Monday, May 25, 2015

12 months

Where did the last month go?! I have been meaning to post Janie's 12 month post all month and she'll be 13 months on Thursday :/ I won't keep doing these monthly posts though.

Anyway, Janie turned a year old on Tuesday, April 28th. Trent and I were both feeling a little emotional about it! It's weird because with Aiden we felt kind of excited when he turned a year, maybe just because he was our first and we were psyched that we survived the first year! With Janie though, we felt kind of sad. Our baby isn't really a baby anymore! And it went so much faster :(

On her birthday Trent didn't even get home until late because he went directly to meetings at the church after work, so we didn't even get to sing to Janie until after she was in her pajamas. We were surprised by how bashful she got! Excuse my loud singing..haha.

We had a great little party for her (post HERE) and went to her 12-month appt. on the 6th. Miss Janie weighed in at 20 pounds 1 ounce (54th percentile) and measured 30.5 inches long (89th percentile). I'm so surprised she's still measuring tall! She also had to get 3 shots and she was so sad about it :( Thank goodness there's a little playground right outside the office :)

Most of this is old news, but just pretend you don't know any of it ;)
  • The biggest news is that Janie is full on walking now. She took her first steps when she was 11 months, but she really got going the week of her birthday and hasn't stopped! She's practically running now..haha.
This is a short video from the week of her birthday. It's funny, now this seems like nothing!

Had to get her some flip flops now that she's walking ;)

She had a few face plants as she was getting the hang of walking. It's hard to tell, but her little nose looked pretty beat up and she had a bit of a black eye.

  • This is old news as well, but she waves now. Baby waves are so funny! Sorry for the weird lighting and purple streaks..ha.
  • She loves to feed herself. She insisted on taking the fork in this video ;)

  • She is a complete daredevil and climbs on and up everything.
She climbed up to the slide by herself. I love that she was looking down at Grandma on the ground :)

Trent's had the ladder out a lot lately putting ceiling fans up in our house and Janie starts climbing the ladder as fast as she can any chance she gets!

I promise we are always right there by her. We got her down right after this.

  • She's a curious little thing and into everything.

Trying to escape the scene ;)

  • Aiden has way more toys than Janie, so naturally she ends up mostly playing with his toys. It's pretty funny because she knows just what to do with them.

Here's a little video of her playing with one of Aiden's cars :)

And here's a ton more pictures! Sorry, it's kind of picture overload, but it's basically 2 months in one since I'm behind.

We've been putting Janie in this old MotoPhoto shirt (my dad owned a few MotoPhoto's back in the day). I love that my cousin-in-law, Wendy, held onto it to pass it to me when I had a girl!

Such long legs!

First swim day! I loved that she happened to be doing a "plie" in her tutu swimsuit ;)

Amy, Jenn, and Bryn came down for a little spring break in April and I only have a few pictures to show for it.

We went to Amber's lacrosse game. It was a chilly night..ha.

Both kids were in their own world.

Splash pad.

Janie wanted to push her stroller around everywhere and got really mad anytime we'd try to do something else..haha.

This evening I was feeding Janie applesauce and she'd randomly keep sucking on her foot between bites. Blech.

Getting ready to head on a temple date with Trent.

I had to get this shot of Janie on her tip toes. I'm pretty sure she was trying to get in the bath with Aiden..haha.

Lots of times it's easier to just bathe the kids separately, so this evening I stuck Janie in the sink while I finished helping Aiden in the bath :)

She loves being in the bath with Aiden though.

This pic cracks me up! Janie sucks in really hard when she's surprised ;)

Bubble goatee ;)

We all wore our navy w/ white polka dots to Church. You can't see that Trent's tie had tiny white polka dots. We were trying to hurry with this pic because Trent had to get to his ward clerk duties and I didn't even realize Aiden was turned around..haha. He was wearing his navy bow tie with white polka dots ;) He was just nervous about going to Primary :/

Sunday afternoon story time with Daddy.

This is usually what happens in the morning. Aiden joins me in bed early. A while later he'll hear Janie's awake (she'll start talking in her bed) and he'll go join her. She loves it! And then I'll drag myself out of bed..haha.

Sometimes Janie will sneak away and go play by herself in Aiden's messy room ;)

Aiden trying to hitch a ride with Janie at the zoo.

This girl is on the run now and doesn't want anything to do with sitting in class at Church. We ended up in the Mother's Room eating Cheerios one Sunday. Love those lashes.

I went a little crazy trying to get pictures of Janie on her birthday ;)

Again with the lashes.


Love her!

Janie found some of Daddy's tools and wouldn't let go even when I put her in her car seat..ha.

She was trying really hard to get to some grapes while we grocery shopped. She did not succeed..ha.

We made a paper chain to countdown to our beach vacation. Aiden's decor happened to be the perfect backdrop :)

When Janie decides she's done eating, she'll just start tossing her food overboard :/

That face!!

Trent was putting up a fan in Aiden's room and Janie may have started eating a black crayon. Maybe.

She really tries to keep up with Aiden at the park :)

Trying to climb UP the slide like Aiden does.

Wait for me Aiden!

I just love her profile ;)

She got up on this chair, but started whimpering when she couldn't figure out how to get down ;)

And, of course, some sleeping ones.

She fell asleep eating one night..ha.

Her holey knees ;)

That little belly!

Lately she'll stick a foot out.