Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Enough purple?

Do you think I have enough purple maternity shirts??  Luckily they're all pretty different, right?!

Haha, I got the two on the outside during my first maternity clothes shopping trip and the middle ones yesterday.  I couldn't pass them up. They were 40% off the already reduced price at Motherhood Maternity :)  Just remind me that I don't need anymore purple though!

On a completely different note, please watch this clip.  The security guard has got some moves..haha.  You'll see what I mean :)

To close this random post, can you believe tomorrow starts September??  I can't!  My baby is due in November!  AH!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mound o' Chocolate

Remember how our AC blew out last week?? And it was 93 degrees in our apartment?

Our chocolate chips all melted together...into a big mound o' chocolate.

We were bummed.

Trent had to try this picture 3 times. I couldn't figure out how to frown. I kept laughing..haha.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I thought I'd post a pregnancy update since it's been a little while :)

Here is el bumpo a week ago around 26 weeks. This coming Friday I'll be 27 weeks.

Some notes on my pregnancy as of late:
  • Last week, like clockwork, I'd have to get up to go the bathroom between 4 and 5 in the morning. This week it's been earlier, like between 2:30 and 3:30. Luckily I fall back asleep pretty quickly.
  • My belly button is completely turned out. It's so weird because my belly button has always been perfectly in line with the rest of my tummy. It's one of those innies that's almost an outie, if that makes sense. Now it pokes through my clothes..haha. I don't mind it. I think it's totally a cute pregnancy thing!
  • It's getting harder and harder for me to get comfortable, especially when I'm sitting for long periods of time, like during a movie.
  • Baby's been moving around like crazy and I love it! I love when I catch him and can see him moving around inside of me. I was reading What to Expect When You're Expecting and laughed when I read this: "Babies are actually most active between weeks 24 and 28, when they're small enough to belly dance, somersault, kickbox, and do a full aerobic step class in their roomy uterine home" (p. 268). It's too funny to think about baby boy in there doing somersaults and what not :)
And that's all for this update!

P.S. Just last night Trent got an email telling him he's been selected for an interview at A.T. Still University - his top PA school choice! I'm so proud of him! He set up an interview for October 7! This is the final step before they decide if he's in or not. Fingers crossed!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kind of a Traumatic Weekend

Saturday my poor husband just about cut his left index finger off.

This stupid thing is the culprit - an avocado pit.

Trent was working on making me lunch (such a sweetheart) while I was showering and getting ready in preparation to go babysit the rest of the afternoon. He was cutting up an avocado to make guacamole and was trying to get the pit out with a brand new sharp knife. He thinks the knife must have glanced right off the pit and through his finger :(

I was right out of the shower and suddenly hear Trent screaming. I honestly thought he was playing a practical joke on me because I had never heard him scream like that before and he sounded pretty funny (I know, that sounds horrible!). After maybe 2 seconds of his screaming, I knew he was not kidding at all, and peeked around the corner of the kitchen. I was so worried as to what I would see and was absolutely panicked. I saw blood all over the floor and Trent running his hand under the faucet. I am NOT good with blood and get very faint so I ran back into our bedroom and was just yelling from there, asking the poor guy what I could do for him.

The first thing Trent told me was he "[hadn't] cut it all the way off." He wanted to reassure me first thing, such a sweet boy. I was crying by this point. It is no fun to see the person you love most in the world in absolute pain. He laid on the kitchen floor and kept saying he thought he was going to throw up or pass out. Trent had me call his mom all the way in Phoenix, and through my tears Tanis very calmly said she could head right over if Trent could wait. All Trent wanted to do was see his mom (since I'm so bad in situations like this..sorry babe!) and said he could definitely wait.

In the mean time I just tried to keep Trent calm. In reality he was probably keeping me more calm than I was him..haha. He asked me to make up an ice pack for him and to bring my lap top to him. He proceeded to turn on a movie on Netflix while he waited for his mom! He was so calm! Tanis showed up in record time and I knew he was in good hands (of course!) and they headed to the emergency room.

I checked in with them twice during his time there. He was first given a tetanus shot and they gave him 2 Percocet for the pain. I guess everyone that saw the cut couldn't believe how deep it was and how calm Trent was. Then they did an X-ray to make sure he didn't chip the bone (he got pretty darn close), gave him a digital block (anesthesia), and stitched him up. I was absolutely shocked when I heard he had to get EIGHT stitches! I hadn't even looked at the cut before he left because I thought I might pass out if I saw all the blood, so I didn't even know yet which finger it was! I didn't realize how big the cut was! I only expected him to say he was getting like four stitches.

While Trent was off at the emergency room, my mom came over to help me clean up all the blood (she knows I get a bit queasy). She was shocked by how much there was and said it kind of looked like a crime scene..haha. In these pictures it probably doesn't look like much because the pictures are taken from high up, but it really was!

Notice there's even blood running down the cabinet.

A little closer.

Where the pit landed (left part of the pic) when Trent realized what happened.

A drop of blood in the bowl meant for the finished guacamole :/

I was telling my mom that I don't know what I'm going to do when one of my kids really hurts themselves and Trent's at work. She reassured me that when you're a mom, you can do things you never thought you could do because they're your kids. I hope that's true! I'm sure it is :)

My sweet boy's battle wound and his ER wristband

I have had to help Trent do all kinds of things that you don't even think about when you don't have an injured finger. He can't really do his hair so I tried to help him yesterday before church, but was no good at it..haha. I think he's giving up on me!

Last night was the first time I saw the actual stitches. I was so nervous! I have to help Trent change the gauze every night.


My poor baby!

After he got it all cleaned up.

So that was our crazy Saturday.

THEN yesterday, Sunday, I get out of the shower before church and notice how warm it is in our apartment. I check the thermostat and it's at 81 when we usually keep it at 75. I didn't think too much of it, hoping it was making it's way down, and head off visiting teaching. While I was gone though, Trent noticed that it was only getting hotter so he called maintenance and they informed us our AC was shot. We head off to church and they let us know they'll bring a portable AC by. We get home and the portable AC is there, but it's not on. By this point it's 89 degrees in our apartment :/ The maintenance guy comes and dumps all of the water it collected while we were at church because it's been so humid outside?? We're in Arizona people! It's really not that humid..haha. We get out of there as soon as possible and head to Trent's parents' for dinner. We get home several hours later and the portable AC had blown a fuse. What the heck?! It's now 93 degrees in our apartment.

It was unbearable (I get especially hot now that I'm pregnant) so we called our good friends Kyle and Brinly, from the ward who live in our complex, and they let us spend the night at their place. Thank goodness! I guess the maintenance guys came by today to put in a new AC compressor, so our apartment is slowly making it's way back down to 75. We've spent the whole day at my parent's.

Sorry if this post was totally boring! I realize it's a little wordy.

It was just a very interesting, not-at-all-like-we-planned, weekend!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Expressions of Love

I don't know why I've been in such a blogging funk lately. I've thought about posting this video for almost 2 weeks now and I'm finally doing it!

Many of you have probably seen it, but I wanted to make sure you've all seen it. It's too sweet not to share with everyone. It had me crying by the end, in a good way :)

Elder Scott's talk is so touching and his love for his wife is so clear. I love his talk! Take a moment to read it (HERE) if you've never had the chance or if it's been a while.

I feel like Trent does a much better job than I do at expressing his love for me through acts of service in particular (my love language). But I will tell you that I really do try. It's a continuous work in progress and I love finding clever (or not so clever) ways to express my love for him :)

What a blessing it is to know that I will get to be with Trent forever and that we will get to continue to "become even more deeply in love [and] appreciate each other even more."

I am so in love with Trent.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Christensen Family Reunion

So the Christensen family reunion took place the next week from Sunday, July 24 - Saturday the 30th. Dad had every intention of being there, but work got crazy and he had to stay behind :( And Amy, of course, is serving in Carlsbad so she wasn't there either. It didn't feel quite right without either of them, but we still had a nice week. It was a lot cooler and stormy though than the previous week.

This first picture should actually be with my previous post. Trent and I went kayaking on Saturday after the triathlon. Gram got a new kayak this year, the blue one, so now we have two. I made Trent take the yellow one since it's older and sometimes has spider webs in it..haha.

Sunday we went to church (we only stayed for Sacrament) at the Canandaigua ward. I had to get a bump picture afterward since this dress shows it off so nicely ;) This was at 22 weeks! As of today, I am 24 weeks! Crazy!

With Jen, my twinner :) She couldn't believe my bump when she got back from Africa. I definitely wasn't showing before she left!

That afternoon Jen presented us all with gifts from Africa!! How nice!

Thanks Jen! We love everything :)

Also that day, the 24th (Pioneer Day), would have been Grandpa's 79th birthday so all of the family went to visit his grave. We always sing his favorite song "Love One Another" when we're there and it always brings me to tears. It's always a nice time to reflect on his life and service :)

This is the only picture I have of Blaine..haha. Great pic, right?! Sorry Blaine! He just got his mission call to Kenya, Africa!! SO cool!

Sisters - Amber, Jen, Jill, myself, and Trent

During our week there, Trent totally mastered slaloming. Pretty cool!

You can see that it was pretty cloudy.

I made him wave at the camera..ha!

Tuesday morning we got to talk to Amy! She was in the airport headed to Carlsbad. Crazy! She sounded nervous and pretty sad (I'm sure it was no fun for her to think we were all together at the lake house) and didn't have a lot of time. She's been there a week and a half now and is just trying to adjust. She's doing awesome and we're certain she'll make the adjustment quickly :) I'm keeping up a blog for her, so definitely check it out (HERE)!

Thane and Shelby were only able to make it to the Whitmore family reunion for the last day, Saturday, because of finals at BYU-Idaho. They came out Tuesday afternoon with us though to do some skiing and tubing and we had a great time catching up with them :)

Us with Thane and Shelby. That's my maternity swimsuit btw :)

Writing these posts I'm realizing I don't have any pictures of tubing. I would usually stay behind for the tubing trips because they get pretty intense, going over huge waves and what not. It was pretty uncomfortable for me and baby-in-my-tummy thudding over big waves.

Here's Trent on the back of the jetski, heading back to the house from the boat to grab the inner tubes, I believe.

Wednesday evening our family treated Gram to dinner at Simply Crepes. We love going every time we're in cute downtown Canandaigua. I got the Raspberry Gulee (it's my fave) and baby was just kicking like crazy afterward..haha. Sugar high! Not to mention, we also got a Nutella dessert crepe. Man, SO good :)

The next few days we spent any time we could on the lake when it wasn't stormy and raining.

Trent perfected getting in and out of the wake and even crossing the whole thing :) I'm going to have some major catching up to do when we get back to the lake house and I'm not pregnant!

Jen also mastered slaloming this year (by master I mean she can now get in, out, and across the wake), so Jen and Trent took the opportunity to do it together.

We were so happy because our last day there (Saturday) was a perfect, sunny day!

Trent headed outside of the wake.

Our last picture, in front of the beautiful lake house. We miss it already!

And that evening Trent and I were on a flight home :( We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back. It's really weird to think that next time we're there we'll have a little kiddo :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Favorite Place

Wow, I can't believe I only posted here twice during July. I was gone most of the month and a lot of the time I didn't have access to internet. Have you missed me? Haha

Trent and I got back Saturday evening around midnight from this beautiful haven -

This is my grandparents' lake house on Canandaigua Lake in New York and it is honestly, probably, my favorite place in the world! I got to go for 2 weeks and Trent came a few days after me and got to be there for a week and a half. The first week was the Whitmore family reunion (my mom's side of the family) and the second week was just my immediate family's reunion.

I've been kind of putting off this blog post because I've been overwhelmed with how many pictures I have, so I'm going to split my trip into 2 blog posts - the first week and the second week.

So, first, the Whitmore family reunion took place from Sunday, July 17 - Saturday the 23rd.

Like I said, this post and the next will have a whole lot of pictures. I hope you enjoy them. And trust me, these are definitely not all of them!

I didn't really start taking pictures until Wednesday. Monday evening, though, Grandma took all of the grandkids to Barnes & Noble so we could each get a book, a tradition my grandpa had. Naturally I got a pregnancy-related book - On Becoming Babywise - which basically teaches new parents how to get their baby on a schedule for eating and sleeping, in turn helping the baby to sleep through the night quicker. Many friends have just raved about it so I couldn't pass it up. Thanks Gram!

Now for the pictures!

This year was a little different for me at the lake house because since, of course, I'm pregnant, I couldn't do the things I usually participate in on the lake. I had a great time just relaxing and watching everyone else though :)

Myself with a bunch of cousins in the lake.

Amber, Amanda, Jordan, and Paige on the Wave Runner. We use it a lot when the boat's out to switch out people.

Jen and Meg got back from Africa on Wednesday after about 3 months!!

Meg still had her braid extensions in.

Many of us helped her take them all out. Here are Eve, Meg, Jen, and Tori.

Thursday Blaine planned our annual "Olympics" where we get split into 2 teams and compete in several relays. Of course Trent and I were put on opposite teams..haha.

Both teams always come up with a name and cheer first. My team's name was The Chosen Ones.

Here we are during our cheer. I think either Tori or Kyle were saying their part..ha.

Who knows!

Trent's team was the Volumptuous Voldemorts (team that must not be named). Obviously both teams had references to Harry Potter..ha.

Here they are during their cheer.

During the first relay you and a partner had to fill a cup with water and run it down using only your heads, butts, or thighs (if that makes any sense) and dump it in the bucket at the end. It was pretty funny!

Here are cuties Greyson and Cameron, from my team, with the cup (it's clear) between their heads :)

And then Trent and Jen (HA) from the other team. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures with the cup between butts or thighs so you could see..ha. In the background though, on the left, you can see Brittany and Amber preparing for the thigh one. Melissa and I did the butt one :)

I couldn't really participate in any of the other Olympic events. This one was a breath-holding competition. Trent impressed everyone with how long he could hold his breath. His team totally beat my team.

This event was human foosball :) They're all holding yardsticks or something.

There were 3 other events, but I didn't get any pictures. My team ended up winning the whole thing, but luckily this year people didn't take it too seriously (like past years). And everyone got a candy bar prize :)

Later that day we went out on the boat.

This was during one of our "swim breaks" :)

I only put this one up b/c of Jill's funny pose..ha

Rick took Mom and Meg out on the sailboat. I love that Mom's waving at the camera..haha

And then Jen later.

I don't know if you can tell, but in this picture there are lots of little heads in the water (I was taking this from up on the deck so I was pretty far away). The "little kids" (who are now teenagers, such as Amber, but we can't seem to stop calling them that) often jump off the tubes behind the boat before it comes into the dock and swim the rest of the way home.

Friday evening Grandma took us all out to Abbott's for custard/ice cream.

Here I am with Jordan, Jill, Melissa, Jen, Tori, Meg, and Bryn. Beauties!

Trent and I (and baby) :)

When we got home Jen and Meg gave us a report on their adventures in Africa! They did some great service there.

This was also the night that Trent felt our baby kick for the first time. As cheesy as it sounds, it was truly magical. Both of our eyes just lit up :) And I got a little teary-eyed of course. The next day I noticed for the first time that I can see baby move around inside of me now. It's so neat!!

Saturday, the final day, we (well I didn't participate) had a mini triathlon. It consisted of a 75-yard swim (from our dock to the neighbor's dock), 1 mile bike ride, and 1/2 mile run. My family is pretty competitive so it was pretty intense. I helped as a timer :)

Here are Melissa and Tabitha preparing to swim.

Scott biking.

John running. Look at all of that green! LOVE it and miss it! I'm an East Coast girl all the way ;)

That evening we finished off the reunion by playing Minute to Win It games.

Brittany and Sawyer had to separate as many M&M's by color as they could in a minute.

Bryn, Hayden, and Amber had to stack as many Ding Dongs on their foreheads as they could.

Trent and Jen had to keep 3 balloons up in the air for a minute. I was laughing so hard I was crying while watching Trent. It seems so easy, but Trent's best time was like 11 seconds..haha. Way harder than it looks!

Amanda and Courtney had to knock down four glasses with a tennis ball wrapped around their waist. This is kind of a funny shot!

Tori and I had to shoot the coaster down the table (it's a long table) and knock a cup off the other end as many times as we could in a minute.

And lastly, Jill and Melissa had to stack as many cups as they could without falling in a minute.

Woo, I made it! This post took me forever! The reunion was great as always and I'm grateful for my grandma's generosity in letting us all stay at her lake house. We can't get enough of it!

Stay tuned for my next post on my immediate family's reunion.