Friday, July 7, 2017

5 months

So Beckett turns 6 months a week from Sunday and I am just now posting his 5 month post *face palm*, so I'm having to write everything as if he just turned 5 months even though he's doing more now..haha.

Anyway, he turned 5 months on June 16th. We did not have an official wellness check, but we did end up going to the doctor twice b/c he was sick :( First for pink eye on the 9th and again a few days later on the 13th because he was coughing so hard that he was throwing up. So glad he's all better. Even when he was sick, though, he was still mostly a happy baby. Such a sweetie. The only good thing about his doctor visits was he got to be weighed and he was 13.9 pounds which is what he weighed at his 4 month appointment. I'm sure he's gaining weight again now that he's well.

Here is what he was up to from 4-5 months:
  • the biggest thing to mention is that he was rolling everywhere to get places and fast! It was pretty funny!
  • we're pretty sure he has started teething because he's been a tad fussy and gnaws on things like crazy. I do think I'm feeling teeth under his gums.
Loves his teething rattle :)

  • last month I mentioned that he had started grabbing for toys, but now he is really playing with them :)

  • he discovered his feet and is always grabbing them when he's on his back. You'll notice he particularly grabs onto his left foot :)

  • he also grabs our faces/glasses..ha.
  • he had his first swim day :)

Aunt Jill was in town :)

We mostly hung out in the shade ;)

Here's lots more pictures ;)

Car seat fun :)

It cracks me up when he grabs onto the sides like this. Holding on for the ride ;)

I honestly can't remember why Beckett was in his car seat, if we were headed out or had just gotten home. Anyway, Aiden and Janie were using our pool rings as crowns and thought Beckett should have one too, but they put it around his face instead..ha.

Always messing with his paci ;)

Also always watching Janie and Aiden ;)

Had to dress him in his sports onesie for Aiden's last soccer game ;)

I put him down for a nap when we got home, but he couldn't seem to settle down. He just wanted to play, play, play ;)

Went in again and he was just hanging out under his bumper. Please don't be alarmed. Our baby monitor has sensor pads under the mattress to monitor his breathing/movement. BUT I have since taken the bumpers out.


A few minutes later he was out!

More fun with the Insta filters ;)

He had his legs up in a little ball :)

Janie was sharing her doggie with him :)

About to doze off by mommy...


He got to the watermelon ;)

Sometimes he rolls over and his blanket comes with him..ha.

He's got a bit of a mullet going on, but I can't bring myself to cut it yet!!

Those big, beautiful, blue eyes :)

The next 4 are actually 2 sets. In the first picture is when I first get his attention and he smiles. Second is when I get more animated and he gives me his squinty smile..haha.

Aiden put his Spiderman cape on him :)

Loves from Daddy.

A cousin was in town last month and we went out to eat and Beckett had a blowout and we didn't have a spare outfit. Whoops, nakey baby :/

When he was sick and snuggly.

Mr. Beckett has discovered my laptop and phone now.

This is when I came out and found him mangling my journal :/

HE was happy about it..ha.

Happy even when he couldn't stop coughing.

Loves from Gigi.

His hair!!

Trent brought these big boxes home to make spaceships with the kids. While they were off for a minute, coming up with a design, I stuck Beckett in as a little surprise..ha.

Out to eat while my grandma and Aunt Mimi were in town, trying out Janie's sunglasses :)

Please know that Beckett was not harmed during this next photo..ha. Janie has been extra cuddly with my mom lately, so then Aiden decided to join in, and naturally we decided to put Beckett on top real quick, but he is very active and must've started to roll or something (this was all within about 3 seconds) and we got this hilarious photo..ha. Luckily Aunt Mimi was right there and she grabbed Beckett real fast and he came up smiling as always ;)

Sweet sleepy boy.

I guess it was too bright during his nap..ha. I have a similar picture of Janie like this in her 5 month post (here).

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