Mexican-themed dinner..haha. And then I made these mini chocolate cheesecakes that she really likes :) I'll have to put the recipe up sometime.

Haha..she was doing peace signs! Somehow I didn't realize when I took this picture!

Then we took a nice evening walk around the lakes surrounding our apartment complex.

Amber, Mom, and I. Wishing Jen, Jill, and Amy could be here.

A little breezy!

Here is the video of us surprising Mom with her new KitchenAid :)

It was so fun to actually be with Mom for her birthday and Mother's Day this year. The other day I realized it had been 3 years since I've been around for either of them!

I really don't know what I'd do without my mom. It is so fun to live just down the road from her and be involved in the things she, Dad, and Amber are involved in. My mom is the one person I will call when I just need someone to listen, usually when I need a good cry..haha. I aspire to be a mom like my mom and can't believe it will be happening in just about 6 months!

I love you so much Mom!! Hope you really had a wonderful, double whammy, day!

P.S. Totally off topic, but why is some of my text randomly black?? It's really frustrating me and I don't know how to make it the turquoise color like the rest of it!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ikea purchases

So as I mentioned in my post yesterday, we went to Ikea today! We had 2 specific purchases in mind so it was a pretty quick trip, which was good because I wasn't feeling my best. The heat sure gets to me :/

First we got drapes for the dining room! And I am absolutely in love with them, as is Trent!! We can't stop looking at them..haha. We really needed a pop of color in the room b/c our blinds are white and all of our walls are white. We don't want to deal with painting the walls b/c whenever we end up moving we'd have to paint them back.

What do you think??

We're still deciding on window treatments for all of the other windows.

Our second purchase was just this little lamp. We've needed some more light in the living room for a while now because we never use the overhead light. We just don't like it! We chose this one b/c it matches the floor lamp we have on the other side of the living room. Plus it was only 10 bucks!

We are very pleased with our purchases! Gotta love Ikea!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Desert Botanical Garden

We had a fun day today! I had been hearing great things about the Desert Botanical Garden since we moved here, but we haven't had the chance to go, plus admission is a little pricey at $15/person. A few weeks back though, my mother-in-law found out that today, May 6, was National Public Gardens Day so we got in for FREE! We were all mostly looking forward to the Butterfly Pavilion :)

I will say, I wasn't feeling so good and I was a bit grumpy while we were waiting in line at the beginning. At 10 in the morning it was already 100 degrees. Blah! I'm feeling a bit worried about being pregnant during these ridiculous summer months. I guess it's good that it's still pretty early in my pregnancy, so I can't complain too much.

Anyway, once we made it into the pavilion I was feeling much better! It was quite a bit cooler and more humid in there, and I guess more than half of the sun rays were being blocked by the mesh or whatever. So that was good!

I took many, many pictures of the delicate little butterflies. I just loved it!! It was so hard for me to narrow down my pictures for this post, but I didn't want to bore you guys!

We got a brochure with the possible butterflies we'd see so I'll try to name them for you :)

First we have the Painted Lady.

This one is a Zebra Longwing. I loved these ones!

In several places throughout the pavilion there were orange slices for the butterflies to snack on. In this picture you can see some Painted Ladies as well as some Malachites, which are the two butterflies towards the bottom of the picture with black and the yellow color.

We had to get a picture inside! It was way hard to get a picture with the little butterflies flying around everywhere so we just got one with one of the info boards :)

I definitely think this is my favorite picture of the day! I think it looks quite professional if I do say so myself :) To be perfectly honest I did absolutely nothing but point and shoot..haha. This is another Zebra Longwing. Gorgeous, huh?!

This orange one is called a Julia.

A Painted Lady landed on Tanis's hand! I was a little jealous. I wanted one to land on Trent or I to get a picture..haha.

A whole lot of butterflies loving the orange slices!

This is the best shot we could get of this yellow butterfly called a Cloudless Giant Sulfur. I was hoping it would open its wings, but it kept flittering around and when it would land it would just stay like this.

Another Julia.

These ones are White Peacocks. Love them! They're twins Jen!!

And one landed on me!!! Woohoo!! Look how happy I was..haha. Standing very still so Trent could capture my moment..ha

It was a Buckeye!

And that was all for the Butterfly Pavilion! We did get this silly picture afterward though :)

Then we walked around the gardens briefly. Not for long though. Blasted heat!

Some different little cacti.

On this cactus you can see some white blossoms.

And this one had some red blossoms!

In this picture I like the plant in the very front that bends all the way to the left. Do you see it??

Some pretty purple and yellow wildflowers.

I wanted a picture of the funny tall, skinny plant. Sorry I totally don't know the names of all of these plants. Tanis did, but I can't remember them!

On our way out we saw this little cactus with a single white blossom :)

It was a great morning, once we got out of the sun and into the Butterfly Pavilion of course! And at the end it was definitely nice to get into the car and turn the AC on full blast!

If you're ever down this way (maybe in March or April) definitely come check out the Desert Botanical Garden! I highly recommend the Butterfly Pavilion (did you guys wonder?)

Hope you all have some fun plans for the weekend! We're headed to Ikea tomorrow and I'm psyched!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

First comes love, Then comes marriage...

We are so pleased to announce that we are PREGNANT!!! I am a little over 10 weeks along and am due November 25, the day after Thanksgiving!

So let me start from the beginning. We have been trying off and on since about August. When I say we were trying "off and on" I mean that each month I'd count ahead to see when we'd be due if we got pregnant that month. I did not want to have a baby in July or August just because I don't like how in these months you're either the very oldest or the very youngest in your class. No need to feel offended if you're a July or August baby. I have nothing against you..haha. This is obviously just my opinion :) I also really didn't want a Christmas baby so it worked out great that we got pregnant when we did. I hope that doesn't sound totally selfish. Obviously we would have been thrilled if we had happened to get pregnant at those times!

I took my pregnancy test on March 23 while my parents happened to be in Israel, so we were at their place. Trent had no idea I was doing this and I was feeling so nervous and anxious until he got home a few hours later. At this point I was almost 5 weeks. Check out the video I posted at the end of this post from when I told him.

When he got home I told him I had a surprise for him and that he had to close his eyes. I think he just thought I got him a candy bar or something! He had no idea what he was holding at first..haha. You can hear my nervous laughter in the video. I stopped the video because I started to cry :)

The proof..haha

Then we had a gigantic secret on our chests until we headed up to Rexburg two weeks later for Jill's graduation. At this point I was 7 weeks. I felt it was a little early to announce, but I wanted to be sure all of my family was present, and this was our last time for about the next 2 years. Jen is headed to Africa this week and Amy leaves for her mission at the beginning of July while Jen is still gone.

We made shirts for the big announcement (you'll see plenty of pictures below!) I was so, so nervous to announce because we had to time it perfectly. I only wanted my family and my grandma to be there so we had to time it just right. I was so nervous!! Very spur of the moment, Trent and I decided to announce at dinner on Friday, April 8. We were out to eat at Jill's favorite little sandwich place and luckily there was only like one other couple there. We both snuck off at separate times to put on our shirts and then put our coats back on (it was freezing up there so it worked out!) When everyone made it to the table we revealed our shirts. My mom noticed first and I just burst into tears! Does that surprise any of you?! Have I told you guys, I was so, so nervous?! I was wiping my tears and don't even think the rest of my family could see my shirt..haha. When they caught on, all of my sisters and mom were crying along with me! And poor Gram just didn't know what preggers meant!

Here are some pictures. Not the best because we had just driven four hours and I had been crying!

Jen had to be in on the pictures..ha

It was snowing hardcore outside and my mom was just in heaven (of course b/c of our news, but also b/c it was snowing!)

This was the point where we told my family they were allowed to tell NO ONE!! Haha! If you guys know my family this is very hard, especially for my mom, Gram, and Jen. We wouldn't even let them take pictures because we thought it would be too tempting. I have to give them credit though. They did awesome! They have been just waiting for this day :)

We waited a whole week to tell Trent's parents. We were hoping to do it earlier, but it just didn't work out that they could see us. We definitely wanted to do it in person and not over the phone. So April 15 it was, 8 weeks along.

Kent saw us first and had no idea what our shirts meant so we didn't tell him..haha. We knew Tanis would understand so we waited for her to come out of their room. And she knew!

With the grandma-to-be :)

I like this one :)

I had my very first appointment Wednesday of this last week, the same day Amy got her mission call. It was a big day! At my appt. we got to hear the heart beat! So incredible! It was beating about 165 beats per minute. To be perfectly honest, I didn't think too much of it at first, I think b/c there were 3 people hovering over me - the doctor, nurse, and a student. Once we went home though I couldn't stop thinking about it! I can't believe we got to hear it!! It made my pregnancy feel so much more real :)

Mom thought I should get a picture from that day! This is the dress she brought back for me from Spain!

Update on how I'm feeling. During my 8th week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I was pretty sick. I couldn't seem to keep anything down and I was kind of freaking out. I have no weight to lose and I was so worried that I'd feel like this through the rest of my 1st trimester. I would dread waking up in the morning because I knew I'd be sick :( Trent had to go to work and my mom was in Spain. I was really missing both of them during the day. I felt completely incapacitated. Even standing up made me feel sick :/ Those days I was so grateful for my decision to hold off on getting pregnant until after I had graduated because I literally stayed inside all day.

Thankfully I haven't thrown up since. My mother-in-law, who is a nurse, thinks I may have just been really dehydrated. I am so, so grateful that I am feeling better. I am definitely still nauseous at times, but never to the point of throwing up.

Right now baby is about an inch and a half long, so I'm definitely not showing. Although I can tell when I'm about to get in the shower :) In about 3 1/2 weeks I'll have my first ultrasound!

And that's the story!

Here is the video that I mentioned earlier. I didn't know how to move it up to where I wrote about it.

Crazy long post! And I'm sorry, but you will now totally be bombarded with all of my pregnancy posts!