Monday, September 18, 2017

8 months

Beckett turned 8 months on Saturday! How can it be?! For a second I was thinking he was 9 months, so I'm grateful he's just 8 months, but still, time is flyin'!

Here is what he's been up to in the last month:
  • he is constantly pulling himself up to standing. He is definitely at that dangerous age :/

  • along with that, he's been pulling himself up in his crib when he wakes up after a nap and it is so cute to have him greet us like that :)

  • if he sees any of us eating anything, he crawls over as fast as he can! He's such a little begger ;) He loves to eat and pretty much just eats small pieces of whatever we're eating.

  • he also comes crawling pretty fast when he realizes the dishwasher is down. He loves to play with the silverware ;)

  • to our dismay, he has recently discovered the toilet paper. Nooo! Now we're trying to remember to close all of the bathroom doors.

Luckily there wasn't much left on this roll, so it wasn't such a hassle to roll back up ;)

  • I have caught him clapping his hands a few times, which is so funny b/c we hadn't been teaching him that. Now we clap more though to try to get him to do it :) I'll definitely have to get a photo/video!
  • he's been a little more fussy the last few days and I'm wondering if he has some more teeth coming in.
Photo dump time ;)

 Playing while I made dinner.

I'll often bring Beckett into the bathroom with me while I'm showering/getting ready and he just always looks so cute sitting there :)

Please notice the puff on his nose..ha.

Sometimes he gets bored..haha.

Lots of times it seems like most of the puffs end up on the floor..ha.

It had been a while since I had done this with him and he really did keep looking up at me..haha.

Beckett loves bath time and I love that time with him as well. Lately I have been bathing Beckett and Trent has been doing the other two. I got lucky...Beckett's the easy one, probably b/c he's tiny ;) (We're really trying to get Aiden to start showering on his own and he's not happy about it. Tips anyone?!)

Cutest little monkey after his bath :)

Janie hasn't really done this lately, but there were a few days where this is how she got Beckett around..haha. He is so easygoing and thinks it's quite fun ;) (And yes, that would be a pair of Janie's undies right there..haha. The # of times I've wanted to use an emoji in my blog posts. Darn.)

I can't remember why Aiden had hung a bunch of his stuffed animals around the pantry doors, but Beckett needed a closer look.

Just sitting below me, being cute :)

He is totally used to this..ha. Love that adorable little smirk!

Aiden had told Janie to keep Beckett away from something he was working on and Janie took her job very seriously..ha.

I can't help but put his hood on. He is too cute.

You can see his little teeth in this one.

Beckett finds and tries to eat any and all paper that gets left on the ground :/ And do you love that he has one leg out of his jammies? Haha.

Sometimes I sneak pictures of him at Church. As long as he is content in his car seat, I just leave him in there. That won't be lasting me much longer I'm afraid.

He does usually sleep during Sacrament Meeting though.

Playing with his snail.

He spotted his reflection in the mirror.


Sometimes he'll just sit and stare out the window :) We're getting pretty excited/anxious for the temps to drop some.

Janie is in kind of a possessive stage and didn't want Beckett near her doctor kit.

She cracks me up with that face. The sass!!

Sunday evening outdoors.

When Beckett has wandered off, I can almost always find him in the kids room.

The one picture I have of Beckett at the aquarium (and you can't even tell..ha). He slept through a lot of it.

Aiden trapped Beckett under the laundry basket with his toys one day. He didn't mind at all ;)

Letting him free ;)

He found Aiden's silly face glasses.

I stuck Beckett in the bath with some toys one day while I was cleaning the kids' bathroom.

He was more interested in seeing what I was up to though. Love this adorable boy and that he always has his tongue hanging out!

Just waiting for me one morning.

His eyes look especially striking when he wears blue!

Our shadows at the park one evening :)

Silly boy!

He had just knocked his monitor off the crib. Now that he's pulling himself up, I should probably just move it to the dresser.


He wasn't ready to go to bed and was just peeking at me in the rocking chair :)

I get 4 hours a week with just this beautiful boy! My little shopping buddy :)

Janie loves to take baths at Grandma Christensen's because she has color tablets. And Beckett loves to try to turn on the water..ha.

It cracks me up when he does this with his lips b/c his cheeks look extra big!

Zonked out!!

The vacuum doesn't scare Beckett AT. ALL. In fact, when I'm vacuuming the living room rug, he always seems to keep crawling right in front of it and I have to keep moving him to a part I've already vacuumed..haha.

He loves door stops and even crawled into this small space in our bedroom to find one. And he got the rubber part off and stuck it in his mouth :/

He sat in the cart for the first time on Saturday at Costco. He was looking around everywhere and taking it all in!

Just kept staring at Janie in the back.

Aiden's getting a little old for it..haha. But hey, there's space for all 3!


He happened to smile right as I was taking this :)

I hardly ever see him sleep like this anymore!

Don't know how that was comfortable!

This was his last feeding in the evening and I was watching a documentary. I thought it was so funny that he was covering his ear! Love those adorable hands :)