Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Aiden's 4th

Aiden Monkey turned 4 on Tuesday, the 17th. He had preschool that day so Monday evening I whipped up some cupcakes for him to bring along. He's into superheroes so we got these stickers off Amazon and made cupcake picks out of them. I think they turned out pretty cute!

We were in kind of a rush to get to preschool, but I had to quickly get a shot of Aiden. He was struggling to hold all of those cupcakes! And it was super sunny ;)

The birthday sign was out for him at preschool :)

After preschool he got to go off with Janie and Grandma and Grandpa Knuckles to McDonald's for lunch, one of his favorite things to do with them.

That evening we had my parents and Tanis over (Kent had a Church obligation) to watch him open gifts and for cupcakes (we had extra from preschool).

That Saturday we rented a bounce house for Aiden's birthday party. We had ordered an Avengers bounce house, but they got to us and realized someone hadn't turned in the Avengers banner so they upgraded us to the bounce house combo with a slide for free! It ended up being great! They set it up a few hours before the party (it pretty much took up our whole backyard) and Aiden got right to jumping! Janie was skeptical at first.

She got the hang of it :)

Aiden had specifically wanted an Iron Man party, but we couldn't really find just Iron Man, so we did Avengers/general superhero decor. Thank goodness for Party City and Target! I kept things really simple this year! I also specifically planned for the party to start at 1 with the hopes that the kids would have eaten lunch already. So I didn't have to worry about feeding them, but we did have some snacks available and cake, of course.

I found these Jello cup ideas on Pinterest. Some had blue/red Jello (Captain America) and others yellow/red Jello (Iron Man).

Captain America shield cake. Thank you Pinterest.

Gift table.

I was pretty stinking happy that this year Aiden was old enough to invite his friends and JUST his friends, no parents. I mean if they had wanted to stay we would have let them, of course, but I was happy they all just dropped off their kids. In previous years it honestly kind of stressed me out having to "entertain" the children as well as the parents. We didn't even have our parents come until the end of the party!

I had Aiden come up with the invite list - his best buddy, Lucas, and then some friends from preschool and Sunbeams at Church. We invited 10 kids and only had 4 make it, so small turn out. But I understand, Saturdays are crazy, plus it was the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Aiden didn't even notice though. The first guest, Maelee, the only girl, came and they immediately ran out to jump and Aiden was as happy as can be the rest of the party :)

Trent was awesome to jump and play with all of the kids :)

Each kid got a superhero mask :)

The party was a success! Easy (bounce house, store bought decorations), no lunch, and no parents..haha. Aiden is still talking about his party and the bounce house. I bet we end up doing many more bounce house parties in the future ;)

We were all kind of pooped after the party. Not Janie though. She climbed on the table and started playing with the Jello. Cheez-its in the Jello (they were Avengers Cheez-its ;)). 

We went to Aiden's 4 year appointment as well, so hopefully I'll get that post up next.