Monday, January 30, 2012

2 months

Aiden is 2 months now!  Actually more like 2 1/2 (he'll be 11 weeks on Thursday), but I wanted to wait until we went to his 2-month appointment before I wrote this post so I could put his stats up.

At 2 months Aiden:

  • weighs 13 pounds (75th percentile) and is 23 1/4 inches long (50th percentile).  He got his shots at his appointment and I was dreading it, but he did so incredibly well.  I thought he'd be screaming, but he hardly cried at all.  I was a proud mommy :)
  • laughed for the first time last Sunday (the 22nd) after Church.  Before that I'd only catch him laughing in his sleep.  Last Sunday though, we were standing in front of the mirror while I was combing his hair.  He had a dry spot on his scalp that I was combing over (trying to get some flakes out of his hair) and he just started laughing!  I don't know if it was tickling him or if he was just laughing at himself in the mirror :)  It was hilarious and SO cute!  I've tried to get him to laugh since, but haven't been able to get nearly as good a laugh as that first one.
  • is "talking" up a storm and I LOVE it!
  • has started to blow bubbles.
  • is fascinated by the vacuum.  When he hears it he searches for where the loud noise is coming from.
Dad was vacuuming.

  • likes to "stand" on his feet.  If there's something to push on with his feet, he's pushing it :)
  • loves his new swing at Grandma's.
  • still loves the BabyBjorn, but now faces out.
making cookies with Dad

On a walk to mail off some letters.  It's hard to tell, but Aiden's actually holding one in his right hand!

  • sqeals when we go to burp him halfway through his feeding.  Well he doesn't do this as much anymore, but there was a week where he'd squeal just about every time, until we got a burp out of him.  It was pretty funny.
  • has started to suck on his hand/fist.  I like to say he's "munching on his hand" :)
  • loves to be in front of the mirror and stare at himself and us.  I think he's starting to understand that it's all of us in the mirror, maybe?
  • doesn't like tummy time too much anymore

and would much prefer to be on his back so he can see everything.

  • is still being smothered with kisses pretty much nonstop by mommy.  I call them "mommy attacks"! Lots of times when we kiss his cheeks, he'll turn his face and give us big, wet, open-mouth kisses back :)

Can't believe it's February on Wednesday.  I'll be writing his 3 month post before we know it.  GAH!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aiden's Baby Blessing

We got to bless Aiden last night at Trent's parents' in Phoenix.  We had tried to for the last 2 weeks, but things kept coming up.  Trent thought it would be nice for the blessing to be a little more intimate, and since Trent's dad is a bishop in Phoenix he was able to preside.  It ended up being a great decision :)

Trent gave a beautiful blessing.  And Aiden fussed through the whole thing basically..haha.  We had a smaller group than we thought we'd have.  In fact, it was just our families, and not even our whole families..haha (Jen and Amy were missing from mine).  It was a very nice evening nonetheless.

My boys after the blessing.

These next two pictures are funny because

first Trent and I were looking at the camera and Aiden was looking away

and then we were looking away and Aiden was looking at the camera..haha.  Silly boy!

A funny candid.

The special boy.  Loving his little vest and bowtie..haha.

My dad, Trent and Aiden, and Trent's dad.  Love this picture!

The group.  Definitely smaller than we expected.

Amber and Jill with Aiden.  Love his face.  He was ready to be done.

So Grandma took him inside for some comforting.

Tanis and Kent provided a very nice dinner for all of us and it was so nice to just be together and chit chat.

Trent and Aiden got comfy cozy.  Trent is way cute when he plays with Aiden.  Aiden was riding a horse at this point..haha.

Aiden with Grandpa :)

I am so grateful for our families and their support and that Trent is a worthy priesthood holder.  I am also so grateful for sweet Aiden and can't imagine life without him.  Life is so good :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

BabyBjorn laughs

So the other day I was de-cluttering the nursery when I went to throw away the BabyBjorn (our baby carrier) box.  I seriously laughed until I cried when I saw this on the bottom of the box:

Do you love how you can see Aiden in the background?! I used Digital Macro on my camera. Love that feature!

I don't know why I thought it was so hilarious.  But really, can you imagine someone rollerblading with a baby in it?  Or riding a bike?  Or galloping on a horse (maybe my dad would..ha. Just kidding Dad!)? Or skiing down a mountain?  Oh my!  Trent, being the funny guy he is, said, "Well they didn't say anything about snowboarding!"

This is the BabyBjorn, in case you had no idea what I was talking about :)

Aiden faces outwards now!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dresser - Before and After

Back in September the girl I visit taught who was moving offered this dresser to us. I thought it would be perfect as a dresser/changing table duo in Aiden's nursery so we snatched it up for 20 bucks.

Our first thought was to sand it down and stain it.  My parents willingly kept it in their backyard and Trent would go over a day here and a day there, among everything else he had on his plate, for several weeks and would work on sanding it.  Neither of us have any experience with sanding and this dresser has many beveled edges.  Trent sanded the whole dresser (pretty much), but was worried about sanding the edges down too much as well as unevenly.  It's very hard to sand beveled edges and keep them all even.

That's when we came up with a brilliant idea - to just paint it! So much easier!

We went to Home Depot with a gift card from our wedding 3 1/2 years ago (love it!) and picked up paintbrushes, primer, and paint.  All of the walls in our apartment are completely white and we don't want to deal with painting them, just to have to paint them back whenever we move, so we knew we wanted to paint the dresser a fun color to add some color to the room.

We decided on a green color - Martha Stewart's Bay Leaf to be exact :)

Trent and I spent 2 days (just a few hours each) on this project.  The first day was for the primer and the second day we painted.  Then we went to Lowe's with another gift card from our wedding 3 1/2 years ago (love it!) and picked up new knobs.  This was so fun and we are so pleased with our decision.

Check it out!

Again, before.

And after!

Looks pretty good, huh?!  The color may be a little shocking for some people, but we really love it! And it was a needed "pop" of color in the nursery :)

We sanded parts here and there to give it a distressed look.

We moved the crib to the other side of the nursery to make more room and allow for both the glider and the recliner to be in there (we love having both).  

We have a few finishing touches to make to the nursery (yes, Aiden is 2 months old..ha), but we are so pleased with how it is turning out :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Knuckles' Family Pictures

As I mentioned in my last post, we had family pictures taken last month with Trent's parents.  It was actually December 17, Aiden's 1 month :)  Next week he's going to be 2 months.  I can't believe it!

Just getting Aiden's hair ready ;)

Aiden slept the whole time we were outside.

Aiden and Grandma Tanis.

Love this one of Trent and I.  Kind of wish Aiden was in it.

The Knuckles family, including Sam.

Love this picture of Aiden and his grandparents.

We went inside and Aiden woke up.  He's even cute when he cries!

In fact, lots of times Trent and I start laughing when Aiden frowns because he's just too cute - everything about him :)

Angela, the photographer, happened to bring this basket along and offered to take some pictures with Aiden in it. We weren't going to turn that down :)

So sweet :)

Love Aiden all swaddled in this one, plus his expression :)

Haha, Aiden looks funny in this one.  It kind of looks like he was pushing up.

It's amazing how much bigger Aiden got from the shoot at 2 1/2 weeks and this one that was just 2 weeks later!  He's getting bigger by the day.  I'm going to miss having a tiny baby, but I also love that he's getting bigger and interacting with us more and more :)