Wednesday, May 24, 2017

4 months

Beckett turned 4 months last Tuesday, the 16th (our anniversary actually!) and we made it to his appointment yesterday. Every time I go, I am shocked by how little he is (weight wise)! Not that the other two were huge or anything, but they were usually around 50th percentile. Beckett weighed in at 13 pounds 9.5 ounces (11th percentile) and is 25 inches long (36th percentile). He had to get the same vaccines as last time (at 2 months) - 1 oral vaccine and 4 shots, 2 in each thigh. He amazes me. He didn't even wince or cry during the first 2 shots. I was so shocked and I think the nurse was as well. Then he started to whimper during the 3rd and he cried for maybe 5 seconds after the 4th. He is just the sweetest.

Right after he was weighed and measured, waiting on the doctor (I'm kind of loving the Instagram filters, especially with Beckett too cute, since I don't have Snapchat).

Right after his shots, headed home.

4 Clifford band-aids.

Here is what Beckett Baby has been up to in the last month:
  • he has discovered his voice and squeals and babbles like crazy! It's pretty funny and loud too..ha. It's gotten to the point where sometimes I need to leave Sunday School/Relief Society at Church b/c he's too distracting.
  • similarly, he has started blowing bubbles and buzzing his lips :)
  • he is officially rolling both directions. Last month he had started doing tummy to back, but now he especially loves to roll from his back to his tummy! He is also scooting some on his back and makes 180's.
  • he is a lot more aware of his hands and is constantly messing with his paci. At first it was a bit annoying b/c he would immediately yank it out and couldn't get it back in, but just in the last few days he has started to figure out how to get it in.
  • he is also grabbing for toys now which is pretty fun. They always go right into his mouth of course ;)
Notice him holding his rattle ;)

  • he is officially sleeping in his own room at night and I feel like he's sleeping even better than he was! And he doesn't seem to be having any trouble with the 4 month sleep regression. Knock on wood!
First night.

Photo dump time!

This doesn't happen much anymore.

So alert whenever we're out! We were at the library.

Not a flattering face I'm making, but Aiden took this when Beckett had a big blowout. It's hard to see. I should've faced him the other direction..ha.

Watching Janie and Aiden chase after their bouncy balls :)

All three doing tummy time..ha.

Every night before I head to bed, I check on the kids and always pull Janie's hair off of her neck (it's usually sweaty - long hair problems in AZ plus bad air flow to the bottom bunk). I needed both hands so I had to lay Beckett down by her :)

He's always very fascinated when I turn the camera on him :)

I'll often let him nap next to me while I watch Ellen.


Janie wanted in..ha.


Hanging with Daddy.

Aiden pushed Beckett under there with them while I was vacuuming. They always hide..haha.

Aiden thought he should try his Spiderman glasses :)

He's so funny when he stretches his neck like that trying to see something from his car seat!

Aiden asked to hold him before he went to bed :)

Such a little beauty boy with those eyes.

I kind of love when he wears these nightgowns :)

Had his rattle ready to go before we headed out :)

I feel like I've taken lots more pictures of him in his car seat (often before I get him buckled in) than I did with the other two. Probably b/c I didn't get a smartphone until Janie was like 9 months.

Checking everything out at Church. His hair, I die.

Checking everything out on our family walk.

Snuggling his blankie...

...and out a few minutes later!

Watching a show with the kids :)

I've been putting him up in the Bumbo lately while I cook.

He'll also sit in it while we eat dinner :)

Lately though, he always ends up like this. Leaning way over to one side, which makes us a tad nervous.

The broom was over by him and he just grabbed on..haha.

One morning he was being unusually fussy so Janie went in and rattled his caterpillar for him :)

The kids buried him in their stuffed animals. He's such a good sport!

I seriously can't help but stop in front of the mirror when I'm holding him b/c he gives me the best smiles :)

We put him on his back and he immediately rolls to his side.

The next few are from Aiden's preschool graduation. Snuggled into Daddy.

Sometimes he just needs to be rocked to sleep. I loved that he grabbed my shirt like he did when he was a newborn :)

Up on the top bunk with the boys.

Haha..peeking in at me. Trent has done this with all of our babies :)

He loves to stand and usually locks his knees.

Riding on Mommy's legs :)

4 month photo shoot. I can't choose just one!

Last pic in the cosleeper, and swaddle too actually. Too hot for swaddles now.