Sunday, September 3, 2017

7 months

Beckett is 7 months now, well 7.5 ;) He turned 7 months on the 16th, the day Amber got home from her mission! Once I'm done with this post I will finally be all caught up, for another 2 weeks..ha.

We don't have another well-check visit until Beckett is 9 months, so I'll be anxious to see how he's doing weight wise. In the last week or so he's been looking chubbier to me, so I'd be willing to bet he's made it out of the 5th percentile by now. Phew!

Here is what Beckett was up to from 6-7 months:
  • his 2 bottom teeth came in! In fact, they had already cut through when I posted his 6 month post, since I was behind, as usual. He makes it very tricky to get a picture of his teeth though, and always sticks out his tongue when I try to..haha.
  • he is officially crawling! Now he won't get so dirty scootching all over the place..haha. Although, I have to say, I've been really good about mopping lately ;)
  • and now that he's crawling, he is climbing all over and on top of things and making me nervous all the time!

  • he is still getting the hang of eating solids and would much prefer just eating what we're eating over the purees we've tried.

He pretty much still always makes this face with any puree we try to feed him..haha.

  • he loves bathtime and is officially in the big bath (I actually should've posted this in his 6 month post).

More pictures, but not as many as usual since lots of them were in the lake house posts. Score! It's probably the hardest/most time consuming part of blogging - sorting and uploading all of the pictures :/

Watching a silly video with the kids :)

I didn't have a spare outfit for my mom when she was watching Beckett. Will I ever learn?! Haha.

These next 2 are from after he got his 6 month shots (I meant to put them in that post).

His leg got stuck and he was so sad. Those sweet, little sad eyes :/

We tried to put Beckett in the bath with Aiden in his Bumbo, but we found out that it actually floats..haha.

Aunt Jenn came to town to help out the week that Trent was in Colorado training. I hardly got any pictures :/

She was excited to feed him.

Watching Ellen with Mommy ;)

This is blurry, but I love that silly face!

Dog pile.

Oh man, trying to make his escape.

Beckett loves sitting at the table with us :)

It cracks me up when he grabs onto the table.

He got stuck..haha. I had to help him ;)

Pictures from Amber's homecoming. So fun!

Meeting Beckett for the first time :)

Aiden was talking to her :)

It was a little painful for me, but I let the kids have at their signs ;)

Amber wanted to go to Costa Vida for her first meal back ;)

Beckett loves my parents dogs!

Pulling himself up on everything :/

Amber was only home a few days. She got back Wednesday and headed to Utah on Saturday to jump right back into everything! We were sad it was so quick! Aiden said he misses her.

Oh, I guess Beckett isn't actually in this picture, but I had to post the one with Janie since she refused to be with the boys..haha.

Beckett has discovered the wonder that is the fridge. I love this picture :)

Just a few sleeping ones this time.

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