Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aiden Loves Ellen Too!

I took this video a few weeks ago and have been meaning to get it up.  I think you all know how much I love Ellen.  I even have a label (on the sidebar) devoted just to her..haha.  We all watch Ellen together every afternoon and I had to get this on video when I saw how excited Aiden was about it ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rice Cereal for Aiden

We fed Aiden rice cereal for the first time last night.  We just had him in his diaper since we were bathing him afterwards (it was bath night).  Our families wanted it on video so here you have it!

Here are a few pictures from after we ended the video. He didn't eat very much at all and by the end most of it was dribbling out of his mouth.

Love this picture :)  Such a big boy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 months

Aiden turned 5 months on Tuesday!  It is just crazy!  I don't feel like I have a whole lot to update you all on from the last month so this post is mostly pictures.  I don't think too many will complain about that :)

In the last month Aiden:
  • is now rolling both directions.  In his 4 month post I mentioned that he was rolling from his tummy to his back, but in the last week he has learned to roll from his back to his tummy and actually seems to prefer it. Now we find him on his tummy in his crib sometimes :)

  • loves to look out the window and watch the cars drive by :)
I should have pulled his shirt down, but I was worried I'd miss the shot.  Love his little feet in this.  Well really I just love the whole shot - it cracks me up!

  • is becoming more and more independent.  Lately he is often happy for us to just lay him on the ground with a bunch of toys and he entertains himself.
  • sticks his tongue out ALL the time
  • has figured out how to put his paci in by himself.  It usually takes a few minutes, but he always figures it out :)
  • prefers to be upside down when he's laying in our lap..haha

Here Aiden was up on the couch with me and pushed off of me.  Don't worry, I had a good grip on him ;)

  • is learning to sit up on his own.  He sits pretty far forward and still falls over, but he's getting there!

  • has started to use his hands to push us away.  He does this to me especially when I'm trying to pick his boogies (I mentioned in this post) and it drives me nuts..haha.  He has totally figured out how to push my hands away and thrashes his head, so I haven't had as much success getting his little boogies in the last week!
  • this isn't new, but he loves to be buried in the laundry - clean of course.  He doesn't really like to be buried in the dirty laundry though.  Totally kidding ;)

And that's all I can think of!  I'll end with this picture just because I think he looks so cute in his baseball jammies :)

We may have Aiden try rice cereal for the first time tonight. If not tonight, definitely sometime this week.  I'll have to blog about it :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Holland by OPI

I didn't realize it, but apparently OPI comes out with a destination-themed line every Spring/Summer, and this year's collection is all about Holland!  Naturally I was pretty excited to discover this because Trent served his mission in Holland!

It's pretty fun because he totally understands what each of the names is referring to!

Tanis gave me this mini set for Easter with "I Have a Herring Problem", "Red Lights Ahead...Where?", "Kiss Me on My Tulips", and "Pedal Faster Suzi!" :)

I love the whole collection and may have to purchase a few more of the colors for myself :)  This blog shows what each color looks like really well.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I Love...

  • waking up in the morning and hearing Aiden talking and playing in his crib down the hall
  • Aiden's gigantic blue eyes and long eyelashes
  • getting Aiden dressed in his cute clothes.  I'd say nowadays that boys are just as fun to dress as girls.  Of course, I've never had a girl..haha
  • Aiden's little button nose.  I kiss on it all the time :)
  • that Aiden sometimes smirks when we kiss him.  He knows he's loved!
  • the sound of Aiden's adorable little sneeze.  I love baby sneezes :)
  • that Aiden will sometimes just stare and stare at me until he gets my attention
  • picking out Aiden's little boogies.  It's seriously so satisfying and I think to myself that I'm helping Aiden to breathe better.  I also love picking out his ear wax.  Is that totally disgusting?!
  • Aiden's little thunder thighs, delicious cheeks, and chubby little hands.  I gnaw on his chubbiness all the time ;)
Just look at him!  Seriously love his little hand in this picture

  • going on walks with Trent and Aiden and listening to Aiden just talking away in his stroller until he undoubtedly falls asleep :)
  • hearing the rustle of Aiden's diaper when he moves around.  TOO cute!  I often pat his little bum just to hear it :)
  • that Aiden's personality is really starting to come through
  • that when Aiden's sitting or lying between both Trent and I, he'll continually look back and forth between us. He loves when we're both next to him :)
  • when Aiden smiles so big that his eyes become nearly nonexistant
  • when Aiden laughs out of the blue and totally surprises us
  • how curious Aiden has become and how he grabs everything to look at it
  • that Aiden doesn't complain when I have to put him in the backseat of the hot car.  I always feel terrible, and it's going to get so much worse :(
  • taking Aiden outside everyday to greet Daddy when he gets home from work
All in all, I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom and I'm so grateful that Trent works for our little family and allows me to do so.  I just ADORE my two boys and thank the Lord every day for them.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend.  Saturday we purchased an umbrella stroller for Aiden.  The only other stroller we have is Aiden's Snap 'n Go (where you just snap the car seat into the stroller frame).  Now that Aiden is almost sitting on his own and very curious of his surroundings we wanted to get him a stroller that he doesn't have to sit in his car seat for.

He really loves it!

He was pretty tired and actually fell asleep pretty soon after we started this walk.  We always know he's tired when he'll take his paci!

After Church on Sunday we headed straight to my parent's for pictures and Easter baskets.

I was loving Aiden's outfit, down to his stinkin' adorable shoes :)

Too sunny for Aiden

so we went inside.

With our Easter baskets.

A silly face for Grandma.

Then we headed over to see Grandma and Grandpa Knuckles to have dinner and an Easter egg hunt.

I seriously love how Aiden looks from the back - his chunky little legs!

Aiden peed through his Easter outfit so we had to change him.

Back at home, Aiden checking out all of his goods ;)

Aiden discovered all of the Easter candy we got and was pulling it all out this afternoon..haha.

It was a wonderful weekend with family :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Perfect Size

I picked up a tiny Ben & Jerry's for the first time yesterday. It's only 3.6 ounces!  It always takes me like a week to finish a pint of Ben & Jerry's so this really is my perfect size :)

Aiden's perfect size

Just kidding!