Thursday, August 3, 2017

6 months

Beckett is 6 months now! He actually turned 6 months on July 16th, the day we flew to New York. We were supposed to have his appointment on the 27th, the day after we got back from the lake house, but our flight got messed up and we didn't actually end up flying home until the 27th and missed his appointment by like half an hour :/ So we had to reschedule for this morning.

He is 27 inches long (52nd percentile) and 14 pounds 14.5 ounces (5th percentile). I was a little alarmed that he dropped down to the 5th percentile, but the doctor wasn't too concerned and reminded me that he had been sick, which likely had a lot to do with it. He was only 11th percentile at his 4 month appt. so it's not like he dropped that much, but for some reason 5th sounds especially low. So now I plan to really push solids even though he's not too interested..haha. I need to fatten this little guy up!

He had to get 4 vaccines, 1 less than last time. Today he had 1 oral vaccine, and 2 shots in one thigh and 1 in the other. As always, he only cried for maybe 30 seconds. Such a sweet boy.

Anyway, here is what Beckett was up to from 5-6 months:
  • Probably the biggest thing is that he is scootching/army crawling all over the place. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth, so it's only a matter of time before he's actually crawling. 

The number of times I've caught him before he crawls right off the bed..ha. I only took this to show my family this fearless guy. He's only allowed on the bed anymore if Trent or I are up there.

  • He is definitely teething and has been quite clingy and fussy, which is very unusual. Hoping it doesn't take too long for those little teeth to pop through.
He will gnaw on anything, including Daddy's finger.

  • He is so close to sitting on his own, but still sits pretty far forward and usually topples over after awhile.

  • I have started to try to feed Beckett, but he hasn't liked anything he's tried yet. He's tried oatmeal, applesauce, watermelon (I'm sure I'm forgetting something) and he's made a face with it all and tried to push it back out. I don't know if he's quite ready yet. He just wants his bottle for now :)
  • I tell my family that he is in the puppy dog phase. He props himself way up and watches everything wide eyed and with his tongue out :)

  • We still find him in a ball when he grabs his feet..ha

Lots more photos.

All of the kids reading with Daddy.

I made Monkey Bread on Father's Day and Beckett was ready to dive in..ha.

I had to get a quick picture at Church. So many babies! And there was another directly behind us too! All asleep in their car seats :)

In the Bumbo while I make dinner/clean up. Probably can't do this much longer. He's almost figured out how to get out :/

I had put him down for a nap and came back half an hour later and he was still awake and playing! I thought it was funny that he was way up in one corner..ha.

And then stuck his leg through ;)

We had to move all of our furniture to have our tile cleaned and sealed (we had no idea it's advised to have your tile sealed when we first moved in) so the kitchen table and bench were in the kids room. Beckett scootched right under the bench..ha.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - love those huge, blue eyes staring back at me :)

I came out of my room and found Aiden down like this with Beckett :) Cutest brothers!

We subbed Sunbeams at Church a few weeks back and one of the little boys wanted to hold Beckett :)

We hadn't used the Rock 'n' Play for a while, but since he's been teething he's been extra fussy and struggling with naps so I pulled it out again. 

Oh, he is SO cute :)

You know I'm a little desperate when I put him in the Bjorn. #teethingwoes

I really needed to pee when we got home (ha) and Beckett had fallen asleep in his car seat so I left him in the kitchen. When Aiden noticed he was awake he moved him over by them to watch cartoons :)

Aiden loves to build little forts around him..haha.

Running errands :)

Love the huge Costco baskets.

That evening they crammed into a Target basket. Not as roomy..ha.

Aiden made sure Beckett was safely at the top of the bed before he started a pillow fight with Janie..ha.

It cracks us up when he does Superman!

Aiden has been carrying Beckett to me lately. Beckett isn't looking as terrified as he did the first few times..haha.

So cute!


It's getting harder to change Beckett's diaper b/c he just wants to roll right over. Those little buns though ;)

He is so stinking cute after his bath :)

Trent took the kids off one Saturday and I was home with just Beckett, so I took advantage and picked up their room and vacuumed. Beckett loves playing in their room..ha.

I was right there, no worries.

Hanging on Janie's bed while I vacuumed :)

I sent this to my family and was kind of joking that this is how he stares at Janie all the time and how he just wants her approval..haha. Janie's been a lot more lovey-dovey with him in the last few weeks, though, so that's good :)

Beckett in Aiden's old baseball jammies :)

This is Aiden at 6 months in the same jammies. He was chunkier and had less hair..haha.

Playing with Aiden :)

I ordered these flip flops for Beckett for the lake house. I never bother to buy my kids shoes until they start walking b/c otherwise they're just for show really and it's warm enough here year-round that I can just put socks on when it's chilly. These were only like 3 bucks though (probably since they're neon..ha) and I thought he'd be pretty cute in them. Too bad they were waaay too big!

Janie wanted to help feed him :)

Shark hoodie for the lake house! (Whenever we're traveling out of AZ, I realize just how short we are on warm clothes..ha.)


That adorable face. I die.

Lots of times he'll sleep right at the edge and stick his feet/legs through :)

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