Friday, March 29, 2013

Wagon Ride

These pictures aren't great because I took them from the window, but they're too cute not to share with you!  Trent was out grilling some chicken last night and these girls from our complex offered to pull Aiden around in their wagon :)  I was up preparing some asparagus and making a new dessert and spotted them from the window.  It was cracking me up, so I quickly grabbed the camera :)  He was just sitting there quietly, enjoying the ride.  Oh Aiden, such a little stud! Girls love him already ;)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Up and Out

Aiden has turned into quite the active little guy!  He is climbing up on everything and is always begging to go outside.  For this reason, I'm getting a little more anxious to have a backyard of our own with a little bit of privacy and maybe some shade ;)  Sometimes, in the morning, I'm just not ready to get dressed yet, so it would be nice if I could hang out with him in the backyard in just my pajamas..haha.

Just thought I'd post a video and pictures of our tot in action :)

Grandma and Grandpa Knuckles got this big red ball for Aiden for Valentine's.  It cracks me up that Aiden can't even wrap his arms all the way around it.

If Aiden sees a chair, he will more than likely pull it out and climb onto it.  This was at the half-price bookstore.

He climbs onto our cluttered kitchen table.

And Dad's nightstand.

And the step stool.

Sometimes Daddy lets Aiden go outside in just his diaper.  On this evening I stayed in to wash dishes, but I snuck these pictures from the window :)

Jackson came to play a few weeks ago and the boys played some football.

Aiden hiking the ball.  Just kidding, he was just picking it up, but doesn't it look like it?!

Again with the hiking ;)

Look at him throwing the football!  Such good form ;)

On a walk while the girls were in town.

Aiden got some new sunglasses (and a haircut)!

Such a little stud :)

Aiden just had to climb up onto the maintenance workers' golf cart.
He actually threw a little fit when I took him off.  He loves to play with steering wheels.  Lots of times when I open the car door to put him in his car seat, he tries to squirm out of my arms so that he can climb into the driver's seat.

All I can say, is I am dreading, dreading the impending triple digit temps :/  Love this little guy though :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Significance of 17

This last Sunday, St. Patrick's Day, after Church we realized it was 6 years ago we went on our first date.  And then I realized the significance of the number 17 in my life.

- We went on our first date on March 17 ('07).
- Trent's birthday is October 17 ('84).
- We got engaged November 17 ('07).
- Aiden was born November 17 ('11).

And if we had just waited one more day we would have gotten married May 17 ('08), but I wanted to get married on a Friday rather than a Saturday.  Darn!

We'll have to see if any other significant things happen on a 17th!

And here's just a video we got on Sunday while I was making our St. Patty's shake.  Aiden thought it was so funny when I'd pulse it.

Reminds me a little bit of THIS post :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Basil Blunder

I was making some homemade soup this last Monday and threw in the basil I needed and then let Aiden take the little canister with him.  I tend to think "Oh he won't be able to get it open", but I'm realizing more and more what Aiden is capable of ;)

I like how you can kind of see his little handprint in it..haha

Also this last week (I mentioned this on Facebook) we went on our usual grocery shopping trip, but this time while I was grabbing some angel hair pasta, Aiden was sitting in the cart on the other side of the aisle and grabbed a glass jar of olives and dropped it.  I had just turned around to see him grabbing it and it was one of those slow motion moments.  In that split second I was thinking, "Maybe he won't drop it" and then as I saw it dropping to the ground I was thinking, "Maybe, just maybe, it won't break" even though subconsciously I knew it would..haha.  Oh well. I'm still learning. Either I've got to keep Aiden in the middle of the aisle or at least on the glass-free side of the aisle :)