Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wedding Week!

I got home from Utah August 17th and headed back there a week later on Monday the 24th! I knew I'd like to go up early to be there for a few days prior to wedding. Trent couldn't take the extra time off work, so I was on my own flying with the kids. I was nervous, but thankfully it was just an hour flight and we ended up with a row to ourselves :)

Amy and Quinn picked us up from the airport about 5:30 p.m. Here's Miss Janie checking out this new baby cousin of hers.

My mom was off at the UVU parent/student orientation BBQ with Amber so we had a little time to waste before we needed to pick her up, so we went through the drive-thru at In'n'Out for me and Amy ordered take-out from Outback.

Later that evening we went on a family walk. Amy and Richard put the toddler attachment on their stroller so that Janie could ride in it. Quinn's a lot easier to carry than Janie ;)

Janie doesn't really have to deal with stairs much, so I was glad she figured out a method for getting down the stairs :)

Tuesday morning the kids got in Jackson's crate. I think he was a little puzzled sitting there ;)

Aiden wanted Quinn to have a toy when he woke up :) Jackson later demolished it..haha.

We thought we'd go to the water park right by Amy and Richard's so we headed over, only to find out they had weird weekday hours and didn't even open until 3 in the afternoon. So we headed to their neighborhood pool instead.

Janie just checking on Quinn.

When we got back later, Janie discovered Amy's water and helped herself to it ;)

After dinner we headed out on a walk and to the park.

Janie's always missing a shoe..ha.

Hitchin' a ride :)

That evening Richard was working on Jenn and Michael's wedding slideshow and Janie climbed into his lap. She really just wanted to play on the laptop ;)

I thought Janie was so funny sitting in that chair Wednesday morning.

Quinn was all smiles all morning :)

Amy went off to run some errands with Aiden, so I bathed Quinn while Janie napped.


Janie later climbed into Quinn's MamaRoo and claimed his pacifier :/

Her crossed ankles :)

Trying to get a photo with the 3 kids and Janie decided to throw a little fit. She wasn't feeling this picture.

She was faking it. And I think my mom told Aiden to give her a little kiss..haha.

That afternoon my mom and I went with Jenn to her final dress fitting.

While we were finishing up there, Amy and Amber had to drag the 3 kids to the nail salon to start our nail appointments (we were all scheduled at the same time). Amy said they were a hot mess b/c they came walking in with Aiden, carrying Quinn in the car seat, a diaper bag, and pushing Janie in the stroller..haha.

Poor Aiden was so bored :/

Notice me in that window back there ;)

That evening we had dinner with the Jensen's. Their grandparents, Joe and Glo, invited us over, as well as the Clark's and my grandma (anyone who was already in town for the weddings). They were so kind to think of us even while they had all of their own family over!

The power went out for a little bit that evening :/ We were hearing that it wouldn't be back on for several hours so we definitely cheered when it came on within a half hour. It's so miserable to be in the dark :/

Cookies :)

Thursday our family met up with Michael's family to get to know them before the big day. We went to Blue Lemon at City Creek (outdoor shopping mall) and I pretty much spent the whole time chasing after Janie :/ She kept running right out the door. One of the times I caught her and was headed back and saw Aiden walking towards me crying with an officer. He had tried to follow me out, but ran the wrong direction and the officer found him :/ I felt so bad. None of my family even noticed b/c they were so caught up with Michael's family.

When our food finally came, Amy and I chose a circular booth to pin the kids inside. That didn't keep Janie from climbing on the table..ha.

All 3 kids asleep in the back after our late lunch.

Jackson learned pretty quickly that Janie would give him food..haha.

That evening we had a little bachelorette party for Jenn with the sisters and our cousins Jordan and Melissa (we grew up with them in VA). We went to Victoria's Secret and let Jenn pick something out. We figured that was the best option b/c typically people don't like what other people choose.

Then we headed back to Jenn's for "champagne" (sparkling cider) and girl talk. Meg and Rach and Maeve (and Adam and Rick) got in that night, so they came at the end for a bit. Everyone headed out about 10 so that Jenn could get to bed. I hung around until I had to pick up Trent from the airport at midnight and Jenn was still up when I left..haha.

Friday, August 28th, a day I've been waiting for for over 7 years!!! The big day!! Finally my twin's turn!

I got up early, about 6, to get showered and start my hair. The kids had both joined us in bed.

Amy and I headed to Jenn's to finish hair and makeup around 8:30. Jenn had gotten robes for each of us (mine said Maid of Honor, Mom's said Mother of the Bride and the girls' said Bridesmaid). Somehow I don't have any pictures from that, but the girls do. The photographers and videographer were already over and were already snapping away! I was so grateful that a friend, Jessica, was there to help with hair and Amber did my makeup (I don't wear much so Amber had to amp it up some!).

It was a rush to make it over to the Salt Lake temple. It was so perfect when we ran right into Richard, Trent, and the kids in the parking garage!

The sealing was at 11 and I cried. I cried several times that day. I was just SO HAPPY!! After the sealing I was one of the first to give Jenn a hug and I started bawling, but then I started laughing at myself b/c I was crying so hard, which resulted in a really embarrassing noise from me..haha.

She's married! Most stunning bride!

Those stinkin' shoes were killer.

With all of the girl cousins that made it.

They told us all to get close. You can see on the left that some were losing their balance..haha.

I had to post these all. It's so funny to watch all of the kids!

And it was darling that Jackson was on Michael's back!

Aunt Jenn.

After pictures we headed to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the luncheon and toasts. Our immediate family was the last to arrive since our pictures were last, and we were all a little bummed that we were split up - there were only a few seats left here and there. Oh well.

Janie just dipped everything in ketchup and sucked it off :/

As for the toasts, my dad started, followed by Michael's dad, our uncle Rick, Michael's brother, me, Michael's best friend, and Jenn's best friend from high school, Colleen. Btw, Colleen totally surprised Jenn the day before on her doorstep! Jenn didn't even know she was coming! So fun!! It was so wonderful to have Colleen there and we were the two that were definitely able to help Jenn keep her cool through the whole day. Colleen, you're the best!! SO glad you made it!!

I cried during my toast - surprise, surprise! In a nutshell I just mentioned how, naturally, as twins, we had done like everything together growing up and hit every major milestone. And I know it was terribly hard for her when I went off and got married. Jenn will openly admit she did not like Trent at first. There were times during those years that I would just pray that Jenn would be able to find someone b/c I know it was so hard for her to see me off and married and happy and having my babies. BUT during those years Jenn was able to do some amazing things for herself, most notably her humanitarian work in Africa in 2011. Anyway, I am so dang happy that she and Michael found one another!! And we are so happy to have Jackson in the family as well! We had given up on the hope that Aiden would ever have cousins his age and now he has Jackson!! It really seems like it was meant to be!

We had some time after the luncheon to go back to Amy's and rest some while Jenn and Michael went off to take more pictures.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the reception at Sleepy Ridge Golf Club at 6. It was a little embarrassing because we were ALL late, including the bride and groom!! Traffic was horrendous on the way to Orem :/

We never got a picture with the bridesmaids and groomsmen so we got one out on the deck.

My mom snapped this pic right before Jenn and Michael cut the cake. Jenn had asked me to go off and find her garter for the toss later. For some reason she hadn't put it on. I had it tucked in my hand here and was trying to be sly..ha.

My mom also snapped this of Trent holding both kids during the slideshow presentation. I always love seeing a slideshow. It was mostly good, a few embarrassing ones of me thrown in..haha.

I really didn't get any pictures at the reception :/ I spent the whole time running around trying to help Jenn. Thankfully Trent watched over the children :/ At the end of the reception there was a sparkler send-off. I don't know if Jenn even knows this, but the groomsmen lit the first batch of sparklers too soon and they went out way before you guys even came down (there was some confusion)! Thank the high heavens that Sleepy Ridge had some more!! Then Jenn and Michael were off! Yay!!

My family was the last behind at the end loading up the cars with all of the gifts. I had a pretty hilarious ride home with my parents back to Jenn's house. We were all pretty slap happy..haha.

Oh and it was so great to be able to stay with Amy and Richard. They let Janie use Quinn's crib since he was still sleeping in their room :)

If you can believe it, Saturday, we had another wedding to attend!! My cousin, Tori, got married in the Salt Lake temple as well, to her fiance Jesse Slater! It was nice though that we could take it a little more easy since we weren't actually part of the wedding party.

Janie thought Jackson may want her paci ;)

We went to Tori and Jesse's sealing at 11:50 (I believe). And then we didn't have to be in nearly as many pictures..haha.

Mom and I.

My only picture with Tori in it :/ Beautiful bride w/ the Whitmore girl cousins who made it!

Their luncheon was at The Lion House and it was so fun to hear the toasts, as always (Dayna's was too good!). It was also so sweet to hear my uncle Jeff sing to Tori.

Aiden and Janie played some with my cousin's little guy, Adler :)

After the luncheon we again had some time to go back to Amy's and relax a little. On the way to the carsm my mom told us to all just turn around where we were and she snapped this. I think it turned out pretty dang cute ;)

That evening we went to the wedding reception at Thanksgiving Point. When each of the guests arrived, my younger cousins were there to take a Polaroid of them and then they got to sign it. And that served as the guest book! So cute!

I loved that Tori's reception was outside and I was loving her naked cake :)

This is actually MY cousin, Sawyer, and she was so cute the whole time, wanting to play with Aiden :)

Tori had such a fun DJ that played the perfect mix of music. Songs that everyone knew! I'm a little self conscious of dancing in public, but I kept finding myself singing and dancing along :)

Janie ran the same circle all night, but she did let Richard hold her for a little bit. I had to get this shot :)

Tori and Jesse had a sparkler send-off like Jenn and Michael did :)

My sister Amy with baby Quinn, myself and Janie, and my cousin Meg with her baby, Maeve :)

It was such a fun night and it was so great to actually be able to visit with some of my extended family since I wasn't actually part of the wedding party ;)

Sunday we got packed up to head home. We had to get a few more pictures with the cousins :)

We were flying out of the Provo airport so we stopped by Amber's new apartment before we left. I was feeling very congested and yucky and I think you can tell in this picture. Actually this picture isn't so great of any of us..haha. My parents had planned to drive home Monday, but just decided to bite the bullet and start the drive right then, which meant they had to say goodbye to Amber. My mom had been dreading this day for so long and tears were shed.

So crazy that Amber's in college now and that my parents are empty nesters!!

Anyway, it was such a wonderful week! I have very fond memories, and although I'm almost 2 months late, it was really fun for me to write this post and reminisce :)